The Dummy from the Spa.

Published on 28/11/2020
Tags: #male on male sex #domination #clothes swap #mind control #power bottom #blue-collar #piss #hypnosis #obedience #bondage #anal #1st person #pov-controller

My three friends and I were relaxing in the main pool of the spa. Relaxing and enjoying both the hot water and the presence of all the gorgeous boys and men strolling around. Thus we all noticed him when he entered the pool.

We leered at him, obviously. And discussed him.

"Incoming faggot."

"Looks pretty dummy to me. Cute but dumb."

"This one is for you : you do like young idiots with bleached hair."

My friends know me well. This one was indeed for me. I still watched him from time to time. When the curtain waterfall was switched on, I swam quickly in its direction. I love the waterfall that spas offer even more than I love fucking blonde airheads. And it brought me close to my new target. He had taken place under the waterfall and I managed to stand just next to him. For a time, I enjoyed the feeling of the drops on my shoulder, but when I glanced at him, I changed my focus. He was standing there, body upright, but head hanging forward and gaze completely empty. I knew then and there that we had not erred in our judgments and that he would be mine as soon as I managed.

"Pretty relaxing, ain't it ?"

He turned his vacant eyes toward me. Too bad for him. His eyes may be empty but mine were much more compelling and had seized his.

"I am sorry ?

-I said : the water is relaxing.

-Oh... Yes, yes." Smiles appeared on both our faces.

"I love it ! I feel so calm, so tranquil. It makes me feel so good that I want to help others. The water makes me selfless. And it is the same for you, I am sure." I made sure to state everything, not ask. He was receiving what I presented as truths and made them his. I turned my eyes away, looking back in front of me and ignoring him. He was released from my power. Temporarily, of course. He let his head dangle again. Some seconds later, I crept slightly to my right, getting even closer to him. And I started whispering.

"So calm, so selfless... So calm, so selfless... So calm, so selfless... So calm, so selfless..." I saw him move his head, trying to face me, but I gave him no sense that I was talking to him. The empty head dropped forward once again. "So calm, so selfless... So calm, so selfless... So calm, so selfless... So calm, so selfless..." I repeated this tirelessly until the waterfall was cut. He whimpered.

"Are you all right, boy ?

-I loved the rain.

-And you want more.


-Follow me, there are other streams"

He came with me to the next stream. I placed him directly under it, although I made it seem as if I was doing him a favour. As soon as he felt the water on his back, I saw his muscles unclench and his shoulders drop. As well as his head. There was a slight smile on his face. I stood next to him.

"You came here to relax, boy.


-'Yes, Sir' !

-Yes, Sir !

-Life is hard for you.

-Yes, Sir.

-You wish that it was not so hard.

-Yes, Sir."

I saw him frown and tense. I changed my method.

"Stay calm, boy. Do not stress. Do not think about anything. Just feel. Feel the warm water around you. Feel the water falling on you. It feels nice. Your body feels nice. Your body is relaxed. You muscles are loose. Your mind is calm. You. Are. Relaxed. You. Are. Calm. And selfless. Calm, selfless. Calm, selfless. Calm, selfless." This lasted for several minutes. When the boy closed his eyes and swayed, I decided to take the next step.

"You feel good, boy.

-... Y-eesss...

-I make you feel good.

-... Y-eesss...

-We should make each other feel good.

-... Y-eesss...

-You want to make me feel as good as I make you feel.

-... Y-eesss...

-You feel good when you make me feel good.

-... Y-eesss...

-I feel good when people obey me. I feel good when you obey me."

(I was starting to get fed up with "feel good", but I wanted to keep it very simple for him. And repetition is a surefire way to ensure trance.)

"... Y-eesss...

-You will obey me.

-... Y-eesss...

-You will always obey me.

-... Y-eesss...

-Every time, every place. I command, you obey. Because it makes us both feel very good.

-... Y-eesss...

-Everything I say is the truth. You will accept everything I say. I mean every compliment I say to you. I mean every reproach.

-... Y-eesss...

-Soon I will wake you up. You will remember all of this. It doesn't matter. You're too dumb to bother yourself about it.

-... Y-eesss...

-You will also remember that I make you feel good. You will remember that being with me makes you feel good. You will remember that you obey me, always.

-... Y-eesss...

-I am your Master. You will call me 'Sir' when we are in public. You will call me 'Master' when we are alone.

-... Y-eesss...

-Feel the calm, feel the pleasure, feel the warmth, feel the rain on your body."

(Oh gods, I sounded like a song from the 80's !)

"... Y-eesss...

-When I and only I say to you 'calm and selfless', you will come back to this exact state.

-... Y-eesss...

-I will count to three and clap your shoulder. When I do, you will awake and behave as usual for you.

-... Y-eesss...

-One... Two... Three !"

He awoke and shook himself a bit. He turned his head to me and smiled.

"Sorry, Sir. I fell asleep.

-It's alright. You're cute when you sleep. What's your name ?

-Michael, Sir.

-Come with me, Michael. Let's leave this place and have fun together.

-Ok, Sir."

When we met back at the exit, he was clad in a tshirt, cargo pants and security shoes, all of it dusty and stained. I'd nabbed myself a real working man. I complimented him on his clothes. He brought me to his vehicle, a complete craftsman van. No windows at the back, a cargo barrier made of metal mesh just behind the front seats, shelves in the rear section. My cock went hard immediately. Oh, all the things I could, and would, inflict to him.

"Did you come to the spa directly after work, boy ?

-Yes Master."

Dumb, but with a good memory and a sense of obedience.

"You must be tired.

-A bit, Master.

-Come here."

We climbed in the rear part. I made him show me all of his tools and supplies. I thought a bit, planning what would happen.

"You know, boy, I am much more a white-collar kind of man. I always had a kind of fetish regarding you manual labour guys.

-Sir ? I don't understand.

-Don't worry. Just get naked and give me your clothes."

Pretty soon, we were both naked. I put his his clothes on, disguising myself as a craftsman. With my own little twist : I went commando. Which was obvious to anyone looking. The heat and smell from his clothes, his own naked body next to me, my own pervert ideas, all of this was making me very hard and it showed. My dummy boy however was trying to hide himself, covering his crotch with his hands.

"Stop that, boy.

-Master ?

-Stop hiding your body from me. I want to see all of you at all time. Put your hands behind your head."

Now that we were in a private setting, I wanted to touch and enjoy his body. Reaching in front of me, I put my hands on him, one on his pec, one on his buttock. He recoiled, shouting, and started to move his hands from their previous position.


My roar, my eyes and my will fused and made him immediately stop in his tracks. I caught and held his eyes with mine.

"Remember, boy : you obey me. You feel good in my presence. I will make you feel good. I own you !

-Master, I'm not gay.

-Yes, you are. It's time for you to accept it. And embrace it. I want you to obey. I will do what I want and you will do what I tell you to do. And I will make you feel good.

-But Master...

-No 'but' ! From now on, you don't contradict me. Ever! You don't try to escape from my presence or my touch. I promise you pleasure."

Still looking him in the eyes, I touched him again. He didn't move this time. I stroked his body : pecs, arms, shoulders, buttocks, thighs. At last, I grabbed his cock and his balls. Gently. Lustfully. I stroked his member and made it hard. He whimpered.

"Be silent, boy. Clasp your hands behind your back."

And to help him obey, I turned him around so that I was behind him. My arms went around him. My right hand caught his cock again, stroking. As for my left hand, I put it on his mouth, silencing him. I pushed backwards, so that his head rested on my shoulder. And I masturbated him, driving him to the edge. He moaned a lot under my hand. I brought him to the edge only twice. Just for my fun and for his education. I released him and went back in front of him.

"You said you were tired, boy

-Yes, Master.

-Sit down here, back against the barrier. Straighten up !"

Soon I had him exactly as I wanted. Still naked, arms stretched horizontally on both sides, legs stretched in front of him. And to help him stay in position, I had zip-tied his wrists and fingers to the metal mesh, palm against the mesh. As for his legs, they were taped together at the knees and ankles with strong duct tape. Loose straps around his waist and ankles connected him to eye hooks so that he wouldn't get too much shaken during the drive. I crouched in front of him, stroking his bleached hair.

"Good boy. You are nice and tight, you won't move : you can relax all you want. By the way, is someone waiting for you at home, boy ?

-My flatmate, Master.

-I will go and take care of him, then. Open your mouth."

He obeyed and found himself with a mouthful of thighties-whities. His own obviously.

"Keep them in your mouth. You can only spit them out if you get sick. Understand ?

-Eff Haffer.

-Good boy. You make me feel very good. Stay here and rest."

I put his baseball cap on my head and went to the driver seat. I started the embedded gps and found his home address already preset. Smiling I started to drive.

Twenty minutes later, I parked the van in front of his building. I put working gloves on. They were a bit thick and heavy, but they would do. Hiding as much of my face as was possible with the cap, I used his keys to enter first the building, then the flat. I locked the door behind me. The flatmate was already here, watching tv. He didn't bother checking who was coming in. I had the keys, I obviously was allowed to be here. Silently I crept to the sofa, then jumped on him. Holding his arms with my legs, I gagged him with my hand.

I used my eyes to impose my will on him. He fought a bit, but his fatigue and my experience made him submit. I spoke to him, putting him in trance. Soon he wasn't moving any more, just looking at me.

I was very horny. Hypnotising my boy, edging him, binding him. Hypnotising his flatmate. All of this was very exciting to me and I wanted to cum. So I made good use of the flatmate. He wasn't really skilled in the ways to pleasure a man, but as a human fleshlight he was enough to make me cum in his mouth.

After I had made him swallow, I did what I came to do : I explained to this man that his flatmate would spend the weekend away. He was not to worry until Monday evening. I made him forget that I ever came to this place. I added a small twist : he would have to train as long and as often as possible with the toy that would be delivered to him. When I was sure that all my instructions had been assimilated, I left the place, making him count down from 100 to wake up from his trance.

Back to the van, I checked my boy. He seemed pretty zoned out, which made me chuckle. I went back behind the wheel and took the time to order a big nice dildo and have it delivered to the flatmate. Then I drove on, whistling to myself.

"Wake up, boy, we are home."

He shook his head and opened his eyes, looking up at me. I pushed his head against the barrier, keeping it in place while I remove his makeshift gag

"You had a good rest, boy.

-Yes, Master.

-You feel better.

-Yes, Master.

-I told you I would make you feel good. And I'm not finished. Now shut up and let me get you inside."

I removed the straps, the tape and the zip ties. I helped him stand up and supported him until his legs were holding him. I used the straps to bind his forearm to one another behind his back. And I pushed him toward the door. He resisted a bit, eyes wide open. He leant forward trying to see outside without actually going and without falling. I pulled him back.

"What is the matter, boy ?"

He looked at me, opened his mouth and ... nothing. Gods, airheads are fun, but you have to tell them everything.

"You can talk when I ask you a direct question. You will answer every question I ask you. And you will always tell me the truth."

He nodded. Well, orders aren't direct questions.

"Now what is the problem ?

-I'm naked, Master. What if people see me ?"

I took his baseball cap from my head and put it on his. Visor in the back. I wanted unhindered access to his eyes and mouth.

"Now you are not naked any more."

He nodded.

"Look me in the eyes. When you are with me, do not worry. I will take care of you. I will keep you safe from people when you are with me. And now, we are at my home. There are no people who can see you."

I managed to get him out of his van and inside my house.

I made him sit on the sofa, with his arms still bound. I sat next to him and took him in my arms, just relaxing, lightly stroking his bare muscles. I pushed his head on my shoulders.

"There. Relax. Be selfless. Obey. Rest. Be calm. Submit. Relax. Be selfless. Obey. Rest. Be calm. Submit. Relax. Be selfless. Obey. Rest. Be calm. Submit. Relax. Be selfless. Obey. Rest. Be calm. Submit."

I moved my hands all over his body.

"Relax. Be selfless. Obey. Rest. Be calm. Submit."

I stroked his hair, his neck, the place behind his ears, his chin.

"Relax. Be selfless. Obey. Rest. Be calm. Submit."

I stroked his pecs and his abs.

"Relax. Be selfless. Obey. Rest. Be calm. Submit."

At last, I went to his cock. I harmonised the rhythm of the masturbation with the rhythm of my words. I wanted his mind to associate me, sex, obedience, pleasure and trance.

I edged him again. His balls were mine to grasp, squeeze, stroke. His foreskin was abused by my fingers. His glan was polished by my palm. I now knew his body better and could bring him to the extreme limit. I was in complete control. He was reduced to moaning. From time to time, I would go and get myself a soft drink. Water or juice. I wanted to stay both hydrated and in control. I had promised him protection. Obviously, with me drinking so much, what was bound to happen did happen. I decided it was time to teach him new tricks (if that was possible).

I made him kneel on the carpet. I ordered him to look at me. (I wanted to use "admire", but I kept my words simple.) And I got naked. I removed his own clothes from myself and discarded them with no further thought. I pumped my own cock a bit, directly in front of him. I caught his head and pulled his face to my crotch.

"Breathe deep. Smell my body. Enjoy my intimate odour."

He did, obviously. Feeling his skin on my skin and hearing him breathe turned me on even more. I took him by the arm and brought him up. I discarded his cap with the other clothes and lead him through the house.

In the bathroom, I made him kneel at the edge of the large shower and towered above him.

"I want a nice shower, boy. I want to feel the warm water fall on me."

This was enough to make his cock go hard. He panted too.

"Do you want a shower too ?

-Yes Master.

-Do you want to feel the water fall on you and slide on your skin ?

-Yes Master !

-Do you want to feel wet and warm ?

-Pleeeeaaaase, Master !"

His voice was shrill. His cock was twitching. His breath was ragged. I crouched in front of him.

"Calm down, boy. It will come. Calm down and breathe. Relax."

I quickly went to a room nearby and came back to it.

"I have just what you need, boy. This will help you focus on the liquid. Just submit."

I put a rubber hood on him. No eye holes, no nose holes, completely open around the mouth and chin. The hood hid his bleached hair, but it was yellow, almost the same color. I turned the shower on behind me, to let it get warm. The sound made him shiver.

I pushed on his head, bending him, putting his forehead on the ground. And I pissed on him. My bladder was full, my piss strong.

"This is my gift to you, boy. Feel this on your skin."

I aimed toward his asshole and balls. As soon as my piss touched him there, he wailed and shuddered, orgasming without any other touch.

I was impressed. Was he that receptive ? Or had I been a bit too heavy handed ? I kept pissing on him while he came down from his orgasm, panting. When we were both finished, I took his nape in my hand and made him stand up. I put my lips on his then brought us both under the shower.

I cooked for us both. We ate both naked. I had freed his arms from the straps and his head from the rubber hood. And the time for bed came very quickly too, as the evening was growing old.

"Come here, boy. It is too late to go back to your home. It would be too dangerous. You will sleep here tonight."

I brought him to a bedroom and made him kneel, head on the ground. On the large bed, I unfolded a sleeping bag. A bondage leather sleeping bag, for the trained eye, which he wasn't. I hid all laces before making him stand up.

"There. A nice and warm sleeping bad for the best of nights. Let me tuck you."

He sat on the bag and put his feet in, directly to the bottom. When his legs were in place, I led his arms into the inner sleeves. I zipped the bag closed and snapped the collar. He was now stuck, depending on me for his freedom. I used the laces to tighten the bag. Not enough to hurt him. Just enough to appease my thirst of domination. As a finishing touch, I blindfolded him.

"Are you ok, boy ?

-Yes, Master.

-Do you hurt anywhere ?

-No, Master.

-Then, you will soon sleep. You won't wake up without my say-so. Do you understand ?

-Yes Master.

-Good boy. Now sleep!"

He went out like a light.

I had a very good night. My bed is just as like it, even all by itself, but having a tied boy next to me was even better. I fell asleep with my arm on his torso and woke up holding myself against his leather bound body.

"Wake up, boy.

-Good morning Master.

-Good morning, boy. Did you sleep well ?

-Yes Master.

-I told you so. Are you thirsty ?

-Yes, Master."

I straddled him and vocally guided him to drink my morning piss directly from the tap. He gulped it with a grimace. Well, it's an acquired taste. I made him suck and lick the last drops. And I kissed him. A true french kiss, my hands on either side of his head.

"Boy, I will now teach you a last way to feel good and make me feel good at the same time. And then we can use all of today to practice."

Using the three way zipper, I fished his cock out of the sleepsack. I stroked it a bit, making him hard, then readied both of us.

I sat on the hard cock. He had no choice but to get fucked by my ass.

Hands on his pecs, back arched, I went up and down, grinding myself on the hard cock of my dummy boy. Every time a bit lower. It felt so good to me. And to him. I glanced at his eyes and saw them empty. His mind was gone, ousted by the pleasure. When I had managed to insert all of him in me, I really went to town. Sometimes quicker, sometimes slower. Always tightening my ass on his cock. Always in long strokes. I like them so much better.

During some slow strokes, I bent to his ear and whispered my last instructions to him.

"You are my stud. Your cock is hard for me. When I allow you, you fuck me. When I allow you to fuck me, you fuck me hard and rough. You make my ass feel good. You don't stop until I cum or I tell you to stop. You are my stud. Your cock is hard for me. When I allow you, you fuck me. When I allow you to fuck me, you fuck me hard and rough. You make my ass feel good. You don't stop until I cum or I tell you to stop. You are my stud. Your cock is hard for me. When I allow you, you fuck me. When I allow you to fuck me, you fuck me hard and rough. You make my ass feel good. You don't stop until I cum or I tell you to stop."

I was interrupted by a moan from my own body. He was moving a lot more now as if trying to toss me out. And he had managed to press his cock on that very pleasurable button in my ass. I shifted too, trying to reiterate this angle. Bestial grunts and growls were coming out of his mouth, balancing my own moans. He tried to stab me as deep as possible and I loved it. We both did our best.

I came first, explosively. My orgasm made him cum too. I felt his dick pulse in my ass.

After the long minutes needed to get back on earth and catch our breaths, I freed him from the sleepsack. We had a shower and a breakfast. The shower made him horny again, the breakfast gave him strength. We had many more bestial fucks during the day.

I let him go back to his home on the evening. I made sure of two things before :

Image stylisée d'une silhoutte humaine attachée dans une cage. L'humain est couché sur le ventre, poignets et chevilles reliés par une corde dans son dos. Il porte un bandeau sur les yeux. La cage est completée d'une grosse serrure.