Hypnotised Biker.

Published on 10/08/2020
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My lorry was parked on the motorway rest area. I wanted to keep on driving and sleep in my own bed, but the laws wouldn't let me drive past a certain hour. So I was stuck there. Fortunately, I had an e-book with me. At the end of a chapter, I looked up from my e-reader and watched the parking lot through the windshield. Squinting because of the dark of the night, I stood up. There was a figure looking in my direction. I smiled.

I left the cabin and went in the direction of the figure, keeping my back to the lorry. The figure resolved into a man. A biker, with a leather outfit and boots, barely holding his helmet in his lax gloved fingers. I don't think he registered me, as he was still looking toward my lorry. If he wasn't completely disconnected from reality, he was a very good actor.

"Good evening, boy."

His mouth opened, his lips moved, but no sound came out. As if there wasn't will enough to speak.

"It's okay. Nod if you hear me, boy."

I received the slightest of nod, but it was enough for me. I came nearer to him, almost touching his body with my own. I put my mouth next to his ear and started talking softly to him.

"I think you are looking at my windshield lights, boy. They are pretty, aren't they ? No, don't answer, it's ok. Just look at the lights and listen to my voice. And relax. The lights will help you relax. My voice will guide you to relaxation."

I kept a special talking rhythm and a special tone of voice. Stable and steady and deep.

"I am sure that you are tired, boy. Biking is hard and tiring. Let me help you. Just listen to me and relax. Here, let me relieve you of your helmet. Do not mind it, I will take care of it. Just relax and look at the lights. The blinking lights. And my voice. My voice helps you relax. There, be calm. Rest. Do you want to rest. Just nod if you want to rest."

Again a very slight nod. I checked his eyes. The lids were closing. But it was too soon.

"Do not sleep, boy. Keep on watching the lights. Look how they are blinking. They guide you. They give you a rhythm. Count the blinking. Aloud. The higher the count, the better you feel. You feel relaxed. You feel secure. You feel trust in me. And all of this you will feel more and more as you count."

I went back to my lorry taking his helmet with me. I left it there, took a remote control and went back to him. He was still counting. I talked to him again, once more with my steady and deep voice.

"You trust me, don't you ? I made you feel relaxed. I made you feel secure. I want you to feel good. You can trust me. You will keep this trust. And you will obey me. Because I make you feel good. I deserve obedience. Whatever I tell you to do, you will obey. Whatever I tell you, you will believe. From now on, my words are your reality. Whatever you feel, whichever state you are in, you will obey me and believe me. Whenever I call you a good boy, you will feel comfort and joy. And horniness. 'Good boy' is my reward to you and you will accept it as such. Now slowly close your eyes. Very slowly. Do not fall asleep, just keep relaxing. When your eyes are closed, you can stop counting."

I look at him. His lids were closing, as ordered. And he stopped counting. Using the remote control, I switched the lights off. I didn't need to trap another toy.

"Next I will snap my fingers. When I do, you will wake up and behave as if nothing has happened. You will forget about me, you will forget every word I told you. But you will not forget to obey me. Your obedience to me is now a complete part of your core personality, whatever you remember or forget. The same goes for your trust in me. Nod if you understand. Nod and absorb all of this."

Once again he nodded. I had him under my control. I could do whatever I wanted to him and I was really looking forward to it.

I snapped my fingers. He woke up and looked around. Faking concern, I asked him :

"Are you alright ?"

He jumped a bit.

"Oh sorry, I didn't see you. Yes, Yes, I'm alright.

-You look tired. Come with me, the heat is awful out here and my lorry has conditioned air.

-I don't want to bother you.

-You don't. Come.


-'Yes, Sir.'

-Yes, Sir.

-Good boy."

I saw him smile. Which made me smile in turn. Control achieved.

In my cabin, I offered him coffee. We chatted a bit about our respective situations and the reason of our presence on this parking lot. He was a bit younger than me, at the beginning of his working life. He had just started his holiday trip, riding his motorbike around the country, just for fun, with no defined route. I had finished my previous job and was looking forward to a couple of days off. I decided then and there that he would keep me company for much longer than one night.

"Don't you feel the heat with this outfit ?"

He had already removed his gloves and put them in his helmet.

"Yes Sir, but safety is more important.

-I understand that. But you are not riding now, you can ditch it.

-Well... hum...

-Ditch the suit ! And the boots !

-Yes, Sir !"

Wriggling around, he managed to remove first his boots then his leather outfit. Which meant he was sitting in my lorry's cabin, naked save for his ankle socks. He put his hands in front of him, hiding his dick and balls. This would not do.

"Don't hide from me, boy. Drop your arms to your side. Or better yet, put your hands together behind your neck, fingers entwined."

He lifted his arms, exposing himself. I caught a nice whiff of his pits' sweat. He must indeed have been hot under his suit.

"You know what ? Your hands are tied together and to your neck. You can try to move them, but you know it is in vain as they are completely tied. And anyway, you trust me. You can be at ease with me."

He struggled a bit, flexing his muscles, but his hands did not move. My words were his reality and I loved it.

"Good boy !"

He smiled once again. And his dick twitched and plumped a bit. It was framed by short hair. Actually, this boy was not really hairy on the whole.

"You look nice, boy. All those muscles. Is your job a manual one ?

-No, Sir. I go to the gym as often as possible.

-Good boy ! It is important to keep a healthy body.

-Thank you, sir !"

His dick was beginning to harden. It looked very nice and I wanted to touch it and taste it. I reached out and he moved away from me.

"Do not move, boy. I will make you feel very good. I will have my fun with your dick."

I reached out again and he did not move. With one hand I spread his knees and with the other I seized his dick. At last! He moaned. If this was his reaction just when I was holding his dick, I was looking forward to all the other activities I had in mind.

"Please, Sir, I'm not gay. Please don't !

-And yet, here you are, hardening in front of me. I hadn't touched you yet when it started. If you are not gay, you are obviously bi." I kept stroking his dick. He did not move and looked at me with surprise.

"Bi ? Am I ?

-Well, yes, you are. Now shut up and don't say a word until I allow you to."

I heard the flat sound of his lips coming together, but stay focused on his dick. It was growing nicely, as heavy and as long as I liked them. It was hardening nicely too. Soon it was completely hard and up against his nice abs. A drop of pre was topping it. I swiped it with my finger and brought my fingers to my lips. The taste was delicious. I couldn't wait any longer. I dove on him and swallowed his dick. He moaned again, louder this time.

"Don't cum yet, boy. I know you are getting hornier every time I touch your skin, but I want to take my time."

I kept smiling to myself every time I rearranged his reality with just a couple of seemingly innocent words. I had transformed this straight biker into a moaning slut for me.

I left his pole for a while licking his balls and smelling his taint. Sweat had accumulated there too and I loved the male odour it released. I lapped at his balls once more, then slowly came back to his dick's head, rubbing my tongue on his shaft. I randomly made love to all parts of his dick. He moaned more and more, higher and higher in tone.

"You will cum when I tap you balls, boy. You will cum for me and realise how nice I am to bring you so much pleasure."

I went back to sucking and polishing his glans. When I felt ready, I lightly tapped his balls. He gushed ! Oh gods, how he gushed. Fortunately, I was experimented enough and managed to keep all of his juice in my mouth. I stood up and straddled him, one leg on either side of his. Leaning forward, I kissed him fully. His cum was shared between our mouths, rolling around both our tongues. I loved this so much. I was very hard myself and looked forward to my own pleasure.

But first, some things needed to be tidied up, other needed to be stored, other needed both.

"Tell me, boy, where did you park your bike ? What does it look like ? What is its number plate ?

-Sir ?

-You please me a lot and I know you receive a lot of pleasure from me. So we will spend the next few days together. I invite you to my home. Don't worry about a thing, I'll take care of it all. Let me put your bike in the lorry trailer. Just answer my questions and you can go back to relaxing."

He obeyed once again. I left him in a lying posture on the seats, so as not to stand out from the parking lot while I took care of his bike. Silently, I brought the bike back to my lorry. No one stopped me or interrogated me. I lifted and strapped the bike in the trailer. When I was sure it couldn't possibly move in any way, I went back to my guest.

"Rise and shine, boy. Did you rest ?

-A bit, Sir.

-Good boy ! Put your suit back on."

Some minutes later, we were in the trailer. I showed him how his bike was secured, unable to move or fall. My truthful compliments about the upkeep of his bike and the obvious match in colours between the bike and the suit pleased him a lot. He even blushed.

"So, boy, I gave you pleasure, didn't I ?

-Yes, Sir.

-And you discovered new ways.

-Yes, Sir.

-So, wouldn't it be natural for you to reciprocate and give me pleasure ?

-Hmm... Yes, Sir. But...

-No buts. Well, actually, one butt. Mine. I want you to fuck me, boy. You know how to use your magnificent tool, don't you ?

-Yes, Sir, but...

-I will guide you first, but I'm sure you are a quick student."

Indeed I taught him. But not only in fucking. First of all, I made him undress me. Leaning against his bike, I explained to him how to remove shoes and sock while giving respect to the man. I taught him how to remove a t-shirt and use the moves to caress and fondle. And he also learned how to strip another man's underwear while keeping up the heat. I was soon standing naked in front of my stud in leather suit. We were both very hard.

"You do well. You really are a good boy."

His dick twitched. I leaned backwards, resting my elbows on the saddle of his bike, looking at him.

"Come here and claim your prize."

He walked to me. I took both of his hands and pushed one on my dick and one on my ass. He stroked my dick, but stopped when his other hand found my hole. Or rather what was filling it. I made him move his hands again, one stroking my cock, the other pushing on my ass.

"That's a butt plug, boy. I love having my ass filled. But I like it much better when it comes from a hot live dick. Remove the plug and fuck me already. Now !"

He needed no further prompting. With one hand, he lifted my leg. With the other, he removed my plug. Then he lifted the other leg, putting both of them on his shoulder. And just like that he fucked me. I was glad I had worn the plug and some lube before, as his dick filled me in one move. One long and slow move, but still only one. I enjoyed every centimetre. Here I was, completely naked, being fucked by a young stud in leathers. Feeling his suit against my butt every time he filled me was as much pleasure for me as feeling his dick deep inside me.

"Boy, you will only be able to cum when you manage to make me cum. So get to it. Harder !"

He did. He gave as much as he could, violently fucking me. He learned by doing. He listened to me and watched me, sensing what pleased me more. Thus I felt him change gears every so often. Sometimes he went deep inside of me and wiggled his pelvis to make me feel his whole cock. Sometimes he almost pulled out and played with my ring, stroking it with his flange, stretching it wide. This boy was a natural at fucking ass !

"Harder ! Make me cum, boy !"

My legs fell, my feet on the ground once again. And my ass empty. I looked up at him in surprise, just in time to see his hand grab my shoulder and flip me. With my belly on the saddle of the bike, he entered me again. And went at it. A machine. A fucking machine !! He had previously found my inner button and hit it as harder and as often as he could. I didn't last long. His bike was soon defiled with my cum. And I was full of his.

He wanted to withdraw but I instructed him to stay right where he was. His dick in my ass was feeling much too good to me. I stood up, putting my back against the front of his suit. My hands went to his butt. I wanted to make sure he stuck to me. After we had both caught our breath, I made him fetch my plug and put it gently back in my ass.

"Good boy ! You really did well. No, stay here on you knees. I like seeing you like this. Yes, good boy ! Now suck my dick and clean it well. That's it." I petted his head, from his chin to his skull. His moans made it obvious that my order for him to feel hornier from my touch was still in effect.

"Are you tired, boy ? Do you want to go to sleep ?

-Yes, Sir, please.

-Remove your clothing then, while I get something for you to sleep. When you are naked, kneel here. Hands behind your back. Good boy."

In my cabin, I unfurled a leather sleepsack that I keep for this kind of occasion. I placed it completely open on my mattress, hiding the lace below it. The bag looked innocent enough.

"Boy, come here."

The stud came quickly to my side. I guided his feet and legs in the sleepsack. He was surprised by the tightness of it. When I put his arms in the internal sleeves, he opened his mouth to speak. I cut him off.

"Don't worry, boy, I will be here with you all night.

-But, sir...

-Yes ?

-What if I need to get up during the night ?"

His emphasis on "need" was clear enough. But I wanted to tease him.

"Do you mean to go to the toilet ?

-... Yes, sir.

-Do you need it now ?

-If I don't, I will need to get up later.

-Alright. I will give you an opportunity. You will recognise it and you will take it. Is it understood ? You can trust me, can't you ?

-Yes, Sir.

-Good boy."

I didn't let him out of the suit. However, I made him sit up. I still had access to the front of his body. Thus I could put his soft dick in my mouth. At first nothing happened. So I pressed slightly, just under his abs, with one hand. I think he got the message as he started emptying his bladder. He was not the first man to use my mouth as a urinal (although most of the previous ones were piss fetishist) and I managed to swallow all of it. I sucked a bit and cleaned him, after which I indicated that I had liked it.

"Can we now go and sleep, boy ?

-Yes, Sir. Sorry, sir."

At last I had him in the sleepsack, fully bound, unable to get out by himself. I pulled the zipper to the top then tightened the lace. Overkill from his point of view but much more pleasing to my own eye.

"Are you comfortable, boy ?

-I don't know, Sir. It's tight.

-Don't worry, there will be no problem with the tightness. It is supposed to be tight, and build so that the person in it doesn't hurt or get harmed. And it is pure leather just like your biker suit. So I know you love it.

-I do, Sir.

-Good boy! Now, sleep."

He fell asleep as soon as I said the word. As a finishing touch, I put headphones on him and plugged my audio hypnosis files. His sleep would be full of subconscious instructions on how to better serve men in general and me in particular. As for me, I fell asleep against him, my arm stretched over his pecs. I really love holding a sub next to me while I sleep.

In the morning, I was awaken by the sound of my fellow drivers going back to work. My boy was still sleeping, the headphones made sure of that. I removed them and straddled him. Stroking his chin in order to wake him up, I felt stubble, the beginning of a beard. I didn't know if he had planned on shaving during his holidays, but he wouldn't be allowed to, during that week-end. He would have better things to do. And stubble pleases me a lot.

When he was awake, I kissed him. He kissed back, going into a full french kiss. I pulled out and he moaned.

"Good morning, bull.

-Good morning, Master."

The audio-files had done their job.

"Did you sleep well ?

-I did, Master. Thank you, Master."

I left him in the sleepsack, but freed his dick. It went hard at my first touch. I sat down on it, making it disappear in my ass. A good fuck is one of the best way to start the day, in my opinion. I was riding him as deep as I could. Until my phone started ringing.

"Not a word, bull, not a sound either."

But when I checked the caller ID, I went back to riding the dick in my ass.



-Fine, thanks. Very fine, actually. I'm currently riding my new bull. What about you ?


-Yes, I caught him yesterday evening. And taught him since then. I plan on keeping and using him for the whole week-end. I wish I could keep him longer, but work calls.


-No, I won't tell you my secret technique. It's called 'secret' for a very good reason.


-No problem. And if you have time, come to my home. I might let you use him.


-Haha !! See you later, then."

After hanging up, I decided I needed to speed things up. I hastened my riding and pinched my own nipples until I came. I caught it all in my hand.

"Clean my hand, bull. Lick my cum. A bull like you needs to be fed cum as often as possible."

His nightly lessons were completely assimilated. He left no trace of cum on my hand.

"Good boy !"

I felt his dick twitch in my ass. It was still hard, of course. I had not allowed him to cum.

Making him fall asleep again, I went to get myself a hot shower, a steaming coffee and warm pastries. Thinking about the package awaiting me in my lorry gave me a wide smile.

"Come on, bull, wake up ! Let's get you out of here."

When he was out of the sack, I made him wear his biker suit and gloves. I considered tying him to his bike in the trailer, but I decided on having him on hand, to look at and molest during the drive. Thus I taped his gloves into ball shapes, rendering his hands useless. And as boys should be seen not heard, I taped his mouth too. The tape went round and round his head several times, covering the bottom half of his face. He would not be able to speak and he would not be able to remove the tape by himself. I had him sit in the cabin, right next to me. Of course, the balls of tape at the ends of his arms couldn't do it, so I fastened his seatbelt myself, rubbing myself on his lap at the same time. Once we were back on the motorway, I gave him new instructions.

"Put your arms along your body, bull. That's right. Now you can't see it, but you are still stuck in the sleepsack, just like last night. You can't pull you legs apart, you can't move your arms, you can't free yourself. But I still have access to your dick, just like that."

I stretched an arm and opened the zipper of his suit till it was past his dick. I fished his member out of the suit. It went hard in my hand, as the boy had been taught too. I petted his nape too.

"Good boy ! I'm so happy to have you with me. We will have a very fun week-end, full of pleasure and discoveries ! I give you my word on it !"

And my words were his reality.

Image stylisée d'une silhoutte humaine attachée dans une cage. L'humain est couché sur le ventre, poignets et chevilles reliés par une corde dans son dos. Il porte un bandeau sur les yeux. La cage est completée d'une grosse serrure.