Kinktober 2023

My goal for kinktober is to write and publish one story per day, following a list of kinky prompts. Some stories will be very short, some will be a little longer, some might be good, others might be not so good. Almost none of them will be / have been proofread by other people. You get them rough.

The list of prompts comes from Athletic Hotties (on tumblr) and is as follow :

This page will be updated each day of October to add a new story to it. (I hope.)

Day 1

What about some body improvement?

Published on 01/10/2023
Tags: #gay #no sex #science-fiction #nanobots #male pregnancy #cyborg #breeding #consensual #slight racism
Length: 2054 words.

(Trigger warning : The doctor is a bit racist. Not actual hate, no direct violence, but he has some … "ideas" about people from other ethnies.)

The student entered the scientist’s office, first hour on Tuesday morning, the day after Labor Day.

“Good morning, James.

– Hello, Doc. Still don’t want to call me Jimmy?

– Let’s keep this professional.

– Whatever.

– Are you ready?

– As ever.”

The doc pushed a button.

“For the sake of safety, I’m starting a little recording. Can you please look at the camera and state, in your words, what you are agreeing to?”

The student sighed.

“Ok ok. Here it goes. I agree to take part in Doc Johnson experiment regarding nanobots. I have talked a lot with the doc so that I can understand what might happen and that it can have positive or negative impact on my body and health. I understand that I will be payed for the experiment in itself and compensated for negative effects should they come from the nanobots. I… what was it? Oh yes. I am under no duress, completely voluntary.

– Please add your name, date and place of birth and current address.

– Oh. My name is Ji— James Blackbird, born on August the 13th, 1999, in Winnebago, Nebraska. I’m living at the student dorm on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

– Thank you, James.” The doctor stopped the recording. “Let’s get to it.”

They left the office and walked through corridors. Once again, Jimmy marveled at the brand new building and equipment. (And was a bit miffed thinking about the state of the hospital in his home reservation.) They arrived at a small room. In this room, Jimmy discovered the kind of chair he had seen at the dentist or when donating blood. A 4K screen was situated in front of the chair. Some cupboards and an IV stand completed it.

“Sit here, James. I will start the injection soon. It should take two hours. Do you need a blanket?

– No doc, thank you.

– What do you want to watch?

– Do you have some Nat Geo channel?

– Of course. Please don’t fall asleep, I need you to keep your arm in place.

– Yes, Doc.”

The scientist went on with the injection.

Two hours later, as Jimmy was leaving, the doctor intercepted him.

“Do you remember my instructions, James?

– Do not leave town for one whole week, come here as often as I want, take note of changes, keep you posted as often as needed, live a normal life. Including sex.

– Perfect. I also want to insist : I am your new doctor. Your health is important to me, as much as to yourself. Understood?

– Yes, Doc.

– Good. You can go. Have a nice week.

– Thanks, you too.”

Record notes extracted from Doctor Axel Johnson's log.

Week 1, September 12th 2023

It has been exactly one week since James has received his dose of my nanites. The examination I did shows no specific change in him. Yet. Overall good health, but that’s not surprising; James was already in good health before. I detected some kind of … glow, for want of a better word. He says he feels fine. He himself detected no change. I wonder if we should keep testing on young men. They bring healthy bodies, but they don’t know about the feelings of age and failing bodies. Especially these Natives, bred and raised in their reservations, in constant contact with nature.

I digress.

James ate a lot during this week. More than usual, even for a man of his age. He told me as much and the copious meals he took here during the week confirm this.

Week 2, September 19th 2023

James has now lived fourteen days with my nanites in his body. And significant change can be measured. All exact numbers are in his files, but I want to record my impressions here. James gained mass. Muscular mass. He has not become a bodybuilder, but I think he could compete in tracks or natation. He has better stamina too. He won’t gain medals, but that’s not his goal anyway. He also says his lessons are easier. He finds them clearer. He doesn’t need to reread the books and can go further in his studies at the library.

My nanites seem to catalyse alcohol. James says he has had no hangover since injection. Not for lack of trying. He is a university student after all. He says he has not been drunk either.

Two points worthy of note and surveillance : his tongue and his glutes.

His tongue seems longer and much more mobile that before. This might be just an impression on my part, but I asked for it to be measured today and kept measured at least once a week. James didn’t talk about it.

As for his glutes, or butts to use a vernacular term, they have indeed grown. All his muscles have grown, as previously specified, but his glutes more than the rest. He already has difficulties getting into his own pants. He also reports he feels different when sitting. He can not describe it precisely, however he can tell there is a difference. As if he, and I quote, “felt … more”, end quote. Not worse or better. Just more. More conscious of this part of his body. Increase in the nervous terminaison? I will need to do some more exam on him.

I refilled his PreP prescription before letting him go. Now is not the time to change any parameters in James’ life.

Week 4, October 3rd 2023

28 days. No ill effect following the injection of my nanites. Many good effects. Improvement of intellect is now obvious. Improvement of physical health too. Appetite is back to normal. I think my nanites are now fully integrated and have finished all the big changes they aimed to do. James should now have a perfect body, within the limits of human constitution.

Regarding the two body parts mentioned on week 2, I didn’t broach the subject on any of them. James did. He acknowledges an Improvement of his tongue. It is now a bit longer (exact numbers in the file), can be extended even further and is almost prehensile. James laughs and explains his partner are delighted with it. He boasts he can make them orgasm just by rimming, which seems to be the vernacular word for anilingus.

This gave him the occasion to speak about his “butts”. He has had to change all of his pants, but says it is worth it as he receives luscious looks, catcalls, and offers for sex.

James was promiscuous and very sexual before the injection and this promiscuity has increased since then. He doesn’t need to spend as much time on his lessons as before and thus has more free time for sex.

The NDA he signed forbids him to disclose anything. When asked, he just laughs and and says “it’s just like that”.

James describes himself as “a switch with a tendency toward being a bottom”. He explained to me this means he prefers being the receiving part in homosexual relationships. According to him, this tendency increased since the injection. I report here his own words : “My butt feels so much better. Spanks still hurts but they hurt good!! Very good. And their skin against mine is so pleasing. And my hole… My hole!! I don’t know if you’ve ever tried being fucked, Doc. You should try once, it’s very very nice. Even without augmentation. But now… I can feel each millimeters entering me. Each grain of skin, each ridge. Their temperature, their size. I can milk them with my hole. I told you my tongue make them orgasm. It is nothing compared to my hole. I bring them to extreme pleasure. I get their cum. Do you know I can feel each and every drop of cum? I really feel like being bred, Doc. Even if your nanobots had brought me only that, I couldn’t thank you enough. Pleasure increased a hundred times.” End quote.

I decided to end the interview then. I learned a lot, more than I thought and I need to think about it all.

Week 6, October 17th 2023

James just left the office. He is now completely stabilized. No more change in him since last report. Now comes the boring part. I wonder If I shouldn’t find another volunteer and let my assistant take care of James’ follow-up.

October 20th 2023

I just received a mail from James. He woke up feeling very nauseous and had just enough time to reach his toilets before vomiting. He said nothing more of it apart that he thought I should know.

It is surprising. I aimed for perfect health. I’m disappointed that someone who received my nanites should feel ill.

October 21st 2023

Another mail from James. Same reason as yesterday. He added that he can’t bear the odor of his morning coffee now. He plans on taking it easy over the weekend. I asked him to keep on sending me updates.

October 22nd 2023

No mail from James, but a mail from my assistant at the lab. James came for a midday meal. Says he still feels nauseous in the morning but famished during the day. If I can trust the volume of food reported (there is no reason for distrust), James indeed needed to eat. He also told my assistant that he feels tired too. He takes naps, now. Obviously I called him and told him to come first thing monday morning for extended examinations. Fasting. He answered to confirm.

October 23rd 2023

End of a exhausting day. I now know what is happening to James. The blood tests and the MRI results are conclusive. What I don’t know is how to break the news to him.

Seing the doc approach him, Jimmy stood from his seat in the waiting room. And almost fell down. He caught himself on the back of the chair, before completely losing his balance.

“James? Are you all right?

– Hey, Doc. Just lost my balance, I don’t know why. So, what are the news?

– Come to my office, James, please. Do you want a coffee?

– I want a coffee, but I don’t want to puke on your desk, so no, thanks.”

In the office, James sat and the scientist closed the door before joining him.

“So what is it, Doc? Am I ill?

– Oh no, not at all. Quite the contrary, actually.

– That’s a relief. So what is it, then? Do you even know? Is it because of the nanobots?

– To answer your two last questions : yes I know and yes my nanites are related to it. But they are not really at fault. Not completely.

– Will you tell me?

– Yes, yes, I’m coming to it.” The doctor closed his eyes and sighed. “One last question, please : what is it you are studying?

– Health. I want to be an unlicensed assistive personnel.

– Ho. That is good news actually.

– Why the hell is it good news?

– I’m coming to it. So. You know my nanites are supposed to improve you.

– Yes. They did.

– Indeed. What you might not understand is that they work to improve… well, you. You specifically.

– Wha– But how?

– My nanites live in you. The live with you. They know what you do each and every day, each and every hour, each and every minute. They know you. Better than you do. They are also programmed with everything there is to know about the human body. And so, knowing you, your life and your body, they aim to improve all three. Remember your tongue? Remember your … butt? Your anus? I clearly didn’t ask them to do that.

– You should, you would be a billionaire in no time.

– Not the point, James.

– Sorry.

– My nanites went a bit further. They had improved each and every organ in you but decided that, according to the life you lead, you were still missing something. So they added a new organ. You are now a complete cyborg, James. This organ is part machine part human.

– I didn’t feel anything different.

– It is not a big organ, smaller than a heart actually.

– So what is it??

– A uterus.

– I’m sorry, what?

– A womb, James.

– I understood that. But… But…

– It’s not the uterus by itself which is giving you these feelings. It’s the practical use. You have a womb and it is currently in use. You’re pregnant. You have been bred.”


Prompt was : Breeding.

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Day 2

“That’s all you’re good for, you failure.”

Published on 02/10/2023
Tags: #gay #oral #humiliation #watersports #piss #domination #BDSM #roleplay #consensual
Length: 1055 words.

“Jeannie? I’m leaving the office. I will be back after the meal.

– Understood, Mr Hale, Sir.

– By the way, if anyone is looking for Lionel, he is with me. There are some points I want to discuss with him.”

Using the private elevator, the two men arrived at the penthouse.

“Put the food bags on the table, then come back here. And make it snappy.” The sub obeyed while the Master watched him. When they were face to face again, the Master spoke. “Get naked. You don’t deserve to be clothed in my presence.”

Once again, the sub hastily obeyed.

“Actually, keep the tie on. It will make a nice leash.”

When it was done, the sub held himself slouching, hands clasped in front of his crotch. The Master looked at him from head to foot with disdain.

“You will do. Barely”

The Master advanced in the apartment and the sub went to follow. The former barked : “ON ALL FOURS, YOU STUPID THING!”

The sub fell down immediately, walking clumsily on his hands and knees. From the leather armchair, the Master gave other orders. The sub obeyed, obviously. On all fours, he went to the kitchen and came back on his feet, holding one glass, one plate and one fork on a tray. He went back to the kitchen once again like an animal and came back still on all fours, this time holding a dog bowl in his mouth. He placed his Master’s hamburger and fries on the plate and his own hamburger in the bowl. He poured the drink of his Master from the disposable paper cup into the glass. The master used the fork to transform the hamburger in the dog bowl into a brown paste.

“Come and suck me while I eat.”

The sub put himself between his Master’s legs and unbuckled the belt. He opened the pants and pulled them down when his Master lifted his butt. He pulled the boxer briefs down too. He found himself mere millimeters away from a very nice cock. He drooled from hunger, both for food and for cock.

“Go on, suck it. Make it hard.”

The mouth engulfed the cock. Feeling warmth and moisture, the latter grew and hardened.

“Yeah, that’s it, slave.”

Hearing this, the sub increased his efforts.

“That’s all you’re good for, you failure.”

The sub took the hard cock to its root and held it in his throat.

“You couldn’t manage keeping a job, you got yourself into so much debt you don’t have a place to sleep.”

The tongue lapped at the cock, making love to it.

“If I hadn’t taken care of you, you would still be in the street, begging for scraps of food.”

The balls were not forgotten; they too were lapped and sucked, with care and tenderness.

“Be grateful I found a use for you.”

Once again, the hard cock was throated. It was now as hard as possible and twitching.

“Be grateful I taught you job even you can’t fail.”

He pushed the head of his sub away, stood up and yelled.


The sub scrambled to obey and held the bowl up in his hands between his Master and him. With two swift tugs, the Master brought himself to orgasm all over the bowl, covering the mashed food in many spurts of thick white cum.

“Now, you can eat.

– Thank you so much, Lionel.”

The Master double slapped the sub.

“It’s ‘Master Leo’ for you, BITCH. Now stop wasting time and eat.”

While the sub, cheeks hot from the slap, noisily fed from the his bowl, the Master pulled his underwear and pants back up, keeping his cock out. He put his feet on the sub’s back and finished his own meal and drink, enjoying the pleasure and comfort obtained from domination.

Several minutes later, the Master stood up and looked down.

“Your bowl is empty and clean. Your face however is dirty. I should send you back on the street like this. It would show to the world what a mess you are.” The Master’s cock was growing and getting half hard. “Are you thirsty, slave?

– Yes, Master Leo.

– Well, at least you can be taught.”

The Master bent down, took the bowl and put it on the table in front of him.

“Even your dogbowl is superior to you. It is allowed on the furniture and you’re not.” The sub heard liquid noises and looked up. He had time to see his Master piss before being scolded again. “EYES DOWN!!”

The sub hastily obeyed. He still heard the sound and then the bowl was brought back down to the ground, just in front of him. The smell and warmth confirmed it was full of piss.

“Here is your drink, slave. You’d better finish it, as all gifts given to you.”

The sub went to answer, but his head was pushed down into the bowl. He spluttered in the piss. When his head was released, he gasped for air, but went quickly to drinking. He noisily slurped and licked it all, making sure no drop was left. Just when he was finished, his tie was grabbed and used to pull him. He followed on all fours, eyes on the legs before him. They entered a bathroom, then a Roman shower. The tie was released, indicating he was were he was supposed to be. The shower was turned on, covering the slave in cold water. He gasped.

“You behaved well enough to be allowed to get clean. Don’t dawdle. When you are finished, walk directly to the front door and wait here. I’ll get you on my way out.” A towel was thrown on the floor. “Dry yourself well when you are finished. You will lick any drop of water on the floor. AND NO JERKING OFF!!”

While the private elevator was coming down several minutes later, Lionel turned to Mr Hale.

“I’m sorry, Sir.

– What for, Lionel?

– I went too far. I slapped you. And you’re my CEO.

– Nonsense. You did exactly as expected. I asked you to play a role and you did it perfectly. I’m very happy with your performance. Didn’t you enjoy this time?

– I did.

– Then everything is ok. You acted like we discussed beforehand and you managed to improvise when needed. Relax, Lionel.”


Prompt was : Roleplay.

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Day 3

The best bicycle courier in the whole town.

Published on 03/10/2023
Tags: #gay #anal #romance #latex #domination #submission #chastity #bareback #consensual
Length: 946 words.

My sub is the best bicycle courier in the whole town, maybe even the state.

He is the fastest.
He has always loved biking. In his teens, he trained hard enough that he earned a scholarship to pay his studies in business administration. He loves this city, knows each nook and cranny, plans every journey to the best.

He is the most serious.
He has never lost a package or an envelope. He delivers each and every object in pristine condition.

He is the most helpful.
He always was submissive and willing to obey. It helped him get contracts, but to the expense of his health or his finances. I refined that. I helped my boy see the differences between complying, agreeing, submitting and obeying. Now he submits to me. And to me alone.

He is one of the most handsome.
Bicycle couriers always have nice muscles and they show them via the use of lycra. I make sure my sub also train others muscle groups. Even if one limits oneself to his appearance, he is not just a pair of legs. He is also shoulders, pecs, biceps, abs. And a big hard-looking bulge.

But all of that is expected of couriers. Not up to the standard displayed by my boy obviously, but expected all the same. Even the eye-candy part.

The bonus, the little thing that make him stand out is : cleanliness.

Whatever the time of the day, whatever the temperature outside, whatever the number of deliveries he has already made, he is spotless. His kit, always with long sleeves and legs, shows no sign of perspiration. He releases no body odor. He displays no trace of grease. He can be sent to any office or home without bothering any CEO, administration board, stuck-up secretary, haughty butler or husband to a Forbes 400. And that is thanks to me.

I actually don’t care if my boy is clean or not while he is out there. What I want is for him to wear what pleases me : latex. Under his kit, hidden by gloves, sleeves, shoes or neck warmer is a latex catsuit, made to measure. He sweats while biking, even more than with only lycra obviously. But the sweat stays under the latex. He smells almost immediately, but, with only his head uncovered, only animals can detect it. The catsuit conforms to his body even more than the lycra. And never goes lack.

You might wonder about rain. Well, what do people wear when it rains? Raincapes, that’s right. Obviously, his is made from rubber. I had it made to my requirements, which included a very tight collar and grommets all along the bottom hem. Tight collar so that no rain slides in. Grommets so that he can tie the bottom part and display his body without needing his hands. The grommets can also be used as restraints. I can tie the cape tight around his legs and keep him from walking away.

Tie him? Well, yes, of course. He is my sub and I get to enjoy him. Each and every day. His schedule revolves around me. For example, each weekday, from 11:30 to 14:00, his schedule is busy. Busy with delivering my midday meal to my office and taking care of my needs. At 11:45, he gets the takeaway food from whichever restaurant I chose. At 12:05, he enters my office. At 13:59, he leaves my office. In the meantime?

Well, in the meantime, first of all, we eat together. He reports what happened in the morning (baring any NDA obviously) and tells me what is scheduled for the afternoon. When we are finished with the food, he takes off his cycling kit and offers himself to me, in my office. His tight and muscled body, covered in shiny latex, makes me horny. His submission to me makes me very hard. I pet him. I stroke every group of muscle. I pinch his nips and hear him gasp. I wrap my hands around his bulge and I feel that which makes it hard : his metal chastity cage. I fondle his balls, his taint, his ass and I see him twitch in pain from the cage.

It is at this point that I usually can’t restrain myself any more. I make him free my cock from my clothes, enjoying the feelings of his latex covered fingers on my dick and balls. Not for too long. I stop him by pushing him on my desk. When he is in place, I open the zip at his crotch and fuck him directly. His ass is so used to me that I can enter to the root in one swift move. And it feels so welcoming. I fuck him as long and as slow as I can. I also make him fuck himself on my cock. We alternate between my moves and his moves. And when the time comes, I cum too. In his ass. I fill him with my thick juice. He moans in pleasure and in pain. I get out of him and close the zip. He can try and keep my juice in him or let it flow between his skin and the latex catsuit. His choice. Am I not a nice guy?

He puts his clothes back on. We kiss each other, with many “I love you” whispered. And we both go back to our professional activities. Him to his bike, with my juice in his ass and his juice in his own blue balls; me to my administration bord, with my empty balls and relaxed state of mind. I wonder which one of us is the happiest.


Prompt was : Leather/Latex.

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Day 4

Me, collared? Never!!

Published on 04/10/2023
Tags: #gay #submission #bondage #romance #domination #BDSM #collar #consensual
Length: 799 words.

We met. And played. And dated. And played. And dated. And… You get the drift. We saw each other more and more frequently. For drinks, for meals, for vanilla sex, for bondage, for domination (on his part) and submission (on mine). All in good fun. He made me discover and experience many new things.

And then he wanted to put a leather collar on me. I refused. I didn’t know it before but this was a limit to me. He had put his hands around my throat many times which had had a high effect on me. Pleasurable effect, surprisingly. On the contrary, a collar was a big negative for me. Too heavy, too cold, too passive, too “abrasive”. I used my safeword.

We talked about it during the aftercare. We were both surprised by my rejection.

He really really wanted me to wear a collar. I saw it was important to him. We both agreed to work on it : he would go slow, I would make efforts.

I was stuck in a leather sleepsack, a blindfold over my eyes, slowly sliding into my sub space. He put his hand on my torso.

“Sub, I’m gonna collar you.” I stiffened. “It won’t be tight around your neck. Just get used to its feel. I’ll remove it as soon as I free you from the sleepsack, ok?” His other hand went around my neck, relighting my horniness. “Try to endure as long as possible, it would please me very much."

One of his hand gently lifted my head while the other slid something under my neck. He then put my head back down and buckled the collar. I felt the soft leather on my skin. I also felt his hand once again around my neck, close to the collar.

"Here you are, boy. Just imagine that the collar is like my hand. See it as an extension of me. When you are collared, it's as if my own hand is around your neck."

I heard him move a bit and felt his heels on my abs. Usual bondage session. There was silence, interrupted by our breaths and the turning of pages. I tried to feel what he told me to, but still it felt much more cold than his hand. I couldn't wait for it to be removed.

After that session, he didn't brought it up again immediately. Juste once in a while, each time when I was bound, unable to remove it myself. I tolerated it but could not manage to associate it with him.

One day, he asked me to wear it as soon as we started playing. I was not bound (yet), I could remove it, it was not necessary, but he wanted me to wear it. I obliged. It felt even more weird. We were just having vanilla sex and yet I wore a collar. It was large, it felt cumbersome to me. And yet I wore it.

It went further. After several sessions where he put it on me, he made me do it myself. I was supposed, as soon as I felt horny for him, to take the collar and put it myself. It was not so easy. I was shivering. I was clumsy. He showed me. He took my hands in his and guided me, so that I could close the buckle.

Of course, it wasn't that easy. He needed to sweet-talk me, to coax me, to convince me. But it was less of a big deal to me. Every time I did, his cuddles, his speech, his eyes, his cock were full of love. He loved me without the collar, but he loved me even more when I was wearing it.

One day, I went to his home and put the collar as soon as I arrived.

"Are you already that horny?" He asked in surprise.

"Actually, no.

- Then, why?

- I don't really know."

Saying nothing more, he hugged me very tight for a longer time than usual. At last, he whispered.

"Thank you."

That night, he was the best of lovers. And he kept being it. I felt loved. I understood even more how important it was to him. And it became important to me too.

From then on, I put the collar on every time I entered his home and removed it only before leaving. In the meantime, it stayed on a peg next to the front door.

Yesterday, I asked him to meet me downtown. We went to a store and chose together. He almost cried in the store.

Today, while I am waiting for the jury to validate the end of my professional retraining, I keep the anxiety away by fingering the chainmail rope collar around my neck and remembering that my lover is now always with me.


Prompt was : Collar.

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Day 5

Am I chaste?

Published on 05/10/2023
Tags: #gay #submission #anal #oral #toys #bondage #romance #domination #BDSM #chastity #consensual
Length: 664 words.

When He and I had our house built, we worked together on the floor plans. We made sure it would be insulated enough and heated enough for me to live without clothes. I do all my own work from home, alone, without the need for videoconference, so it is no issue.

So I now live naked. Almost naked. The collar around my neck and the chastity belt around my crotch prevent me for ever being naked. Yep, I'm a sub. To Him. Not to others. I've built my career by not letting anyone walk over me. I am what I am and I won't let anyone try to use it against me.

But for Him I wear a chastity belt. But what is chastity?

If you say the words "chastity belt", most people will think about medieval tools used by crusaders to keep their wives faithful. A minority of people will know you are talking about modern tools used by kinksters for fun and/or domination and submission. Some will even be able to name brands; like Carrara, Behindbarz or Latowski. He and I belong to the last batch. He says He has no use for my cock and so I don't either.

But we still fuck. A lot. He and I take care of our bodies; at the gym, in the kitchen, at the spa. We have strength and stamina. My ass is used to His large cock and welcomes it as often as possible, for both our pleasures. My tongue knows every part of His body, including His tasty ass. My fingers knows where to stroke, where to push, where to pinch to bring Him pleasure. My mouth and my throat know the taste of His cum and the girth of His cock. And His ass opens for the dildos He attaches to my chastity belt when He wants to bottom. And let me tell you that I will fuck him as hard as I want, without pleasure from my dick, but with the happiness to see Him pleased. I will sometimes fuck Him to the brink of madness, and it won't even be enough for Him.

And when He leaves, when He goes to his office, when He is sent on business trips, I use these same dildos on my ass or in my mouth. To train, to stay fit or for my own pleasure.

So am I chaste? I wear what is called a chastity belt. Does the device really deserve its name?

Let's check :

"Immoral or unlawful sexual intercourse". Makes you think, doesn't it?

Is it immoral when I, a man, kisses my husband, another man? Is it immoral when His hard and twitching dick goes into my ass and pounds my prostate until I'm nothing but a quivering mass of sexual pleasure? Is it immoral when He puts me in a leather sleepsack, makes me lie on the floor, straps a dildo to my waist and fucks Himself crazy? I don't see how it could be. We are both consenting adults, we have enough experience to choose our sexual practices, we don't force anyone to take part in it, we love and understand each other enough to respect our limits. And if we hurt each other, it is in the knowledge that we bring as much pleasure as pain and that the pain is expected.

So no immoral sexual intercourse here.

As for unlawful, the only laws in our country that talk about sexual intercourse are for the protection of children, which is as it should be. We are not children.

So no unlawful sexual intercourse either.

Good news, bigots : we are chaste. We are just two men sharing a house and being chaste.

We just fuck like rabbits.

No, wait. We don't.

We fuck more and worse than rabbits.


Prompt was : Chastity.

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Day 6

Shallow walls can hide deep surprises.

Published on 06/10/2023
Tags: #gay #bondage #anal #rubber #domination #submission #mindgame #BDSM #romance #consensual
Length: 2926 words.

Josh was in his happy place, both physically and emotionally. It was what he needed. Tightly bound, free from responsibilities, free from decisions, free to let go. The bathhouse had just what he needed : a thick wall, with a human-shape human-size indentation, with some holes. Josh went here to get bound, sucked, skull-fucked, ass-fucked, pissed on. He was a slut during these hours.

He didn’t mind staying bound for hours. The straps kept him mostly up and he was an athlete, with enough muscles to stay put and enough stamina to use them a long time. Very few people knew it, but “the slut in the wall” actually was a quarterback at his uni team and a pretty good at that. He was one of the best players, one of those that could win or lose a game.

Which was the reason he was here that night. An important game was coming and he wanted to escape stress. Word of advice : a hard dick pounding your ass or your throat will help you escape stress.

Anonymized by a complete rubber catsuit, Josh put a message on his back, clasped his ankle restraints to the low eyebolts, buckled a strap around his waist, clasped his wrist restraints to the high eyebolts and waited. He never had to wait long, the bathhouse was often visited and there almost always was someone to take care of his needs and theirs. The message just stated a day and hour, where the barman, the manager or the owner would come and free him. In the meantime, Josh would go in and out of sub space, sometimes even catching naps.

Sometimes, there would be a lull in the coming and going of patrons, which would bring a kind of silence. At these times, Josh would listen, catching sometimes conversations, sometimes music, sometimes tv shows.

That time, he heard a jingle coming from the TV. First he stiffened, but he quickly struggled. To no avail, as he knew too well. He tried to speak, but his mouth was on the other side of the wall and the spider gag prevented him from being intelligible. He stopped trying to speak but kept on pulling on his restrain. He heard voices.

“Hey, Mike, the slut is struggling.

– Well I would too. No one has pounded him in the last 30 minutes. I’m sure he is feeling abandoned. Go and fuck him. Look at his ass wiggling.

– Why don’t you fuck him yourself?

– I would, but I’m working here, Tony.

– Alright, alright.”

Josh heard steps coming to him. A hand landed on his lower back, fondling him.

“You sure have a great body, boy. And your butt is nice when flexing. I think I’m gonna enjoy you.”

With no more warning, a latex-covered cock entered Josh’s ass. It was large and Josh felt it good, but he had been stuck in this wall for several hours already, with visit by several cock and his ass was as open as it could be. The man slid easily in but took his time. When he was completely in, crotch against ass, he put his arms around Josh’s torso and hugged him.

“Here, boy. A nice and hard cock for you. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

Josh did not answer. He didn’t know what to say and he was almost sure the man expected no answer. Holding himself close to Josh’s back, the man moved his cock slightly in and out, as well as from side to side.

“I didn’t know it, but you are what I wanted. A hot ass to take me in.”

The man hilted himself in Josh and stopped moving.

“You’re so comfortable I could stay here all night.”

Josh struggled again. He didn’t want to stay here all night.

“Alright, alright, hold your horses.”

The man put his hands on Josh’s wait and started pummeling the slut. The change of pace, the strength of the impact, the hard cock itself, all of this sent Josh back to his slut state of mind. He moaned again, but in pleasure this time. The two men, top and bottom, rubber object and human actor, were now aiming for the same goal : sexual pleasure.

Josh’s train of thought was interrupted when he heard a music. He knew that music. He tried to remember what it meant. But each pounding brought him back to the moment. However he tried. And it came back bit by bit. It was an anthem. Which one? The dick in him pushed his thoughts out of his head and a moan out of his mouth. But the music kept on playing. It was a sport anthem. His team’s anthem. The one used at the beginning of games. Josh remembered the jingle and the reason of his struggling. He needed to get out of here. He needed to be in the locker room, getting ready to play with his teammates.

But the man kept on pounding him.

“I already emptied my nuts tonight, boy. I can keep this on for a long time.”

The music stopped and was replaced by cheers and talk. Josh slumped. And the man kept using his ass. Another music started. Josh heard this one too. With context, he recognized it much quicker. It was another team’s anthem. And he knew which team : his sworn ennemies. Once again, he wanted to get free. But once again, his train of thought was derailed. Not by the cock in his ass, he was getting used to it. This time it came from his front side, on the other side of the wall.. A hand caught his cock and stroked it. Lips met his, as much as possible through the gag. A tongue went into his mouth, touching his, kissing him. With tenderness. Assailed on both sides, he fell back into his slut space. Everything was forgotten, except for the two men having sex with him. Raunchy sex. He moaned and helped them. He focused on his body and what it could bring to them. He tightened his ass in rhythm. The man behind him moaned too.

“Oh yeah, boy, that’s it. I’m gonna cum.”

The man quickened his pace and, true to his word, orgasmed with his dick in Josh’s ass. He removed himself slowly and almost tenderly.

“You’re a good one, boy. I hope I will use you again some time. Just not tonight, I’m too tired.”

With a pat on Josh’s butt, he left. Josh went to struggle again. He was left alone and wanted out. The music was still playing, reminding him of the outside world. But before he could move much, arms went around him. And a new cock entered him. He tried to refuse but could not convey his intentions. The new man impaled Josh to the root of his cock, pushing the front of his own body against Josh’s back. He was tall enough to put his chin on Josh’s shoulder. Not moving, he whispered.

“You want out, boy?” Josh stiffened in surprise. “I can let you out. I know where you want to be. For a price, I will bring you there. Do you accept?”

Josh tried to ask what price but once again the gag foiled him.

“You will be mine, boy. You will be my sub, obeying my orders, getting tied and fucked by me. In public we will be boyfriends and you will live your life as usual. In private, I will be your master and keep you bound. No more nights here at the mercy of strangers. I will take care of your slut tendencies. I will put you in latex. I will gimp you. I will fuck you. Hard. And I will bring some of my most trusted friends to make sure you get your fill of cock. What do you think, boy?”

Josh didn’t know. He kept silent. His brain was doing overtime. Could he do that? Could he accept the stranger’s offer? It was a very interesting offer, but he didn’t know who the man was.

“No? Shall I leave you here, to be freed later, to remain at the mercy of strangers, with nothing else to do than come back every week, alone? Or will you come with me and be my sub?”

Josh said “‘oh, ‘oh” and shook his head during the first sentence, changing to “‘iss! ‘Iss!” during the second and nodding as much as possible.

“Good boy. Let’s show the others around us that you are consenting, alright?”

The man removed his still hard cock from Josh’s ass. He lifted his arms and freed Josh’s right arm. While he was freeing the left one, a voice came behind them.

“Hey! What are you doing? The message says it it not the time yet.”

The man answered in a muffled but loud voice.

“He wants out.” He slapped Josh’s butt. “Hey, boy, show them you want out by letting me free you, ok?” Josh stiffened, letting the man access all parts of his body. “See?

– Alright, if that’s what he wants.

– We have an agreement.”

When he was entirely free, Josh let his arms fall and stepped back from the wall. The man behind him barked.

“BOY!” Josh jumped in surprise. “If you agree to what I offered you, if you agree to be my sub and partner, kneel down and lick my boots.”

Josh obeyed. In front of the barman and all other patrons, he went to his knees and, through the spider gag, stretched his tongue toward the man’s boots. While he was licking, the man petted his head.

“Good boy. Good boy.” He put a collar around Josh’s neck and clipped a leash to it. “Alright, let’s get you where you want to be.”

Josh stood up, pulled by the leash. He tried to see who his new master was, but saw only a cap, a surgical mask and a neck tube. Besides the everyday clothes and the leather boots he already knew. They went to Josh’s locker and retrieved his clothes. He was ordered to put them on over the rubber catsuit.

“I’m going to remove your gag, but you better remain silent. Understood?”

Josh nodded. The leash was once again pulled and he followed through the night-covered parking to a rental electric car. The man opened the trunk and motioned Josh to get in. Josh looked up in surprise.

“Already disobeying, boy?”

Still silent, the quarterback went in and let himself get confined. He heard one door open and close then felt the car start. He tried to follow the turns but was soon disoriented. At last the car stopped. The trunk opened and Josh stood up. He looked around. They were at the stadium. The empty, silent, dark stadium. No game was in progress. Josh looked at the man he agreed to submit to.

“You want explanations, boy?” Josh nodded. The man approached him until they were face to face, only centimeters away from each other. “One last deal, then. You get back in the trunk, you come with me, you get to be my boy. My submissive and obedient boy. Or you go and sit in the front seat and I bring you back to you flat, remove the collar and let you free. This is your last chance to go back to your normal life. Which i find pretty pitiful, if I may.”

Once again, Josh thought hard.

“Why don’t you get down on your knees while you think about it, sub?”

The man’s hands pushed on Josh’s shoulders. Josh followed the movement. Kneeling in an empty park lot, at night, in front of a unknown man. Offered a life of servitude. He realized his cock was hard. That was the answer he was looking for. He looked up. The man towered above him, looking down at him with silence and domination. Still on his knees, Josh turned and crawled to the car. He climbed into the trunk. The man walked to him.

“You made the right choice, slave.”

The man removed the collar and Josh looked up in surprise. His eyes were almost immediately hidden by a burlap bag put over his head. The collar went back around his neck, keeping the bag in place.

“See you later, slave.”

The trunk was closed and the car started again. They drove for a long time. At last they arrived. Josh was lost. He felt himself get pulled by the leash. They were in a house. Josh was lead up stairs into a room. The door was closed and locked.

“Let your backpack down. And remove your clothes. I want to see your rubber-covered muscles.”

Josh obeyed then waited.

“On your knees. Legs spread. Hands behind your neck. Good boy.”

A boot landed softly on his cock.

“Hard once again, I see. I knew it. I knew you were the slut in the wall. I knew you were a submissive at heart. And I wanted you.”

Josh lifted his head.

“I am your Master. I won’t out you as a BDSM slut, slave. But you will be my boyfriend, remember? We will date like all others. At least in public. We will kiss and hug and hold hands and eat out and go to the movies and have fun. I will let you study and play with your team, but you will be mine. Understood?”

Josh nodded. This man knew who he was. Knew a lot about his life.

“I made you believe you had forgotten about a game. I made and broadcasted the soundtrack at the bathhouse. Pretty good, wasn’t it? I wanted you out of your sub space. I wanted to reach you and catch you. There is no game tonight. Tonight you start your life with me. Now, let’s go for the reveal. Ready, slave? Oh god, it feels so good to call you slave. I will never get tired of it.”

Josh nodded. He wanted to know. He felt hands push his own out of the way for the collar to be removed.

“Close your eyes.”

He felt the burlap bag taken off his head.


He hesitated but then understood. He lifted his hands to the back of his neck again.

“I knew you were not just a pretty butt. You can open your eyes. Behold your Master.”

Josh opened his eyes slowly. The light blinded him first, but he got his sight slowly back. He first saw the jeans-covered legs. Thick legs. He looked up at the large bulge, remembering the feeling of this cock in his ass. The letterman jacket he had previously seen had been removed and a white t-shirt tightly hugged hard abs and large pecs. Further up, the neck was uncovered. And so was the face.

Josh opened his eyes very wide. In front of him was one of his fellow students and teammates, Justin.


A hand slapped him before he could react. Not hard enough to harm, but hard enough to make him understand.

“I am your Master! Don’t you understand?

– I’m sorry, Master.

– That was your first error. I think it won’t be your last, but I hope I won’t have to punish you too much.

– Yes, Master.

– Stand up and kiss me.”

Josh obeyed. He had been afraid. He thought he had been enslaved by a stranger, an older man looking to get himself a younger toy boy. Instead, he found himself in the loving hands of perhaps not a friend, but a teammate, a man he knew and appreciated. The kiss they exchanged was full of tenderness. His master held him tight in his arms and kissed him. Josh didn’t know what to do. He decided to let himself be guided. At last, the kiss stopped and the arms pushed him a bit. Josh looked at the face of his Master and was astonished : there were tears in the eyes. Wiping them away, his Master spoke again

“For fuck’s sake, Josh, why would you do that? Why put yourself at the mercy of any strangers? You are loved. You don’t deserve the cold fucks you were getting. You deserve a Master to fuck you, bind you and love you. I love you, Josh. And I will date you and fuck you and bind you until you tell me you don’t want it. I won’t force you. If you want to leave, you can.”

Justin walked to the door of his room and opened it. He waited in silence. Josh took a step, then another. Justin closed his eyes and let tears flow. Josh fell down on his knees, put his arms around his Master’s boots and kissed them loudly. Justin looked at him and cried loudly. Between sobs, he said.

“Thank you, boy. Thank you so much. Now stand up, I want to show you something. And then I will truly fuck you.”

Holding his slave by the nape of his neck, the Master pushed him to a sliding door. He opened it. Beyond was a shallow closet. But this closet was special. There were no shelves in it. Instead, there were pieces of wood, placed at certain heights, cut in some places, half removable. The cuts were small or large holes. Josh looked at all of this in silence. Then a large smile appeared on his face. He had understood. These pieces of wood were precisely cut to hold body parts. This was not a closet, this was an arrangement of stocks. He would soon enough be once again stuck in a wall!!


Prompt was : Stuck in wall.

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Day 7

Bradford the pig.

Published on 07/10/2023
Tags: #gay #kidnapping #bukkake #watersports #bondage #domination #uniform #acab #police #drugs #handjob #edging #torture #non consensual
Length: 4727 words.

Officer Bradford was a well known policeman in the city. He used to patrol a lot, mostly by foot. He saw himself as a true representative of the Law and the State, backed by the might of the system. He never hesitated in using all of his tools, believing that repression was the only true way to reduce criminality. He was almost never seen without his uniform, obviously very well cleaned and pressed. His badge, omnipresent too, was always shiny and shining. For some people, he was a good man, very useful for the city, enforcing law so that the good people could live in peace. For less fortunate people, Officer Bradford was a pig, a violent man, a sexist, racist, ableist and lgbtphobic bully, ready to scorn and punish all those he saw as inferior, whatever their deeds. The mayor and the commissionner had both commended him as an example and a pride for the city. Newspapers had published articles on his “results”. Tiktokers and instagrammers made shorts with him, describing him as the alpha male.

That was before.

Friday evening, 17:59

Bradford opened the door to the locker-room and showed his face through it.

“Bye, guys. See you on Monday.”

The police-people in the room all answered with their own words of farewell, more or less sincere. Bradford never used the room. He came from home already in his uniform and left work still in it. It was his armor and weapon, even when he was out of service. His commutes, by foot or by bus, were another way for him to parade.

Before he reached his bus station, a car stopped next to him.

“Officer Bradford!”

He looked at the man calling him from the passenger side and recognized him. One of his neighbors, one which he called a fag in the recess of his own mind. And his “husband” was driving, of course. Poker faced, he answered.

“Good evening.

– Do you want a lift?

– I wouldn’t want to be a bother.” He tried to find an excuse not to be in contact with the fags. “I can take the bus, as usual.

– Nonsense.” The man got out of the car. “Here, take my place, you deserve front seat.”

Bradford could not find any polite reason to decline the offer and went in. The passenger closed the door and went to sit in the back, just behind the cop. At first, they made small talk, about the weather, the weekend, the city politics and so on.

Suddenly, while they were driving in the mostly empty streets of the suburbs, Bradford saw something pass in front of his face. Before he could react, he felt it tighten around his neck. A loud click came with a tightening around his neck and he found himself tied to the headrest.

“Hey, what gives?”

The driver answered.

“We would like you to stay with us a bit longer, ‘officer’.”

Sarcasm was obvious in the last word.

“Let me go!! I will fucking kill you. I’m an officer of the law. You fucking fags!!”

The car had left the streets of the city and was driving through the forest roads.

“We know who you are. You also seem to know who we are, cop. To a certain extent, at least.” Bradford felt a prick in his neck. Before he could react further, he felt himself get drowsy. “We also are medical doctors, both of us.

– No, no, no…”

Before he went out, the cop heard some last words.

“Don’t worry, pig. We will take very good care of you during the next two days.”

He also felt hands groping his pecs.

Friday evening, 18:30

A teen came to the reception desk of the main newspaper of the city, holding a book-shaped parcel.

“Delivery for editor-in-chief. In person, please.”

The person behind the desk looked at the teen.

“You can give it to me.

– I’m not allowed, sorry. Only to Ms…” The teen looked ad the parcel. “Elizabeth Cochrane.

– Why should I disturb her now?

– It will be worth the five minutes, I promise. Special file for her, with proofs included. I will stay here as long as she needs to confirm it pleases her.”

The teen seemed polite enough, well spoken and serious. The receptionist placed a call.

“Ms. Cochrane? There is a parcel for you here. To be delivered in person. … They say it’s worth your time. … Thank you.”

A woman came to the lobby, holding a handbag and wearing a coat. She walked directly to the teen.

“What is it about?

– I don’t want to spoil, madam. But you shouldn’t have put your coat on.”

The woman looked sternly at the teen, who held the parcel out, unfazed. She unsealed it and took a thick folder out. She read the words on it : “Officer A. Bradford”. Eyes shining, she opened it and leafed through it pulling sheets in and out of it. The teen, the receptionist, the security guard all looked at her with interest, waiting for her reaction. After several minutes of silence, the teen asked.

“Ma’am? Is it worth your time?

– Hm? Oh yes, yes, thank you.” She put the folder under her arm and searched in her bag. “Wait a minute.” She took her purse out and held some bills out. “Here, for your time.

– I can’t. I have already been payed.

– Yes, you can. I know what it’s like to be a teen. Take the fucking money and use it well.”

The teen obeyed and left while the editor in chief turned back to her office, already calling other journalists.

Friday evening, 19:00

The car stopped in front of Bradford’s house. The husbands got out of it and looked around. They saw figures behind some windows and waved to them. A man came out of his house and walked to them.

“Hey, neighbors, what is it?

– Can you help us? Officer Bradford is in our car, completely out of it. We can’t wake him up and we can’t lift him. The poor man must be exhausted after a hard week of work.”

The man looked less suspicious.

“Why, yes, of course.”

One of the two husband took a key chain from the cop’s pocket.

“I will open the door and you will put him on his sofa. You know where it is?

– Oh yes, directly on the left.”

With the cop’s arms over their shoulder, they dragged him inside and deposited him.

“Shouldn’t we call a doctor?

– No need. We are doctors. He is just exhausted, we checked. Here, let’s lock the door and put the keys through the mail slot. He will be safe.”

Thus cleared, the husbands went back to their car and left.

Friday night, 22:15

A fire department van drove quickly up the street and stopped in front of Bradford’s house. Figures wearing the fire department uniform took a gurney out, brought it into the house and came back out with the cop strapped in it. In less than five minutes, they were gone again.

Thus started Officer Bradford’s hell weekend.

When he woke up, the cop didn’t really understand where he was. Or when. He looked around through sleepy eyes, seeing a dark room filled with people.


– Hey, guys, the pig is awake!”

Cheers went up from all around the room.

“At last!! I needed to piss, this beer is going right through me.”

Several ‘yeah’ and ‘same’ came for other men.

“Help yourselves.”

Bradford was still trying to come out of the mental fog when he felt liquid poured on him.

“Hey, what giv—”

He spluttered when one of the men around used his open mouth as a urinal. He recognized the odor from piss and understood what was happening to him. His rage burned bright and he went to stand up. Blinded by anger, he didn’t check his surroundings and only managed to hurt himself on the bars of his cage. The laughters around him were a counterpoint to his cry of pain. And piss was still falling down on him. He stopped and looked around, trying to understand his surroundings.

He was in a metal cage, made of thick bars, situated in a kind of large basement. There were chairs, stools, sofas and tables in one side of the room. In another side, there were lockers and other furniture he didn’t recognize.

In the room were also a dozen men. He couldn't recognize them. They all wore tight three-hole balaclavas, made of black lycra, hiding their faces. They were clothed in several kind of uniforms : fire department, nurses and mailmen. And they also wore black nitrile gloves. Those who had finished pissing on him put their cocks back in their pants. He still managed to see some of the cocks, noticing several skin shades. When the men were finished, when his mouth was not in danger of being pissed in, he spoke.

“Do you even know who I am?”

One of the men squatted in front of the cage. Bradford lunged at him but only managed to hurt himself once again.

“Oh, you should know better than to try that. Haven’t you told as much to the men you put in cells? How does it feel to be on the other side? Don’t answer. Of course we know who you are. Officer A. Bradford. Best cop in town, so-called alpha male, representative of the law.

– Then you know I will hunt you all. I will find you and bring you to justice. I will make sure all of you are punished, starting with these two faggots.

– You mean, the two good men who took care of you when you passed out of exhaustion in their car and brought you back to your home, with the help of the neighbor across the street? That wouldn’t be very nice.

– They drugged me!!

– Can you prove it? But that’s a moot point. Because, you see, when you get out of here, … no scratch that. When we let you out of here, you will be too humiliated to go after anybody. And all the skeletons in your closet will be out, keeping you busy with a lot of trials and a whole PR nightmare. They already are, by the way, but can’t reach you here.

– What do you mean?

– You’ll see. That’s for later. For now you are with us. And we will have our fun.” The man put a hand into his back pocket and brought it back up holding shiny objects. “Do you recognize this, ‘officer’?

– My handcuffs!!

– Exactly.” The man sent them into the cage. “Put them on. Behind your back.

– Never.”

The man put his other hand behind him and brought out another object. The cop kept silent and didn’t move. Their eyes were locked. Without looking away, the man pushed a button on the device. Electricity crackled between the electrodes.

“The more you hurt me, the more I will hurt you when I get out.

– I already told you you won’t. But as you wish.”

The man nodded. Two men came from behind the cage and caught one arm of the cop each. The leader then approach and tased the cop. The latter yelled in pain. He was tased a second time and yelleg again. Between gulps of air, he tried to speak

“Please… Stop…

– The cuffs are still there, ‘cop’.

– Ok, ok.” The men released his arms. Bradford still didn’t move. The man once again lifted the taser up. “Wait, wait.

– I don’t think you understand. You’re not in control here. We are. When we tell you something, you don’t tell us to wait, you obey.”

The cop grabbed the cuffs, put one around his and went to put his arm behind him.

“Palms out. We’re not naïve.” Bradford glowered at him but obeyed. “See, that wasn’t difficult.”

The man went to unlock the door of the cage but stopped just before. He turned to the rest of the room.

“GUYS!” The room became silent. “Show of hand : who among you is not ready to get his hands dirty by hurting and torturing this pig?” No hand was lifted. “Who IS ready?” All hands were lifted. “Noice.” He turned back to the prisoner. “You’re coming out of the cage. If you try to kick me or any of us, you will get the same hurt tenfold, at least. You’re cuffed and alone, we’re numerous and motivated. Understood?” The cop still refused to answered. He was tased once again. “I’m expecting answers when I ask you questions. I know you know how to answer to someone above you. Say it.”

The cop kept his lips tight. And was tased for as a reward.

“Say it.

– … Sir, yes sir.

– Good pig. Now out with you.”

The cage was opened and the cop was pulled out of by his legs. Still in his uniform, he found himself standing and surrounded by other uniforms. He watched them with attention. Another man spoke to him.

“Don’t bother. They are not ours. They are the uniforms of persons who deserve respect and admiration. Not like you.

– Is it why I’m still wearing mine?

– Woah, you’re pretty smart for a cop. Yep. You used yours in the wrong way. We will teach you. Now, want to eat?

– Yes.

– ‘Yes’…?”

Bradford gritted his teeth.

“Yes, please, sir.

– Better. Guys, the pig wants to eat.”

Another voice answered.

“It’s ready and served.”

They pushed him forward, until he arrived in a clear space. When he discovered what was waiting for him, he stopped immediately, eyes wide.

“Oh no…

– Oh yes.

– You can’t be serious.

– Do you still think that?”

In front of him were tiles of soft rubber flooring. And right in the middle of these tiles, a dog bowl, filled with spaghetti bolognese.

“I’m cuffed.

– Oh yes. Hence the bowl.”

With a push on his back from a hand and a slap on his knees from his nightstick, he was brought to his knees. A hand caught the back of his head and pushed him in the bowl.

“Eat, you pig. And you better lick it clean.”

He ate, tears of rage running down his face.

When he was finished, some of the men brought him back to his cage.

“Can I get cleaned, at least?

– Why, of course, ‘officer’.”The sarcasm was so obvious he was sure he wouldn’t get a towel. He was right. “Guys, the pig wants to be cleaned.”

Several of the men laughed at that. Some walked up to him and pulled their cocks out of their hands.

“Oh no.

– Oh yes.”

And the men once again pissed on him. They made sure to aim for his face and remove the sauce on it.

“Are you fed up with getting piss on you face?

– Yes… sir.

– Want a protection?

– Yes please.”

Through the bars, ear plugs were put in his ears. And a GP 5 gas mask over his head. He was indeed safe from piss, but the odor was kept in the mask and he was mostly deaf. Lens caps put in place blinded him.

The leader turned to the other and announced :

“420!! And let the pig enjoy it!!”

For the next several hours, the men shared weed. They started a rotation, some of them staying away, going out to breathe air, making sure someone was in control. Every so often, one of the smokers would go and blow smoke into the mask, making sure the cop was kept high all night long. Not used to it, kept in sensory deprivation, the cop navigated between sleep, dreams, hallucination and contact with reality, the latter always shorter. During this time, his body parts were groped. His pecs, his biceps, his thighs, the part of his butt he was not sitting on, his shoulders and, obviously, his crotch. Not a lot of the men took part in the groping, not being interested in their fellow men, but enough to make the cop as horny as he was high and keep him there.

Ms. Cochrane entered the central precinct with a wide smile and a happy step. The receptionist recognized her immediately and stiffened. Cochrane coming in person was never good news.

“How can I help you?

– I’m looking for Officer Bradford, I would like to talk with him.

– Just a minute.” The receptionist clicked on the computer and sighed internally in relief. “I’m sorry, but Officer Bradford is not in service right now. Can I take a message?

– I’d rather talk with him directly. Could you get me his number?

– Ms. Cochrane, you know I can’t. He will be back on Monday. Can’t it wait?

– Journalism doesn’t stop during weekends. Neither do I. … Can you ask him to call me back as soon as is convenient for him?

– I can send that message.

– Thanks a lot. One last thing, please. If someone from your PR department could call me back, that would be very nice too.

– Of course, Ms. Cochrane.

– Thank you, once again. Have a nice day.”

A bit late for that, thought the receptionist.

“Thanks, you too.

– Oh, I think my day will be very nice.”

And she left the precinct, still smiling.

During Saturday, the cop was mostly kept in the cage, blind, deaf, high and horny. He was released twice for feeding and once for cleaning. The cleaning was much more thorough than was the cop was used to. The men removed all of his clothes and cuffed him back. He tried to hide his dick to no avail. They fondled all of his body once again, including his cock and balls, for the first time without the barrier of his pants.

When he was hard, they brought him to another room of the basement where shower had been installed. They put him under one and turned it on, drenching him in cold water. He yelped, which made them laugh. They approached him with bath brushes and scrubbed him good. He tried to escape, but they kept attacking him on all sides. When they were satisfied, they stopped the water and one of them caught his cuffs. He pulled them up, forcing the tortured cop to bend at the waist, exposing his ass. A padlocked chain kept his arms up and his head down. He tried to look behind him, but could not see what was coming.

“Don’t you dare fuck me, you bastards.”

He was quickly spanked.

“Who are you calling bastards, you pig? Did you forget who is in control here? Besides, don’t flatter yourself. You’re not cute enough to get raped. We just want to clean you.”

He still felt something push against his ass hole, but discovered it was a metal nozzle, not a dick. When water flooded his ass, he hung his head in shame and cried again. He was filled many times, forced to keep water inside for longer and longer minutes. At last they declared him completely clean. They hosed his skin once again with water then freed him from the chain. They even toweled him dry.

“We don’t want you catching hypothermia. Now. Choice for you : back in your dirty uniform or naked around us?”

He looked at the stained shirts and pants. He wanted none of these choices. He almost asked them to burn the uniform before remembering what it represented.

“Naked, please.

– A nice pink pig for us to enjoy. Won’t you oink for us?”

He kept silent. He was humiliated, but he still felt better. The shower had woken him up and the cleanliness was nice. He was brought back to the cage and the silent dark full of weed, but he felt ready to endure it again. He had forgotten about the groping and stroking and petting. Soon enough, he felt gloves on his skin. His cock was openly stroked now, edging him, bringing him to the brink but stopping there. After the fourth time, he yelled inside the mask and humped the hair. Everyone laughed around him.

The night came and went. The pig was allowed some longer rest between edging, but he was kept high and horny.

In the morning, they brought him out of the cage and to the part of the room with the unknown furniture. Holding him by his arms and legs, they lifted him and made him lay on some kind of leather hanging by four chains. His back on the leather, his ankles and wrists tied to the chains, the pig was available. Many hands ran over him. Someone removed the gas mask.

“Gross, pig. You stink and you need a shave. Don’t worry, we will help you.”

They all lifted cans of shaving foam. The cop didn’t understand, until they literally covered his whole body with the foam. He started to struggle, but one of the men put a hand on his head.

“Do you really want to struggle while there are razors on your skin?” The cop froze in terror. “Good boy. Not that dumb.”

They shaved almost all of his body, including his pubes. He still had his hefty cock, but he looked more like a twink than an alpha male. Only the hair on his skull and around his eyes was left untouched. They rinsed him with sponges, not wanting to free him from the sling.

Every now and then, a man or another came to stroke his cock and keep him hard. Very soon, he was begging for release. Everyone ignored his calls. He tried to watch what was happening, but it was hard on his neck. However, during the hours, he saw more and more guys arrive in the basement room. There were at least thirty of them now, all in those uniforms, balaclavas and nitrile gloves. They spoke together in low voices, drank, ate, smoked. Some of them left the room and came back. Every one of them that came back put something in the large fridge.

A group of them came to the sling, surrounding the cop still tied to it. They all had their cocks out and he thought they would piss on him again. Instead, they started to stroke themselves. The one between the pig’s legs also stroked his needy cock.

“Do you still want to cum, pig?

– Yes.

– Oh, ok, if you don’t want it then, never mind.”

The hand stoped touching his cock.

“No, no, please, I’m sorry. I’m mean, please sir, I want to cum, sir.

– That’s better. Beg a bit more, now.”

The hand went back to stroking his cock.

“Please, sir, let me cum. I beg you.” The men around him were stroking themselves harder and quicker. “I need it so much. Please.

– Are you a pig?

– Sir, yes, sir!

– Do you really really really want to cum, pig?

– Sir, yes, sir!”

At the same time he shouted, he felt splat of liquids on him. He realized they were all jerking over him and covering him in their cum, from his head to his crotch. He felt humiliated but the hand on his cock kept him focused. It jerked him until he let loose too. He squirted a lot of juice with strength. The first reached his face, the second too. They were thick and white, full of sperm. The others landed lower and lower, but he was already covered.

“Thanks for the video, pig.”

He froze and looked up, seeing a phone tied to the stand. It was a trap. He wanted to protest, but knew it wouldn’t change a thing. They all walked away without another word, leaving him tied to the sling, covered in cum, feeling it run down his body. Knowing he was being defeated, he stopped fighting and let himself relax. He heard a loud noise coming from outside the room, metal on metal, as if someone was milling pieces.

Other men arrived. Some with take-away food. The tied pig, former arrogant cop, was fed a burger by another man. Not from a bowl, not mashed up. Just hand fed. He enjoyed it, although his face was covered in sauce. While he was being fed, he heard cries of joy coming from the group around the table. He tried to listen.

“Oh, don’t worry, pig. They are just reading today’s paper. There are a front page and two special pages inside about some bad policeman who used his might to get away with many … oh yes, the word was “instances” of sexual assault and open racism. And one other page about how the police station covered it up. It seems the paper tried to get in contact with the policeman, but he never answered. Man, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.”

The man stood up after that and left the tied cop alone again.

After a time, a group of them came back to him. They removed all ties from him and made him stand up. They held his uniform in front of him. His stained and crumpled uniform, reeking of piss.

“Almost time to leave, pig. Time to get dressed.” He hesitated. “Don’t annoy us. There is still juice in your little electric toy.” He sighed and bowed his head in defeat. “Good pig.”

While he was getting dressed, he realized the metal noise had stopped. He had just finished tying his boots when a new man came. He was very brawny, filling his fireman uniform to the max. In his hand, he held a small metallic object.

“Just in time. Here you are, pig, this is yours.”

He threw it to the former officer who caught it. Opening his hand, he recognized his police badge. As shiny as before, but with a change : a shape had been carved on it. Deep on the front side, a stylized dick, with balls at the bottom and drops coming out of it at the top covered the largest part of the badge.

The cop fell down on his knees and wailed in sorrow. Every one stopped and looked at him. Then they turned to one of them and applauded him. He lifted his hand to obtain silence.

“We are not finished yet. Heat the bowl while we load him in the van.”

The gas mask was put on the pig’s head again, effectively blinding him. Hands took hold of his arms and made him stand up. They marched him out of the room. A hand took the badge from his and pinned it to his shirt.

“Ms. Cochrane?

– Who is this?

– The person who sent you the parcel regarding Officer Bradford.

– Oh, thank you, then.

– Thank you for running it.

– You want to talk about it?

– No. But I can tell you were the officer is.

– Really?

– Yes. But you better be quick, we will call 911 in fifteen minutes so that they can come and get him.

– Give me the address.

– I’m sending you the gps coordinates. Bring a photographer, you won’t regret it.”

Fifteen minutes later, the commissioner picked up his phone in anger when he saw the caller ID.

“Bradford, where the fuck are you?”

A weird voice answered.

“Officer Bradford is busy right now. But he is waiting for you. Come to where is phone is, I know you can track it.”

Before the commissioner could answer, the call was cut.

“Guys, it’s time. Let's be quick and leave.”

Two men brought a warm plastic container. They opened it and poured the content all over the tied pig, making sure his uniform caught the most of it.

When the editor and her photographer arrived at the coordinates, they found the policeman lying on the ground, tied spreadeagled between posts. He was both a sight and a smell. His shirt was opened and his torso displayed two words, written with sharpies : PIG and ACAB. Above his head, a sheet of paper with these sentences : “He was the worst, he was the first.” Between his legs, an enveloppe addressed to her. She took it. While her colleague was taking pictures of the rest, she opened the enveloppe and caught the memory stick in it.

“Jake, what’s that smell? … Ammonia?

– Not really, boss. It’s sperm. Warm sperm.

– I’m sorry, what?

– The man is covered in it. And take a look at his badge.”

Elizabeth Cochrane wondered if she should laugh or take pity on the man.


Prompt was : Uniform.

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Day 8

The king of elves cheated on his wife with me.

Published on 08/10/2023
Tags: #gay #anal #oral #vanilla #magic #rimming #consensual
Length: 1912 words.

I didn’t understand how it could be so late. I just went to this guy’s home, got fucked, fell asleep for some minutes, took a shower and left. And then, the sun was setting, there were no more buses and I was on the other side of town. There clearly was something weird with this guy. Those pointy ears for starters. The face without age. And the way he looked at me as if I was coming from some faraway country. At least he was very good in bed. He made me cum by himself, I didn’t event need to use my hands. And he covered me in so much cum!!

“God, I wished I were at home with a pizza right now!” Then I thought “Huh? Why would I wish that?” I was at home with a pizza. Nice end for a weekend. Drinks with friends, game night at home, a nice fuck and now a good pizza. Wait… The fuck? What happened? I was in the street and then I was at home. What happened between the two? I couldn’t remember. I hoped I was not getting sick.

Yes, I went back at the guy’s house. I had told myself I wouldn’t. He was so weird. But he answered immediately on Grindr and offered me to come as soon as I wanted. And he was such a great lay.

“Hello, boy.

– Good afternoon, Sir.”

(I really didn’t mind calling him ‘sir’. I realized early most tops like it a lot. It never meant anything to me.)

“Are you alright, boy?

– A bit thirsty, Sir. You wouldn’t happen to have some orange juice?

– Only water, I’m afraid. You wouldn’t like any other drink or food I could offer you.”

I knew he was weird. What the hell was this about?

“Water will be ok, thanks.”

The man left to another room. I used the opportunity to remove my t-shirt, exposing my defined chest and abs.


He had came back. I took the glass and drank, acting all innocent.

“Sorry, I’m still hot from walking up here. I hope you don’t mind.

– Not at all. I just thought you were eager, young human.”

Huh? Human? I didn’t show my surprise. Instead I took a step forward, bringing myself face to … chest with him. Didn’t I mention he was a tall guy? Anyway. I looked up at him with a smile and used my free hand to knead his crotch.

“Maybe I am.

– I am too.”

He took the empty glass from my hand and put it on the coffee table. Then holding me by the wrist, he took me to his bedroom. As last time, not a lot of talk.

He removed my shoes and pants and pushed me on the bed. Holding my torso slightly up, I watched him strip. Although he was the top and he would be fucking my ass, he was teasing me. It worked, obviously. His body was not to be scorned and he knew it. Kind of like a swimming athlete. Tight, brawny, hairless, pale. When we were both naked and hard, he climbed on the bed and over me, coming for a kiss. Our lips touched. His tongue attacked my mouth and my own tongue, playing with them. He then slid back down, licking the whole length of my neck and nibbling my shoulder. I moaned. He went further down, tongue still out, wetting my pec. On my nip he used his teeth again. As he did on my navel. And then in one move, he swallowed my cock. I’m not the smallest and I’ve never had bad reviews. But, every time, he would engulf me in one move. Not really sucking me off. Just swallowing. He stayed there for several seconds, enough to tease me a bit, then lifted his head back up to smile at me.

He caught my legs and lifted them, exposing my hole. That was the beginning of serious stuff. He dived down and started rimming me. And I started moaning. I loved my ass being taken care of (still do), whether by a mobile tongue or by a hard cock. He provided both. First, he made sure his face was right in my crack, almost smothered by my butt. When he had me quivering with pleasure and need, my hands gripping the comforter, he stopped.

“You are beautiful, human boy.”

The second part of the sentence made me come back down from my sexual high. I looked at him in surprise, but he was already looking down at his cock, ready to put it in my ass. Which he did. I was sent back to horniness and lust. Once again, I stayed passive, just a hole for him to play with. And he played. He went back and forth, from side to side, quick or slow, pushing just the head in and out or pounding me with his whole length. I never knew what would come next. But I knew it would please me and bring me to orgasm. Which happened. He was still in my ass, when my cock erupted all over me. My ass must have been tightening around his fully inserted cock, because he moaned and threw his head backwards, eyes closed. He stopped moving while I was covering myself in cum. Then he came out and finished himself by hand over me, adding his own cum to mine. He fell down on the bed, next to me. I played with our cum, spreading it on me with my fingers, tasting it. His own looked a bit more shiny than mine. Like liquid pearls.

Then I asked him the time. He answered and I looked up in surprise. I jumped out of the bed and started to put my clothes back on in frenzy. It was his turn to be surprised.

“What’s the matter?

– It’s late, I don’t want to miss the bus. I live on the other side of town.”

Almost completely clad, I went to the living room, grabbed my t-shirt and put it on on my way to the door. Just before reaching it, I felt a tug and heard a rip. My right sleeve had caught a nail and was now ripped. The weird man was behind me.

“Do you want one of mine? I will repair yours.

– No time. Thank you very much, really. It was awesome. But no time. See you!!”

I left and ran to catch the bus.

Later, at home, I removed the t-shirt to check the damage. The sleeve was destroyed. Not surprising, given the quality of the shirt. I slumped on my sofa, pretty unhappy.

“Man, I wish I had enough money to buy myself nice and sturdy clothes.”

Two seconds later, I felt something soft land on my head. I looked up. It was a banknote. No, scratch that. It was banknotes. Many of them. Banknotes were appearing in the air and falling down on the floor. A rain of money. And they were not small banknotes. All of them were Jacksons, Grants or Franklins. The rain lasted enough to cover every flat surface in the living room. I stood up and gathered them. In several wads. I needed to count it all, but there were so many I knew it would take me a long time.

“What the fuck is happening to me?”

(Yes, I talk to myself a lot. I wonder if I need to stop.)

There was a knock on the door. I jumped in fright, but yelled in answer.

“Just a minute!”

I ran to my bedroom, caught a suitcase and shoved all the banknotes in it. After locking it, I went to open the door.

On the other side was the weird guy who had fucked me hours ago. I looked at him, half anxious, half angry.

“That’s creepy, man.” No more ‘Sir’ for the man who followed me home. “See you never.”

I started to close the door.

“No, wait! I bring explanations!

– Explanations?

– Yes.

– What about?”

He looked left and right, then approached the door and whispered.

“The banknotes, for example.”

He knew. How could he?

“That’s even more creepy. I don’t know if I can trust you.

– I swear I won’t hurt you. If I wanted, I could have done it at my house.”

I thought about it.

“Alright, come in.”

I removed the chain and let him enter. He went to the sofa and I sat on my office chair.

“So, what is this about?

– The wishes you made.

– Wishes?

– Don’t you ever remember what you say to yourself?

– Nope. Don’t need to.

– You just wished for money. And you got it. And last time, you wished to be home with a pizza. And you were.”

I looked at him. How could he know? I tried to act innocent.

“Let’s say I believe you. What is your role in this? Are you a genie? Did I rub a lamp?

– I’m not a genie. Don’t you know who I am?

– Besides the weird guy that fucked me only twice and followed me to my own home, no, I don’t.

– Doesn’t my name ring a bell?

– I don’t know your name!!

– Yes, you do. It’s Oberon.

– You use your own name as your handle on Grindr? That takes balls, man.

– That’s not important. Doesn’t my name mean anything to you?

– Nope. Are you famous?”

The man slumped.

“I used to be.” He lifted his head and looked at me. “I am Oberon, Spouse of Titania, King of elves, Sovereign of Faerie and Ruler of the Seelie and Unseelie courts. I am Magic itself.

– Either you are crazy or I am.

– Neither, human.

– You told me you weren’t a genie. And now you tell me you are magic.

– I don’t grant wishes.

– Then who?

– You did.

– Yeah, right. Pull the other one.

– Really. Every time you come in contact with my cum, you get a portion of magic. You don’t really know how to use it, but you do use it. Unknowingly.

– Is the money magic? Will it disappear?

– No. You just made it come to you.

– Did I steal it??

– Boy. I know you. Better than you know yourself. You are smart and honest. You know the gist of the world you live in. Yes, you stole existing money. But from places where it won’t be missed, in a way that won’t bring you problems. You can enjoy it freely.

– So I get a wish every time you fuck me?

– You could, yes. But my home, my kingdom is dangerous to you and your kind. Didn’t you realize how time flows differently here and there? You could get stuck in Faerie. And we elves are fickle, I won’t be your … ‘boyfriend’. Even if it were possible, my Queen might get jealous. You do not want to get on her bad side.

– Alright, alright.”

The man stood up. I now saw how his body was actually not really human, my brain could not ignore it any more. But he was still gorgeous.

“I will leave now. Have a good night, boy.”

We walked to the door. When we were there, he turned to tell me good bye. I stepped forward, face to his chest, and lifted a hand to stroke his chest. Face up, eyes turned to his, a greedy smile on my face, I asked.

“Do you have time for me to give you a nice blowjob?”


Prompt was : Magic.

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Day 9

“Here, kitty kitty.”

Published on 09/10/2023
Tags: #gay #domination #pet play #BDSM #submission #consensual
Length: 548 words.

The transition had been easy for both of us. And, although we didn’t knew it then, the new organization was what we needed.

Katsu and I were roommate, since college. We didn’t know each other then but were assigned the same room to share. Fortunately, we were both gay and didn’t have to hide it from each other. Our time at college passed quickly and we became good enough friends to share a flat after that. But that’s when things started to deteriorate.

I had found a job immediately after my law degree. He didn’t. He tried to find one but never managed it. I don’t know why. I know he tried. He is smart and good looking. (No, we were not boyfriends.) But no job for him. He started to get overwhelmed. He was late on rent. He couldn’t afford food. He stayed in the house almost all day. He is not a bad man. He never was. But he became a moocher. I could afford the rent and the food, my job at the law firm giving me a high enough salary, but that was not the point.

So I put my foot down and offered him a deal :

My part was pretty simple. I would let him stay at my home and I would pay for everything : rent, food, electricity, water, internet, even his clothes and his grooming.

Katsu’s part was a bit more complex. He would take care of the house, making sure everything was clean and tidy. He would cook each and every meal, according to my orders or with what he found in the kitchen. He would stay naked, except for three items : a chastity cage on his cock, a snug collar with a bell on his neck and ginger cat ears on his head. Each day, after work, he would wait for me to come home, clothe him and bring him to the swimming pool for 30 minutes of training. After that, back home and back to his uniform. And when I wanted it, when I needed a bit of calm and company, he would be put in bondage : each leg tied bent on itself so that he walked on his knees, each hand stuck in a fist mitt. And we would stay on the sofa, me sitting like a human, petting his body, playing with the bell on his neck; him curled on himself, his head on my lap, his throat purring.

There was a part that concerned us both : we would take care of each other’s sexual needs. I was the Master and could choose how, but I had to make sure he was satisfied. He didn’t need to worry : I had imagination and kink enough for the both of us.

The deal could be broken at any moment by him. If he didn’t want to accept it any more, he could leave. His old clothes and stuff were still available to him if he wanted to leave. But if he didn’t, then he had to obey. Or he was to be punished. (He learned early on he didn’t want that.)

I think he subconsciously wanted to be a lazy creature, with little responsibilities, mostly eating, sleeping and fucking. Well, that’s what he got : as Cat-su, my kitten house-boy.


Prompt was : Pet play.

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Day 10

No story written that day. Sorry, guys.


Prompt was : Medical.

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Day 11

“One stroke of my hand is one step down.”

Published on 09/10/2023
Tags: #gay #domination #BDSM #bondage #submission #hypnosis #edging #rubber #sensory deprivation #consensual
Length: 1044 words.


“Hey boy, how do you feel, like that, all spreadeagled? I’m sorry it took so long, but you know how it is. Preparation is a bitch. Plugging your ass. Lubing you. Putting you in the rubber catsuit. Adding the collar on your neck, the chain around your waist and the cuffs on your ankles and wrists. Tying all of that to the chains on the bed. Fitting your hands in the mitts. Putting the ear-pods in your ears. Adding the blind rubber hood on you, without letting the pods fall. All of that is a lot of work and requires time.

“But now, I’ve got you exactly where we both want you, don’t I? No, no, don’t answer. That was a rhetorical question. Nice of you to try, that means you can hear me nice. But I don’t require your voice. Actually, all I require is your cock and here it is, just out of the catsuit, easy for me to reach. Do you feel my fingers on you? No, no, just nod your head. So, do you feel my fingers? Good!

“I’m glad you do. I plan on letting them slide slowly. Uuuuuppp, doooooowwwwwn, uuuuuppp, doooooowwwwwn, uuuuuppp, doooooowwwwwn, uuuuuppp, doooooowwwwwn… It pleases you. I see it. Your cock is twitching.

“You know, I thought about a discussion we had. I wanted to try hypnotizing you. And you laughed. You said it doesn’t exist. You said you are too strong-willed. You said I would never manage to get you under. Well, now is the time to test all of that. I’m going to stroke you and talk to you until I get you in trance. And you are going to use your will to resist. Resist both my hypnosis and your orgasm. Because we both know how you are after cumming : all cuddly and squishy and ready to accept anything I want. And so, if you cum today, you will get hypnoptized. Right under my control.

“Oh no, I won’t abuse it. I might give you some light triggers but nothing serious. Something like making you horny with just one word. Or giving you a nice and strong hard-on. Or making you feel very hot and wanting to remove your shirt. See what I mean? That would be fun, wouldn’t it.

“So, let’s begin. I will stop when you cum, when you are hypnotized or when I’m tired, ok? Not like you get a choice, right now. Feel my fingers again? Feel them go up and down. Uuuuuppp, doooooowwwwwn, uuuuuppp, doooooowwwwwn, uuuuuppp, doooooowwwwwn, uuuuuppp, doooooowwwwwn… I feel your precum. I see it. Here, let’s use it to rub your slit. And your head. And… you’re struggling, I can hear it in your breath. Calm down, calm down. We have time. There is only you and me. Your cock and my fingers. Your ears and my voice. My light fingers. My deep slow voice. All of it slowly leading you. All of it showing you the way. The way to sssssubmissssssion… The way to ssssuuuurrrrrreeeeeendeeeeerrrrrrrr…

“Ssssshhhhhhh… Don’t talk. Focus on resisting. Don’t try to think about anything else. We wouldn’t want to crash your brain, wouldn’t we? Actually, that’s what I want. Crash you brain, make yourself stop thinking, take control of your mind. Yes, you can moan. It pleases me a lot. It tells me that you are going the right way. Moan for me.

“You known, I have been having fun with your shaft, but I think I will change. Those balls of yours, so heavy, so full, what if I held them? Very softly, of course. Just enough to warm them. Just enough to make them simmer, you know? Do you feel them, boy? Do you feel the juice in them? The juice that is in there and wants to leave? Just like your thoughts? Don’t you want to cum? Wouldn’t it be nice to let it all flow out?”


“Oh, you jumped! Does that mean…? Let me check… Oh yes, the programmation began. And so you do feel the vibration in your ass. According to the precum getting out of your cock, it presses right where I wanted. It doesn’t vibrate enough to make you cum, obviously. But it adds a nice counterpoint to my fingers and to my voice.

“My voice. The voice that is telling you to surrender. My voice. The voice that is telling you to let go. My voice. The voice that is telling you to submit. My voice. The voice that is telling you to obey. My voice. The voice that is telling you to go down.

“Yes, down. Down the steps from the tower of your will to the basement of my control. Follow the rhythm from your cock. One stroke of my hand is one step down. One stroke of my hand is one step down. One stroke of my hand is one step down. One stroke of my hand is one step down. One stroke of my hand is one step down. One, stroke. My, hand. Step, down. One, stroke. My, hand. Step, down. One, stroke. My, hand. Step, down. One, stroke. My, hand. Step, down. Down from your brain to your balls. Down from your brain to your balls. Down from your brain to your balls.

“Don’t you want to cum, boy? Don’t you want this to stop? Wouldn’t it be nice to let this orgasm pass through you? … Oh my, what a nice and heartfelt wail!! And you’re trying to hump my hand. I think you’re ready, aren’t you?

“Or let’s make ourselves a bit more certain, shall we? Just some more pumps. Remember. One stroke of my hand is one step down. One stroke of my hand is one step down. One stroke of my hand is one step down. One stroke of my hand is one step down. One stroke of my hand is one step down. One, stroke. My, hand. Step, down. One, stroke. My, hand. Step, down. One, stroke. My, hand. Step, down. One, stroke. My, hand. Step, down.”


“And… CUM!!”

“Phew, that was some orgasm. Good thing we have noise insulation or the neighbors would have called the police.”


“Do you hear me, boy?

– Yes…

– ‘Yes, Master’, boy.

– Yes. Master.

– Good boy!!”


Prompt was : Hypnosis.

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Day 12

“Is that the cattle?”

Published on 13/10/2023
Tags: #gay #anal #domination #submission #BDSM #bondage #humiliation #watersports #milking #outdoors #rubber #leather #romance #consensual
Length: 4277 words.

Friday evening, Master was leaning on the frame of the door, waiting for me to say goodbye to my colleagues and shut the work laptop off. When my work day was truly finished, he asked :

“Finished, sub? Ready for the weekend?”

I stood up from my office chair and went to kneel in front of him, head down.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you for waiting, Sir.

– My pleasure, sub. Grab the bags and let’s go.

– Sir, yes, Sir.”

Both bags were full and heavy, much more than should be needed for two days out. But it was not my place to question my Master. The trunk of the car was opened and I loaded the bags in it. Waiting for me on the front passenger side were white sneakers, white socks, a white jockstrap, a white pair of jeans and a white tank-top. On top of this, a small butt plug with a portion of lube. No words were needed.

I slid the plug in my hole and the jockstrap over my chastity cage. I then put all other clothes. I was glad Master was allowing me to be clothed during the journey. However, when I saw him come in my direction, I understood I was not out of the woods yet : he was holding the leather straitjacket. I held my arms in front of me and he bound me in it, arms crossed in front of me. He buckled all straps, then tightened them a second time, making sure I wouldn’t be able to get free by myself. The padlocks were overkill but I knew better than to say anything. He hid my mouth with a leather panel gag, with a pecker gag in it and the buckle in the front, which he padlocked too. As if it was needed. Satisfied, he guided me to the passenger seat, fastened my seat belt, closed the door and went to sit behind the wheel.

We drove for a long time. Enough for me take a nap. When I woke up, I was disoriented and lost. Mountains were all around us, the road was narrow, no other cars before us. And the houses were far and few between. I looked at Master, my eyes filled with questions.

“Almost there, sub. I’m glad you dozed off, it makes the surprise even better.”

He petted my thigh but didn’t say anything more.

At last, he parked the car on a rocky place next to the road. We were in the middle of a forest. Besides the asphalt road we had just left, three dirt path were leading further inside the forest. Master took me out of the car, hung the bags on my shoulders and clasped a leash on the buckle in the neck of the straitjacket.

“Be careful where you walk, sub. The path should no be difficult, but I don’t want you to fall flat on your face. I would be disappointed if we had to spend the weekend in the ER.”

I nodded. He walked and pulled on the leash guiding me.

In less than five minutes, we were arrived. Where? I didn’t know. There were two houses, one on each side of the track. Well, houses only in the broadest definition of the term. They looked like they had been built more than hundred years ago, with stones for wall and thatch on the roof. Master looped my leash on the branch of a tree and went to the house on the right. With a large and old key, he opened the wooden door. Well he unlocked the door with the key and opened it with a push of his shoulder. He lead me in the room. It was rustic. Only one room with … a open fireplace, a wooden floor, one bed in a corner. One table with hard wooden benches. A cupboard with very old dishes. Another door on the other side of the room. No light beside the only window and the opened door. I looked around, trying to find a switch or an electrical plug.

“Don’t bother, sub. This is not a home. This is The Barn.” I could hear the capitals. “No electricity, no running water. No neighbors. Only us. We shouldn’t be disturbed.” I looked at him with very wide eyes. “You work from home each and every day, in a big city, surrounded by other people. This can’t be good for you. So, for the next 48 hours, you get to enjoy the fresh air from the mountains and forest. And me. Or should I say that I get to enjoy you?”

I looked at him with worry.

“Sub, you know I’m organized and I take security very seriously, don’t you?” I nodded slowly. “Someone near knows where we are. Should something happen, should I fail to send messages at some predefined times, they will come and help, ok?”

Even here? I shouldn’t have, I know, but I marveled at the organization.

“Let’s settle.”

There was almost no normal stuff in the bags. Two sleeping bags, one from a camping store, one from a sex shop. Two toothbrushes. Food and water, but not enough for two days. The rest was only kinky gear : cuffs, collars, paddles, gags, dildos and plugs, hoods, leather pants, even a rubber catsuit. And ropes and tape. Loads and loads of ropes and almost as much tape. He took two bundles of the ropes and led me out.

“We still have some hours of sunlight. While I’m working on our evening meal, why don’t you enjoy some fresh air?”

At the end of the ground around … “The Barn”, just at the edge of the forest, he removed my shoes, socks, pants and jockstrap (and butt plug) and roped my lower body to the trunk of a large tree. He then removed the straitjacket and the t-shirt and roped my upper body. Save for the gag, the ropes and the chastity cage, I was naked. Naked, tied to a tree in a forest, available to any person coming up or down the path.

“I have another surprise for you.”

From his pocket, he took his key bundle and selected one. With wide eyes, I recognized it. He saw this recognition and nodded with a smile. Then he used the key to remove the padlock from my cage. Tenderly, he completely removed the cage and put all parts in a silky pouch which he tied to his belt. Now that his hands were free, he grasped my hardening cock. While stroking my cock, he hugged me and whispered in my ear.

“So many weeks in your cage. So many weeks without a free hard-on. So many weeks without a true orgasm. Are you ready to cum, sub?”

I was astonished. But I didn’t want to lose this occasion. So I nodded fervently. He spitted on my cock, making it slick.

“Good sub. Good sub.”

Every praise from Master made my cock twitch. Added to his strokes, I was ready to cum in no time. I still wasn’t sure if I could believe it.

“Good sub. Good sub.”

And then it came. Or rather I came. I came hard, expelling all of my juice on the ground. Master kept stroking me, making sure I was empty. And he kept stroking me, making sure my sensitive cock was hurting. I had moaned in the gag while cumming and I was yelling in it in the painful aftermath. I was regretting my cage.

“Good sub. Good sub.”

At last, Master stopped. My cock was soft and small, trying to find peace. There were drops of cum on Master’s fingers. He wiped them on my chest. Then he removed the gag from my mouth. I moved my jaw then opened my mouth. Immediately, his hand took the place of the gag, covering my lips.

“Sssshhhhh, sub. Not a word. Unless there is urgency or danger. Understood?”

I nodded. He removed the hand.

“Now, enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, I’m gonna take care of the food.”

He left, taking all clothes save the shoes. I was left naked, tied to a tree, in the middle of nowhere. At least, the summer breeze was warm. I decided to enjoy it.

Night had fallen during our meal. We had eaten in front of the open fire, watching it die. (I didn’t even know Master knew how to start a fire. Besides in my mind and body, I mean.) And then Master had put us to bed. Surprisingly, the bed was wide and comfortable enough. Much less surprising, I was to sleep in the leather sleepsack, tied in it, held prisoner by internal sleeves and external straps. Master had the loose camping sleeping bag. He closed and locked the door. There was no light, no noise. I felt Master climb on the bed and lie on his bag. And then I felt his hand. On my crotch. He opened the zip situated there and fished my cock out. I thought he wanted to tease me, but he stroked me hard. This time he put his other hand on my mouth before I even had time to think about talking. He stroked and pumped and caressed and petted, all in silence. All until I came again, moaning into his hand. He collected all drops of cum with his fingers and made me lick them. When he was finished, he turned and put his arm on my chest.

“Good night, sub. Sleep well.”

In the morning, Master woke me up by jerking me off again. The two orgasm the night before were nice, but it was starting to be too much. I didn’t say anything, however. After he had made me cum again, he left the bed and made some coffee. I was still bound in the leather sleepsack. Besides my poor tired cock, I didn’t mind. Master was naked too and I could enjoy the sight of his body. His wide shoulders. His long legs. His hard butt.

“Enjoying my body, sub?” I gasped. He hadn’t even turned in my direction. “I don’t mind. You can watch.”

With his cup of coffee, he came back to the bed and sat next to the leather cocoon holding me. With one hand, he petted my head.

“I’m glad you still get pleasure from ogling me, sub.”

His hand was slowly sliding from my face to my neck to my ear and back again. He drank his coffee slowly, making love to my face.

“Let’s get you up, I want to show you something.”

I inhaled. Just inhaled.

“Do you want to talk?”

I nodded.

“Is it urgent?”

I shook my head.

“Is it important?”

I tilted my head and squeezed my lips.

“Alright, alright, what is it?

– Can I go and get clean, Master? Please?

– As you wish. There is a stream that you can use to wash yourself.”

Master unbuckled all straps and let me out. Before I could leave, he gave me both of our beddings.

“Hang them outside in the air.

– Yes, Master.”

I ran outside, took care of the two bags and went to the stream. I tried to put one foot in it and yelled. The water was ice cold! I heard a laugh and looked up. Master was looking at me.

“Water from the mountains, sub. Directly arriving from the glacier. Cold, isn’t it?

– Yes, Master.

– Now, be quick, I’m waiting for you.”

I nodded and quickly splashed the water on me. I just wanted to feel clean. When I came back into the room, I was shivering. Master took me in his hands and placed me right in front of the fire.

“Don’t go catching a cold, I have plans for you today.”

My chattering teeth prevented me from answering. I turned many times to warm each side of my body. In the meantime, he fed me breakfast.

“Put your shoes back on and follow me.”

Master was at the door on the other side of the room. I didn’t know yet what was beyond. When I followed him there, I understood the name of the place. It was a barn. A small one, for two or three animals, but a barn nonetheless. Fences, posts, wooden doors, wooden mangers, balls of hay, chains, naked ground, and so on. And cobwebs. Cobwebs everywhere.

“I’m sure you never saw something like that, city boy.” There was teasing in his voice. I didn’t answer. “Look around. Isn’t it a nice change of scenery?”

I nodded. Still nude, he came to me and held me tightly in his strong arms.

“I could bend you over the wooden fence and fuck you hard.” I could feel his thick dick hardening against my butt. “But I have a better idea. Stay here.”

When he came back, he locked cuffs around my ankles and wrists and a collar around my neck. Then he used ropes to tie me spreadeagled in the middle of the room, in front of the manger.

“Now we are talking.”

He stepped back and admired his handiwork. His cock was getting hard and pointing to the sky.

“Oh yes, this will do nicely.”

He walked behind me and held my waist in his hands.

“You are beautiful, sub. And so obedient. Let me reward you.”

He took my ass with his cock, slowly but surely. I could feel him invade me. Strong, dominating, masterful. All of that just with his hard and large cock. I loved it. I loved him. He was such a good boyfriend, such a good Master. Always making effort to please me and surprise me.

He was pounding my ass. He was taking his own pleasure with my body. And his hands were now on my crotch, one holding my balls, the other stroking my cock. I couldn’t believe it. After months of chastity, he was going to make me cum for a fourth time? This time, his hands would not have sufficed, but a cock in my ass always put me in the right state of mind. So once again my cock got hard.

“You are such a good sub. I love you. I love fucking you hard. I love playing with your body. I love your hot ass squeezing my cock.”

He kept fucking me. He was like a bull sometimes, ready to fuck and fuck and fuck, for long times. That time, he made me cum first. He must have felt it on his cock, because very soon I felt him fill my ass with his own juice. He stayed in me, pumping me full. And my own juice was on the ground, getting soaked up by the soil.

“Does it feel good, sub?

– Yes, Master. Thank you very much, Master.

– Don’t thank me yet.”

Still wearing the cuffs and collars, I was led outside. Four posts had been hammered into the ground, just far enough from each other to anchor me spreadeagled. Once again, nature, fresh air, grass on my naked back, sun on my naked front. I took it easy and dozed on and off. I was woken up by voices. Master was talking to someone!! Who was it? The voices approached me and soon I could see Master, now wearing leather pants and boots, with another man wearing jeans, flannel shirt and hiking boots.

“Is that the cattle?” The man asked.

“Indeed.” Answered Master.


I kept silent, trying to look Master in the eyes, trying to convey my questions. Without success.

“Let’s free him and eat. We’re on a timetable now.”

The unknown man had brought pizzas. Including one ai quattro formaggi, my all time favorite. We ate together in the sun, I still naked, them clothed. I kept silent while they talked about other people and other places. They seemed to know each other.

When we were finished, Master ordered me to go and put the rubber catsuit with gloves and socks addition, then put the collar, cuffs and shoes back on. When I came back, he added a rubber hood with micro-perforations on eyes and noses and an open hole for the mouth. I was completely covered except for my lips. Master took pictures of my black-rubbered form in nature, making me pose on the ground, next to a tree, under a rock, and so on. But it didn’t last very long. It seemed portraits of me were not the main activity and we were getting almost late for whatever was the main activity.

The man left, going down the path and shouting one last sentence.

“I’ll send them up according to the schedule.

– Alright!” Answered Master.

He led me into the house, where he put a tight leather executioner half mask. He was so handsome in leather. And his naked torso, covered in black hair. I wanted to touch him and love him and hug him and… But it was no to come. He brought me back to the barn part of the building and tied me again, standing up, spreadeagled. Just in the same position as the one where he had fucked me in the morning, at the same place. I could still see my cum on the ground.

He opened the crotch zip of my catsuit, letting my cock hang down and my butt spread a bit wider.

“Good sub. Now, listen well. You can shout, you can cry, you can moan. But the only intelligible words you say will be your safeword, understood?” I nodded. “Good. When you say your safeword, everything will stop. But. I want you to endure as much as possible. I want you to satisfy as much men as you can. The more you do, the happier I will be. Three will be the minimum. Less than that and I will have to punish you. Answer me clearly : do you understand?

– I understand, Master.

– You’re a very good sub.”

He approached me and french-kissed me with fervor. He was not finished when we heard a call from outside. He went to answer through a gate in the wall. He came back with another man. A new one, an unknown one. This one was clad in worker clothes and seemed to be sweating. Once again, I heard the question :

“Is that the cattle?

– It is. You know what to do.”

The man approached with lust in his eyes.

“Oh yeah, I have cattle too. And I know what they need. They need milking.”

His hands were on my cock during his last sentence. And I understood immediately, even before he began. I ignored the man and looked at Master. He was leaning on a wooden post. When he saw my head turn to him, he smiled and held three fingers up. I whimpered. With the four times I came since the evening before, it meant seven orgasm in less than twenty-four hours. I wondered if my cock would survive the day. I closed my eyes. I had no choice. I couldn’t disappoint Master.

I opened my eyes again when I felt freshness on my cock. Master was here and he was adding lube to my cock. Which brought much more pleasure. I moaned. The man changed position. He stood behind me, pushing his front against my back, making sure I felt his bulge on my ass. His arms went around me, one hand taking hold of my cock, the other groping my chest. I could smell his sweat. He whispered into my ears.

“I love milking cattle. And you are cattle. You’re not human. Just a sentient animal with black skin and a cock to milk. I’ll have to thank your master for this opportunity, it’s not very often I get to milk a sentient animal.”

The contact between our bodies, his talk, his strokes, all of that brought over the edge. I wailed and came again, in the arms of a stranger. Not a lot came out of my cock and most of it fell on the ground. What was on his fingers, he made me lick.

He then left, high-fiving Master on his way.

Master came to me, with a bottle of apple juice and a cereal bar. He said nothing, just looked at me and fed me. We didn’t wait long until another man called and came to milk me.

I was in the leather sleepsack again. Completely covered, from feet to neck, cock included. I felt protected. My body was unavailable.

I thought about what had happened. Three more men had come after the first, all of them speaking of cattle and milking, all of them true to their words. I endured. I hurt a lot, but I didn’t tell my safeword. My body had not. The last milking had made me orgasm but not cum. My balls had been completely emptied. When they realize that, the man left, a bit disappointed and Master had placed a call, for only one sentence.

“It’s finished.”

He quickly came to free me. And hold me. I couldn’t stay up by myself. He lifted me, bridal style and brought me to the bed. He removed everything from my body : collar, cuffs, shoes, rubber clothing. I was laying naked. Master heated some water and cleaned me with a washcloth, removing the sweat and traces of sperm or spit. He covered my cock and balls with soothing balm.

“I am very proud of you, sub. Very very proud. You pleased me a lot today. All day. Now rest a bit. I’ll wake you up for dinner.”

It was after dinner that he put me back inside the leather sleepsack. He once again put some balm on me. I turned my head to look at him. He was once again naked, sitting on a stool. I fell asleep, with the sight of his hard and hairy body lightened up by the wood fire being the last thing to reach my eyes. I didn’t even feel him come to bed.

In the morning, Master let me sleep until I woke up by myself. I first saw the ceiling above me, then Master’s body and hard cock, just in front of me. But as soon as I was truly awake, he took me out of the sleepsack and covered me back in rubber. Completely, like the day before. Then with his hand on my nape, he brought me back to the barn part. He didn’t string me up. Instead, he pushed me down, until I was on all fours. He fetched some tape and bound my arms and legs bent on themselves. I was stuck on all fours, on my elbows and knees, hands on my shoulders, heels on my butt. My head was at the level of the manger. Master walked behind me, opened the zip around my crotch and lubed my ass. His fat cock entered me. Slowly. Tenderly. Lovingly. Master was (still is) a sadist, but never when he fucked me. He fucked me hard, pounding my ass, but always with love.

That time, he was pounding on my prostate when I felt my bladder. My very full bladder. I moved my ass to try to make him understand. To no avail.

“Oh, you’re frisky today, sub.”

No I wasn’t. Well, yes, I was, but that was not the matter. He kept pounding. I tried to keep it in but I couldn’t. So I let it flow. I pissed on the ground, while on all fours. Like an animal.

“Pissing under yourself? You’re getting into the mood, sub. Well done.”

He hadn’t even stopped his back-and-forth. Which I understood. His pleasure first. When his time came, he didn’t fill me. Instead, he went out of my ass and finished all over me covering the rubber in cum. I felt the splats on my back and enjoyed them, as gift from my Master. He walked to come in front of me. He sat on the rim of the manger and stretched his legs on either side of me. Silence fell. And, only seconds later, I felt other splats on my head and liquid flow around it to the ground. Master was pissing on me too.

“My bladder too was full, sub. Good thing you showed me what you wanted.”

It was not what I wanted, but so be it. The flow stopped.

“Thirsty, boy?”

I was. I nodded.


He went on his knees, lifted my chin with his left hand and brought his cock to my mouth with his right one.

“Open un and drink.”

I should have thought of this. If only I hadn't been so tired, I would have. But it wouldn’t have changed a thing. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and closed my lips. Immediately, he pissed again, filling my mouth with his warm morning piss. I gulped and gulped and gulped, trying not to drown. When he was finished, I licked all over his head, making sure Master’s cock was completely clean. He petted my cheeks.

“You’re the best sub I could ever have wished for.”

The praise was nice. But it didn’t free me. I was still stuck on all fours, in a barn, on piss-soaked ground. Master had left me. When he came back, he was talking. I lifted my head as high as possible. He leant on a fence, wearing the same half hood as the day before and, looking me in the eyes, told to the phone :

“You can send the first up.”

He hung up, looked down at me with a very wide grin and said those horrifying words :

“Day 2 of your milking weekend, sub. Like yesterday, at least three orgasms.”


Prompt was : Milking.

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Day 13

Lumberjack town.

Published on 13/10/2023
Tags: #gay #domination #submission #BDSM #bondage #leather #romance #teaching #size difference #no sex #consensual
Length: 2707 words.

When Mike got out of his car, a lot of the inhabitants of Fort Resolution (Northwest Territories, Canada) smiled with glee. It was early November, winter was not here yet and Mike was seen as a city boy, used to the comforts of civilisation, come this far north only by mistake. When Joe, owner of the only bar in town, heard about it, he immediately started a betting pool. Like he did every time a newcomer entered town. A lot of his patrons participated in those pools. There wasn’t much to do this far north in the cold seasons and no one wanted to miss a bit of fun. So they bet. On the number of days the newcomer would stay in town before fleeing back down to the big cities in the south. Joe took his part, of course, as bookmaker, but the pool was always worth winning.

For two days, Mike was scrutinized. What he did, what he wore, to whom he spoke, what he looked like, and so on. And, exactly 48 hours after his arrival, the bets were taken. Many of them were for one or two weeks. To the eyes of the men behind these bets, his shoes were too preppy, his hair too well kept. His clothes were too thin and too nice. He himself was too small and scrawny, his skin was too white. Some others bet for a while longer. One month or six weeks. He had arrived with two large bags. His eyes were full of will, his smile was polite but not innocent. He was making sure of talking with a lot of people in the hamlet. He had paid for three weeks in advance at the bed and breakfast. He was heard inquiring about the price of houses and empty shops.

When Joe closed the pool at the end of the week, the bet for the longest stay spoke of New Year’s Eve, which was eight weeks later.

And they waited, with baited breath. The men especially. The hard working men of the north : the lumberjacks, the hunters, the trappers. They couldn’t believe such a weak man would stay in their town.

On a Saturday morning, as Mike was walking through town, a teen saw him through the windows of the youth centre. Leaving his partners behind, he ran outside and caught up with Mike.

“Sir ! Please, sir, wait up!”

Mike looked behind him in surprise and saw the teen run toward him. He had to look up a bit as the teen, although not adult yet, was already taller than him. Like most people in this village.

“What is it… ?

– Will, sir. My name is Will.

– Nice to meet you, Will. I’m Mike.”

Mike offered his hand and the teen shook it after a pause.

“What can I do for you, Will?

– … Hmmmm…”

The teen looked around. No one was near enough to hear them.

“Need to talk, Will?

– Yes!

– With me? Alone?

– Yes!

– You understand I can’t really be seen talking in private to a minor, do you?

– Oh. Yes, sir, I understand, sir. Sorry for bothering you.”

The teen look dejected and went to turn back.

“Wait up, Will. I said ‘in private’. Why don’t we go to a public place and we will speak together, but with our own words, alright?

– Oh, yes, sir, thank you, sir.

– One last thing : I hope you are not trying to date me. I don’t date minors and I already have my eyes on someone else here. Understood? If you want to speak to me as a friend or a stranger, it is ok. Not as a date.”

The teen blushed hearing these words.

“Oh no, sir, not at all. I mean, it’s not that you’re not handsom– Oh gods. No! I didn’t mean–”

Mike’s laugh interrupted him.

“Sssshhhhh, Will. I understand. Let’s be friends. Care for some blueberry pie? I’ve heard good things about them, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet. You are the opportunity.”

The youth nodded and they walked to the dinner. The teen talked a lot, obviously awkward. He talked about high school, sports, his buddies, his stepbrothers, and so on, until they arrived at the dinner. The sat at a table and ordered coffee with blueberry pie. As soon as they had been served, Mike looked at the teen with seriousness.

“So, Will, what is this about?

– Hmmm… I wanted to talk with you.

– Yes. But what about? What gave you the idea I was the right person?

– I saw something.

– What did you see?

– The patch. The patch on the sleeve of your parka.”

Mike immediately knew. He only wore one patch, but he asked anyway.

“The one with the black and blue stripes? And the red heart?” The teen nodded, coffee cup in his hands. “What about it?

– I know what it means.

– Really? How do you know?”

The teen blushed.

“Internet, sir.

– I think I know what kind of websites you visit, Will.” Mike smiled at him. The teen blushed even harder. “No shame in that. But if you know, why come to me?

– You’re the first real person I meet who is wearing one. And…

– And you feel alone.” Mike’s voice had softened. Will nodded. “Well, you are not alone, alright. Didn’t you speak about it to anybody else?

– Oh no, sir. It’s weird. It’s … not normal. It’s … “sick”.

– No, it isn’t!”

The teen looked up. Mike was angry.

“I’m sorry, sir.

– Don’t be. It’s not your fault. … You do know about consent, do you?

– Of course, sir! We are being taught about it.

– Well, Canada is better than the US.” Said Mike to himself. Then, back to Will : “So you should know that if all partners are consenting adults, truly consenting, then no one should have a say in what they do together. Even less if they are judging.

– Yes, sir.

– Good. Let’s go back to the subject at hand. Do they know about ‘rainbows’ here?

– Yes, sir. But I’m not associated with them.

– Yeah, I could tell. It’s a shame you don’t feel secure enough among your family and friends.” The teen took a bite from his pie, staying silent. “So now what? You’ve met me. You know you are not alone. What now?

– I don’t know. Perhaps…

– Perhaps?

– Could you teach me?

– Gods, NO!” The teen recoiled in his seat. “I told you : you are a minor and I’m not. I don’t do things with minors. It’s not even a matter of being seen or not. I just don’t.” Mike softened his voice again. “Listen. You are not alone. And it gets better. Yeah, I know what you think. Clichés. Empty sentences. But they aren’t. I was like you once, several years ago. And now I know. Ok?

– Yes, sir.

– So, go on with your life. Be patient. One step at a time, ok?

– Yes, sir.

– You know what? If you want, any time you want to talk with someone who knows, any time you feel overwhelmed, any time you want to talk about cute boys, just invite me for a blueberry pie. We will come here and speak. You will be free to tell me everything.

– Oh thank you, sir. I will. Thank you, thank you.

– It’s alright. When do you turn 18?

– End of May, sir.

– Good. If all goes well, we will have a surprise for you then.

– ‘We’ ?”

Mike smiled.

“That will be another surprise. In the meantime, can you promise me something?

– Of course, sir!

– Let’s keep the patch between us, ok? I’m sure you understand why.

– Yes, sir, of course, sir.

– Good boy.” Will stiffened. Mike laughed. “Oh gods. Now leave before this becomes even more awkward.”

The teen stood up, thanking Mike again, and left quickly. Before Mike could leave, a mounty came and sat in Will’s place, right in front of Mike. This one too was taller. And much broader.

“Oh, hi, officer.

– Good morning, Mr… ?

– Shepherd. Mike Shepherd.

– Good morning, Mr Shepherd.

– How can I help the Police?

– You were talking with Will for a long time, weren’t you?

– I didn’t really check. Has it been this long?

– Long enough. I heard most of it.

– And is there a matter?

– I don’t know. How come you talked together?

– I tried to help him with a problem he had. You know, he came to me. I was just minding my business

– I know. I saw him run out of the youth center and catch you.

– Then what?

– Why you? He never met you before, did he?

– No. And maybe you should ask yourself and all the other citizens why a teen feels it is better to talk to a stranger than to talk to anyone else in his own community, shouldn’t you?

– Yes, we should. I just wanted to make sure. Luckily I heard you talk about consent, and about adults. I heard when you rejected him for being a minor. I heard when you insisted on staying a friend. I’m very glad you did.

– Then what?

– I don’t know. I don’t know what to think. I was suspicious.

– Have I done anything illegal? Or wrong?

– Not that I know. Thank for your time, Mr Shepherd.”

The policeman went to stand up.

“Wait a minute. It seems you wanted to check if you can trust me. Isn’t that right?

– It is.

– And do you think you can?

– I know I can.

– Good. Now can I trust you? Or better, can Will trust you? Will you tell anything about what you heard to anyone else?

– I won’t. Besides, I’m not sure what I would tell.

– That’s nice to hear. Thank you, officer.

– See you around, Mr Shepherd.

– I hope.”

Mike was at last alone with his coffee and his piece of blueberry pie.

Weeks went by. Mike, to everyone's surprise, bought an empty shop and the flat above. He moved in the flat and opened a barber shop. He was the only one in town and although the first days were slow and boring, once he got two or three clients, word of mouth brought him others. Some of the men in town grumbled, losing money on their bets. Soon enough, Mike was making a living and looked like never leaving. He became a full fledged member of the community, going to the community centre, making small talk with a lot of people, even buying goods from the trappers. He was mostly accepted. Most people would smile when seeing him in public, as he was much smaller and much thinner that the other men. He didn’t seem to mind. He went to the dinner at least once a week, sometimes with Will, sometimes with another teenager, a “weird” girl, most of the times alone.

On the second of January, Mike entered Joe’s bar for the first time. He was wearing leather pants and leather high boots, but not the kind of pants made locally. He was also wearing his ever-present black parka. And a large smile. While he crossed the room from the door to the counter, murmurs followed him. Eyes were fixated on an item hanging from his belt : a chain leash, with a large leather collar at one end. He sat on a stool and leaned toward Joe.

“One draft beer, please. Joe, is that right?

– Right on the first try.” Joe filled a glass from the tap. “First time I see you here. Are you lost?

– Not at all. I’m right where I need to be. Thank you.”

Mike took some sips of his beer. Joe pointed to the leash

“Or have you lost your dog? We haven’t seen any chihuahua here.

– Oh no, my pup is not lost anymore. But that’s for later. First I want something else.

– What can I get you? We don’t really do meals, the diner takes care of it.”

During the banter, both men were smiling at each other, but the smile never reached their eyes. The other patrons watched them exchange, wondering what was happening and what would come out of it

“Oh no, I’m not hungry, thank you. I’m looking for money. You see, I know a lot of people bet on when I would leave town and go back to where I came from. The last bet was on two days ago. So no one won. Isn’t that right?”

Now there was silence all around them.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.

– Yes you do. So does everyone else in this room.” Joe didn’t answer. “And I told myself that, well, actually I won the bet. I stayed here in this town. I proved all the gamblers wrong. So I should get the money. Don’t you think?”

Still no answer from Joe. However there was grumbling in the room. Mike sipped his beer again.

“Come on, Joe. Be a good sport. You earned enough on previous bets. Don’t be too greedy, it doesn’t help with reputation.

– Alright, alright.”

The owner went to a backroom and came back with a small case full of banknotes. Mike moved everything into his pockets. Save for one wad, which everyone watched.

“Thank you, Joe. That was fair of you.” Mike then turned to the rest of the room and lifted his glass. “I drink to the people of Fort Resolution!”

And he drank. All around the room, people answered with “hear, hear” and other “yes” and drank to that toast too. Still facing the room, he raised his voice again.

“Now that I have your attention, I have an announcement for all of you and all of your friends and family : I will not accept any LGBTphobia in this town! There are gay and lesbian people here and they are under my protection!! This stand for trans people too and any other member of the LGBT+ community. I will not allow harassment, not even jokes.”

There was silence all around the room. This man, this small and frail man, which any of them could hurt with only one hand, was trying to tell them how to live?

“I see everyone agree with me. I’m glad of it. I’m not surprised. I knew you were accepting people.”

A man stood up from a table. Mike recognized the mounty from the diner. The policeman spoke.

“Besides, LGBTphobia is illegal and I’m ashamed the Mounted Police never made such an announcement. I, and all the mounties with me, stand with him.”

He applauded toward Mike. Other people followed. Not all, but enough for Mike’s peace of mind.

“Thank you, officer. By the way, this goes for me and my pup, obviously.

– Your pup? What are you talking about?

– Yes, Joe, My pup.” Mike unhooked the leash from his belt and let it fall down. “Here, pup, come on. Come to me.”

A very large man stood up from one of the tables. He was one of the lumberjacks, clad in jeans and flannel shirt, hard boots on his feet, beanie on his head. He took his glass and emptied it in one go. Then, he slowly walked to Mike and stood in front of him. They locked eyes, Mike looking up, the man looking down. Then, the man removed his shirt. There were gasps around the room. Around his chest, revealed now that his shirt was off, the man was wearing a large leather harness. He slowly went down, until he was on his knees. He put his head on Mike’s lap. Mike buckled the collar from the leash around his neck.

“James here has agreed to be my partner. He will come to live with me being my boyfriend and my servant. You will all respect him for having the courage to do what he did right now. I’m sure he will know how to answer if anyone tries to bring him grief for it.”

The man stood up, faced the room and pushed his right fist against the palm of his left hand. Then he went behind Mike and hugged him, daring anyone to hurt either of them.

When no one moved or protested, Mike took one of the wads of banknotes from his pocket and slammed it on the counter.



Prompt was : Size difference.

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Day 14

Kept in bondage with only two non-metal items.

Published on 14/10/2023
Tags: #gay #domination #submission #BDSM #bondage #no sex #consensual
Length: 1676 words.

“Gosh, Eric, are you that worried that the sub will escape?

– What the hell are you talking about, Oliver?

– Why so much gear? Ankle cuffs, chains, straitjacket, leash, latex hood AND full head muzzle. And I’m ready to bet there is a catsuit and fist mitts under all that. Overkill, don’t you think? This is Friday night at the Eagle, not a sash contest at IML.

– The sub and I both happen to like this. Don’t you, sub?”

The bound man nodded with emphasis and turned to glare at Oliver. There was true anger behind those eyes. But Oliver had had a drink too much (or two or three) and didn’t know where to stop.

“Yeah, yeah, of course.

– Are you implying that I cannot tie a man without resorting to heavy gear?

– Oh, no, not at all. I wouldn’t dream of it.”

The sarcastic tone belied the words. Oliver stretched on his seat while Eric and his sub, standing in front of him, looked at him with growing anger. Then Eric smiled widely. He raised his voices to be heard around him.

“HEY, GUYS. Oliver just issued a challenge to me. Who wants to be witness so that he doesn’t try to wiggle out of it?”

Several other leather men stood up and came to Oliver’s table. The man, still tipsy, thought nothing of it.

“Oliver, let’s take a bet. I bet that I can prevent you from leaving an open room with only two non-metal items. Come to my home Sunday at 10 a.m.. I will give you two hours to try and escape. If you escape, I get to be your slave for 24 hours, including a night out here at the Eagle and sex. If you fail to leave the room, you get to be my slave for 24 hours, including a night out here at the Eagle and sex.

– You, my slave?

– Those are the terms of the bet. Of course, it won’t happen as you will lose.

– You’re full of shit!

– Am I? It seems to me you are. You attacked us. And I don’t hear you accepting the bet.”

With that many witnesses, Oliver couldn’t back out. He grumbled.

“Alright, alright. The bet is on. Sunday at 10.

– Good. Mark, Taylor, will you be there as witnesses? There will be brunch.” The two men agreed. “One last thing, Oliver.

– What now?

– Make sure your next weekend is free, I’ll be expecting you as my slave.”

With this Parthian shot, Eric walked away, pulling his sub by the leash. The latter shot one last angry glance at Oliver, who shrugged.

Sunday morning, Oliver was the last to arrive at Eric’s flat. The door was opened by the sub, whose smile vanished when he saw the guest. The sub still let him enter and led him to the living room, where Eric and his buddies were having coffee

“Good morning, Oliver.” The cheerful tone of the host was not helping with the guest’s grumpiness.


– I would offer you something to drink, but as you will be unable to leave for two hours, it isn’t advisable. Ready?

– Yeah, yeah, the sooner we start, the sooner I’ll prove you wrong.

– That’s the spirit. Can you please remove the shoes and the belt? You can leave your phone, wallet and keys with Taylor, he will make sure you get them back. You know how honest he is.”

Oliver grumbled a bit but followed all of this. Mark stepped in.

“Shouldn’t he remove his clothes, too?

– I don’t care.” Answered the host. “And it won’t help him either way.

– You know I’m here, don’t you? You can talk to me.

– Are you ready?

– I am.”

The gambler stood in front of the others, barefoot, wearing only a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt.


A blindfold was placed over Oliver’s eyes.

“If this is one of the ‘two non metal items’, I can tell I will enjoy you as my slave.

– Not at all. I will remove it just before the beginning. It’s just for the surprise. Now let me guide you.”

Oliver felt an arm go over his shoulder and a hand on his arms. Both made him turn to advance to another room. He heard behind him the steps of the other. He was guided some steps forward and felt a change in the ground material. He heard a short whistle and Mark’s voice.

“Oh, that is pretty smart.

– Thank you.” Answered Eric. “You can sit on the ground, Oliver.” The challenger obeyed, sitting cross legged. Eric went on. “Guys, do you confirm that this is one non-metal item?

– Yes.”

Oliver heard three voices. The damn sub was here to watch him too.

“And this is another non-metal item.

– Exactly.

– Then if I combine the two like this, I am still within the limits of the bet.

– Yep.

– Good.”

Oliver heard fabric being moved around him, then noises of exertion. He felt something below his legs, then pressing on his back and knees. And then he felt himself being lifted. At that exact moment, the blindfold was removed. Just in time for him to see the last of light disappear from around him. And he kept being lifted for some seconds

“There we are. The clock is now running, Oliver. The door out of the room is wide open and we are waiting for you on the other side, with coffee and food.”

He heard laugh but refused to answer. He tried to move. And felt himself swing. He stretched his arms, but was soon countered by thick fabric. And he swung again. His hands followed the fabric down and up and he then understood : he had been bagged. He was stuck in a large bag made of heavy fabric and closed at the top with a very thick rope. The place at the top where the edges of the bag met was only large enough for Oliver’s fingers to go through. His hands were too large.

Oliver kept on exploring. He didn’t discover a lot. The rope was much too thick to be cut or destroyed by his fingernails. And out of reach of his teeth. The fabric was too thick and sturdy too. He stopped moving and tried to think of a way out. At least the swinging stopped. He focused his mind on the problem, but could not find a solution. He understood Mark’s remark.

In the silence, he heard voices from the other room but not enough to distinguish words or sentences. It was making it worse. Here he was, stuck in a bag, while the others were eating and drinking and talking. And he himself was imprisoned.

The worst part of it was that his body was, in a way, free. He could change position. He could move each arm or leg, each finger. He could open or close his mouth and eyes. And yet, none of this mattered. He was in bondage. Truly.

With nothing to do, he became bored. And he dozed off, snoring lightly. Eric’s sub, who had been sent to check silently on him, came back to a wide smile. When he explained what was happening, all the men laughed.

Oliver’s nap didn’t last long. Pain in his back woke him up. At first, he could remember where he was and struggle in fear. Then the bet came back to his mind. And he struggled again, this time with purpose. None of the struggles helped. Both depressed and angry against himself, he decided to call.

“Eric!” No answer. “ERIC!” Still no result. “ERIC!!!

– Calm down, I’m here.” The voice was right next to his hear, as if Eric had been here all along. “What do you want?

– I want out!

– The two hours are not finished, Oliver.

– I figured.

– You still have time to free yourself. A bit more than one hour left.

– You know it’s not possible.

– Yes. I know.”

The lack of emotion in these words infuriated Oliver.

“Let me out!!

– There is a bet in progress.

– No. I lose. You win. The bet is finished. You kept me in bondage with only two non-metal items. Now please let me out.

– Oh. Did you hear that guys?” Oliver heard the three other voices confirm. “Well, thanks for giving up. Now I could let you out. And let you have brunch with us.

– Please.

– But…” Oliver caught his breath. He felt like a trap was closing on him. Another one. “Let’s keep it quid pro quo. I let you out earlier, and in exchange…

– Yes ?

– You managed to stay in here only half of the time, right.

– If you say so.

– So instead of keeping you in here the double of the time you could endure, I could keep you as my slave the double of the time we agreed.

– WHAT??

– You know, 48 hours with me and my sub instead of the 24 hours we talked about.

– No!

– Oh, too bad, then.”

Oliver heard steps going away from him.

“No. No! Wait up!

– Yes?”

The voice was fainter.

“I agree. Please let me out.

– You agree?”

Oliver sighed.

“With Mark and Taylor and your sub as my witnesses, I confirm that I lost the bet and that I asked to be freed earlier. In exchange for being removed from my current bondage, I agree to be your slave for 48 hours next weekend, including a night out at the Eagle and sex with you and your sub.

– Oh wow. Well done, Oliver. I think you made the right choice. Help me, sub.”

Oliver was let down slowly to the ground. The bag fell down on him and he opened it himself, extracting himself from it.

“Thank you.

– My pleasure, Oliver. Or should I already call you ‘slave’?”

Oliver regretted his drunken bet. The grins on the faces of the men around him only increased his regret. The cold eyes of the sub, his new brother in submission, made him shiver. Defeated, he could only say : “As you wish, Master.”


Prompt was : Bondage.

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Day 15

More comfortable trains for less individual cars.

Published on 15/10/2023
Tags: #gay #anal #oral #domination #submission #BDSM #free use #bondage #latex #sex work #protection #roleplay #consensual
Length: 4468 words.

Ingo walked proudly along the station platform, toward his carriage. The travellers he passed on the way saw his uniform and knew he was an employee of a railway company. The colours of the uniform indicated which company he worked for. The bellboy cap, the tight pants and the sleeveless jacket, the latter showing his muscled arms and shoulders, designated him as a service worker, employed to ensure the passengers had a comfortable journey. The frequent travellers, those who knew where to look, could also read his Identification number : FB-7954. The men among those smiled at him, like a tiger would smile at a deer. Ingo answered with his own smile but kept on walking until he reached his destination : the employee carriage.

Seeing him climb the steps, the men thought about how his tight pants highlighted his round butt. Climbing the steps, Ingo did not think about the men. He thought about how the trains had changed. They were larger and taller. Much more spacious. And thus more comfortable for the travellers and the employees. It had been needed for the ecological transition. Public transportation needed to become more attractive than individual vehicles. He stopped thinking about this when he arrived in the compartment for employees’ breaks. There he found three of his colleagues, drinking water or fruit juices, eating cereal bars and fresh fruits.

“Hey, Ingo !

– Hey, guys. What’s up?

– My dick!”

Ingo’s three colleagues guffawed. He just smiled.

“As refined as ever, Gunther.

– Always. But, seriously, I saw some of our passengers and I can’t wait to meet these ladies. My dick has been hard since then.

– I’m sure you will meet them again. I will take care of their husbands. Where are the others?

– In the gym. Killing time before the departure. Where were you?

– Downtown.” Ingo walked to the fridge and took a water bottle. “Seeing the sights. Windows shopping. Having a coffee.

– In your uniform?

– Why not? It makes no harm to advertise.

– You won’t have much to advertise if you keep avoiding the gym.

– I’m not. I’m going there right now.”

Ingo left the group and walked towards another compartment, removing his cap and jacket on the way, showing the skin of his broad back. He was bare chested when he arrived in the locker room and naked when he started his exercices with his other colleagues.

The first whistle call signaled to all employees that it was time to prepare. Ingo stopped exercising and went to the showers. Refreshed, he dressed again. The uniform was not fresh, but the slight body odor left on it would be just what was needed to lure some clients.

Ingo checked his compartment number on the schedule and went that way. He greeted the conductors he met, he smiled at the passengers walking to their own seats, he even helped an old lady store her luggage. He knew his role : serve the clients. Make sure the people wanted to use public transportation.

He arrived at his workplace just before the train departed. It was just a bit larger than what was before used for eight passengers to sit. But there were no seats in this one. A queen-size bed, a mini fridge, two lockers, a stool, a potted octopus tree. Eye bolts on the floor, walls and ceiling. And a tablet embedded next to the door. Ingo used it to clock on, then sat and waited while reading a book.

Several minutes after the departure, the tablet chimed. Ingo stood up and went to read the words on screen : only jockstrap, lubed, kneeling on the bed, head down, eyes closed, silent, five minutes. The worker removed almost all of his clothes and stored them with his book in the locker. He put some lube and protection on the stool and followed the rest of the instructions. The tablet rang another tone before the door opened. Ingo heard someone enter the room and close the door. He also heard some light noises from fabric and rubber. At last, he felt a hard dick enter his ass. In silence, the man fucked him, hard and quick. The only contact between the two men were two hands on Ingo’s hips and one dick in his ass. The man orgasmed rapidly. He left his dick in Ingo’s warm ass until it had softened. He left again, without a word, without acknowledging the presence of the employee. He had used a hole to empty his balls. When the door closed behind the man, Ingo stood up and cleaned himself a bit. Not bothering to dress again, he picked up his book.

Almost ten minutes had passed when the tablet rang again. New words : Uniform, at ease, greeting, cosy, coffee for two, neophyte, five minutes. When the door opened, he was standing facing it, dressed in his uniform, with feet apart and hands behind the back, smiling widely. In front of him was a man in simple jeans and a solid colour t-shirt

“Good morning, Sir. Welcome to my room. How can I be of service today?

– Good morning… How should I call you?

– As you wish, Sir. I can be ‘boy’, ‘faggot’, ‘whore’, ‘buddy’, ‘friend’, ‘waiter’, ‘sir’, ‘slave’, ‘master’, ‘dog’, ‘pet’, ‘minion’. Or any name that pleases you.”

The man seemed taken aback.


– Really. I am at your service.

– Let’s start with ‘waiter’, then.

– Understood, Sir.”

Just at this moment, the tablet rang. The man startled. Ingo went to the door and fetched the tray brought by one of his barista colleagues. He turned back to his client and gave him the coffee he had ordered. He waved to the quilt covering the bed.

“Please have a seat, Sir. Make yourself comfortable.”

The man sat while Ingo took his own cup, full of honeyed light green tea. The barista knew what he liked and what he needed.

“Won’t you sit with me?

– Of course, Sir. Thank you.”

Ingo sat close to the man. Very close. Their legs were touching each other.

“Do you enjoy your first travel with us, Sir?

– Yes, I do. I’m very surprised, I didn’t know trains could be so comfortable and relaxing. I was always afraid of stressful trips.

– We aim to help you have a stressless and pleasurable travel. Some of us guide you to your car and place. Some of us deliver drinks and meals.” As he was saying this, Ingo’s left hand alighted on his client’s thigh. “And some of us provide a pleasant time during the trip. I am one of the latter and have been trained for this aim.

– Voluntarily?

– Of course, Sir. Let me tell you a thing : I can roleplay as a slave if one of our travellers wishes, but I am a payed employee, protected by my employer and free to quit if I want. But right now, I want to please you.”

Saying this, Ingo put his left arm around the man’s shoulders. With his other hand, he deftly caught the empty cup and put it out of the way. Then, he took the man in his arms and kissed him on the lips. The man let himself be guided and Ingo went further : one of his hand landed directly on the man’s crotch. The bulge there increased slightly. Ingo kneaded it and the man moaned, head thrown back. The neck was thus offered to Ingo and he kissed and licked it. With his arm, the man jammed Ingo’s face there, indicating pleasure. The hand of the sex worker still stroked the client’s cock. And the cock grew and hardened. Ingo slid his other hand under the shirt and kneaded the pec of the man. His fingers felt hair, which pleased him. He switched between stroking the muscles, pulling on the hair and pinching the nipples. Once again the man moaned. And there was a hint of breathlessness. Ingo decided then to move to the serious stuff. He removed his hands from his client’s body and slid on the floor. Kneeling there, he undid the leather belt, opened the button, took the zip down and pull slightly on the pants. Underneath were black boxer briefs and under those a hard dick was twitching. Ingo put his face in the crotch and inhaled loudly. The body odour was very nice. Male musk. Exactly what Ingo was hoping for. He stayed in place during the time needed for him to remove his uniform sleeveless jacket, showcasing his large shoulders, his strong neck, his wide back, all of that covered in muscles. He inhaled again after. Then he pulled the boxer briefs down and was rewarded with the hard cock. He started licking it. He tried several ways, several moves in order to find the most pleasurable for the man. He found out the best move was when his lips were going over the glans. Penetration pleased him the best. So he ensured he did it often. The man moaned and, over the minutes, panted more and more. The cock was at his hardest and twitching.

That was when Ingo felt hands push him off. Hard. He fell on his ass and looked at the man in surprise.

“Sir? Is there a problem?

– Yes. And no.” He panted a bit. “You are talented. But I don’t want to cum just like this.

– Oh, I’m sorry, Sir, I should have make sure.

– It’s ok. It’s ok. I overreacted a bit.

– Then, how can I provide pleasure, Sir?”

The man blushed and let his head down.


– Please rest assured that you can ask whatever you want. There will be no judgment, no rejection, no humiliation.”

The man answered in a quiet voice, that Ingo almost didn’t hear

“I… uhh… I want you to cum in me.

– I will be very happy to provide pleasure with my cock, Sir. However, I won’t ‘cum in’ you. I will cum with my cock in your ass, if that’s your desire, but safety prevails.

– Oh. Oh, yes, of course. Yes, yes, I understand.

– Let me help you get ready.”

From his place on the floor, as quickly as possible, Ingo disrobed himself. He pushed all of his clothes against his locker. He then removed the shoes and socks of the man and stored them near the door. He then helped the man stand up and lifted the t-shirt, which he stored too. At last, he slid the jeans and briefs down and stored them.

“You are efficient.

– I try to be, Sir.”

He stood up and embraced the traveller from behind, one hand holding the man’s cock, one hand cupping his butt. With his chin on the man shoulder, he whispered.

“You are beautiful. I will be very pleased to fuck you.”

The man moaned and shivered, his dick twitching too.

Ingo put lube on his fingers. With one hand, he held the cock, not stroking it, but making sure it was not forgotten. With the other, he opened and lubed the man’s hole. First with one finger, then with two. He knew his trade and, pretty soon, the ass was ready to receive him. Ingo licked once the neck and nibbled the ear. He whispered again.

“Do you want to see me fuck you?

– Yes, please!”

Ingo made the quilt disappear and, with one hand on the man’s chest, pushed him to the bed. The man was leaning on his arms, watching Ingo tower above him. Tower twice : with his swimmer body and with his long and hard dick. Ingo’s demeanor changed a bit. No more ‘sir’. Less devotion, more domination. Less smile, more smirk. He pulled a condom from the intended basket and slid it slowly and purposely over his member. He also added a dollop of lube. His eyes never wavered from looking at his client’s face. The man tried to look him in the eyes too, but his eyes were attracted to the cock and switched every so often. Ingo stepped forward, lifted the man’s legs and guided his cock to the hole.

“Ready to be taken?

– Yes, please…”

Ingo pushed a bit, opening the hole.

“Ready to be filled?

– Yes, please!”

Ingo moved forward, slowly. He wanted to fill the man’s ass in one go, but didn’t want to hurt him. Fortunately, he was longer than the average but not larger. He took his time but never stopped, making sure the man felt each and every centimeter. When he was completely in, skin against skin, he looked his client in the eyes and flexed his cock. The man moaned loud and opened his eyes wide.

“Yes, you are filled. That’s what you asked for.” Ingo pulled his body back, taking his cock slightly out. “And now you get fucked.”

Ingo started the back-and-forth required, going faster and faster as he saw the man endure.

“Yeah. How does it feel to be fucked by a man?”

He put his hands around the man’s waist and pulled him, getting even deeper.

“Feel a man’s cock in your ass. Feel the pleasure you get from taking dick

From time to time he hit the man’s joy button, but not very often, preventing the man of cumming too soon. When Ingo felt himself come to the edge, he put one hand on the man’s neglected but still hard cock.

“I’m going to cum in your ass. You will know the pleasure a man can have with your hot and tight ass.”

Each word made the man’s cock twitch. Which brought Ingo even closer to the edge. He made sure both orgasms arrived at the same time. His cock filled the condom while impaling the man’s ass and his hand was covered in the semen. He waited a bit trying to catch his breath. Then, he carefully left the man’s ass, tossed the condom in the bin and, with some towelettes, tenderly cleaned the body of the man, still panting on the bed. The man had to be presentable when leaving the room, agreeable to the eyes and to the nose. Ingo cleaned himself too. He laid on the bed, next to the man, a hand on his chest, his lips next to the ear.

“Did I please you, Sir? Was my performance to your taste?”

The man stiffened.

“Performance? Is it just a job for you then?

– It must be. I get cozy, I take pleasure, I give pleasure and comfort. I do what I’m asked to do. But I’m still a sex worker, a whore if you like, and I stay in the train when you leave. I can’t get attached or even go further than see it as a role, a job. I hope you do understand.”

The man stood up and started putting his clothes back on, turning his back on Ingo.

“I understand. I don’t like it, but I understand. I… …

– Sir?

– Thank you.” The man still didn’t face Ingo. “Thank you for your performance.

– My pleasure, Sir.

– Was it? Was it your pleasure? Or is it what you are suppose to say to each man?

– Both, Sir. Honestly, both.”

The man left quickly, closing the door before Ingo could finish his sentence. The worker sighed. He needed to be honest and frank in these cases. He went to the tablet and pushed the break button. Putting his pants and hat back on, he left for a shower in the employees’ carriage. The jacket was thrown over his shoulder. It couldn’t hurt to advertise on the way.

Less than five minutes after he came back from break, the tablet chimed again. Ingo read the words on screen : full latex drone, tied to sling, four clients, gangbang, spitroast, silence, twenty minutes.

He jumped immediately into action. Twenty minutes was a short time to get ready. He folded the bed into the wall. He put the plant and all of his clothes into one locker and extracted the latex catsuit and the sling from the other one. He hung the sling to the eyebolts in the ceiling. With the help of lube, he put a latex sheath on his cock and the catsuit on his body, making sure the toes and fingers were in their right places. He pushed the included anal sheath into his ass. He added the ankle and wrist cuffs, readying some connected padlocks. From the tablet, he asked for monitoring. He was always wary of clients who requested bondage. Some of them still saw sex workers as less than human, unworthy of respect. He dimmed the light a bit. Enough for the atmosphere, not enough to blind the participants or hide what would happen. He then put the latex hood on. Made to measure, it included a sheath in the mouth, tubes going up his nostrils and micro-perforation over the eyes. He hoped into the sling and tied his ankles and wrists with the connected padlocks. His colleague at the monitoring station would unlock them after the end of the session.

He didn’t have to wait long before four men entered the room. They wore polo shirts and shorts. One of them had a backward cap. It was a bit crowded, but they managed. Ingo looked at them with apprehension. They looked and behaved like the stereotypes of what Americans call Jocks. Brawny, stocky, loud, they also made him think of French rugby players. Three of them, at least. The last one looked the part but seemed more considerate, a bit subdued. He didn’t fit in the mood. One of the others asked.

“So this is the whore?

– Damn right. Just like we asked.” While the man spoke, he was opening his pants and taking his dick out. “I’m first, I need to unload so much it hurts.”

Ingo had left lube within reach, on top of the lockers, on top of the fridge, on the stool, in pouches fastened to the sling. The man put some on his member before entering Ingo. Better for him. Ingo was protected by the anal sheath.

“Oh yeah, that’s the thing.” The other men looked at him. “Hey, you can use his mouth too.

– Oh right.”

Another walked around the sling, reaching Ingo’s head. His cock was already hard and he wasted no time in filling Ingo’s mouth with it. As promised, Ingo was being spitroasted, just a pair of anonymous holes, to be filled by hard dicks. The first two men didn’t last long. Ingo may have been a bound pair of holes, but he was not a passive one. Although hindered by the sheaths, he licked with his tongue and squeezed with his ass, bringing the men to the best orgasms he could provide. They came with groans and deep shouts and withdrew, leaving room for the other two. The third loud one went directly to Ingo’s ass and entered it with a moan. The shy one didn’t move.

“Hey Florian, his mouth is empty, go for it.

– I’m ok.”

Florian didn’t move. He was kneading his cock over his pants, but didn’t seem to want for more.

“The whore is there for you too. You can use him.

– I know…”

While the one in Ingo’s ass pounded him, the other spoke to the shy one.

“Come on, man. Go for it. He is very good, he will make you cum in no time.

– No, no, it’s ok.

– You’re ruining the mood.”

The man lifted his head, eyes wide open.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I’m leaving.”

He went to the door, but the leader caught his arm.

“Not so fast. I think I know.”

With his other hand, he stopped the one fucking Ingo’s ass.

“Hold on a minute, Julius.

– Oh, man, what the fuck? Don’t cockblock me like that, Hans!

– Wait a minute, I said, I’ve got an idea. You’ll get to nut, don’t worry. Everyone, take it easy. Florian, please stay” He went to Ingo’s head and spoke loudly. “Hey, drone or whore or whatever you are, can we get you out of this sling? I would like to try something. Don’t worry, nothing harmful. I know how to behave.”

Ingo thought for two seconds, then snapped his fingers twice. In the monitoring station, his colleague sent the opening signal to the connected padlocks, which opened with loud snaps.

“Oh nice. Thanks, drone.” Ingo stood up and looked at the man, this Hans. He tilted his head to the side, indicating interrogation. Hans came to him and whispered to him alone. “I think my friend Florian is more in the mood to be penetrated than to penetrate. What do you think? Care to try? I think it’ll be better for him if you do it than if Julius does.”

Ingo could only agree with this last sentence. He shrugged then walked to Florian. In the meantime, Hans went naked and waved to the others to do the same. Ingo slid a hand beneath the polo shirt of the shy guy. The man shivered a bit. Ingo pinched lightly the nipples and the man moaned. Bringing his hand up, Ingo removed the shirt and thrust it to one of the others. The shy man let himself be manhandled. With his left hand on the man’s bulge, Ingo used his right one to stroke the man’s neck and face. Then he put his fingers around the man’s neck and very lightly squeezed, as if to strangle him. The man didn’t move but moaned even louder. And his cock grew. Ingo thought that the leader of the group was cleverer than he looked. With his hand still around the neck, he pulled the man toward the sling and pushed him on it. The shy and submissive Florian let himself be moved. His friends pulled his arms up and made him clench his hands on the chains. Ingo lifted his legs and removed the rest of his clothes : shoes, socks, shorts and jockstrap. The four men were nude. Ingo was covered in latex. He unzipped the hidden zip on his crotch and let his hard latex-sheathed cock grow out. He pulled a condom over it and, covered with lube, pushed on the man’s ass hole.

“Let him in, Flo. This is what you want and need.”

His friends encouraged him. The man relaxed and the latex drone pushed before he could change his mind. The ass was very tight, but Ingo knew how to open it. And when he was fully in, he was rewarded with the hardening of the cock in front of him. Staying in, he turned to the last man, Julius, and motioned to him to come back to his ass. Julius’ face lit up and he almost ran. With his hands around the latex-covered waist, he pushed himself back in the ass he had been fucking. And thus Ingo found himself in the middle of a sex sandwich. Florian stayed passive in his sling, enjoying the cock in his ass. Julius pounded Ingo, which made the latter pound Florian. As for the other two, they were holding each other by the shoulders and jacking themselves over Florian’s shoulders. It didn’t last long. Ingo’s hand stroked Florian’s cock once or twice, which made him cum. Florian’s ass squeezed in orgasm and pulled Ingo’s cock over the edge. Ingo’s ass squeezed too, on Julius’ cock, who couldn’t resist anymore and filled Ingo’s anal sheath. Seeing this, the last ones had their second orgasm of the session and covered their friend’s chest with their cum. Everyone panted, holding themselves on whatever was available, be it wall, chain or another male body. Ingo was the first to move. He freed himself from the cock and the ass that were holding him and fetched the towelettes. He started by cleaning Florian, still laying on the sling. The poor guy was covered in sweat, lube and cum. Ingo’s hands were full of tenderness. In the meantime, the others had cleaned themselves too and were almost clothed again.

Hans spoke to Florian, while stroking his chest.

“Wasn’t it good?

– Yes, yes.

– See? I knew you would like the service provided. You should have told us your preferences before, I would have included it in the booking I did.

– Sorry.

– Hey, no problem.”

Julius, now clothed again, called to them.

“Could you please hurry up? I want a drink.

– You two can go, Julius. I will stay with Flo until he feels well enough to stand up on his own.

– Sure?

– Yeah, yeah, we will catch up soon.”

The two men exited the room, leaving Ingo with Florian and Hans. Hans looked at Ingo.

“Can we stay here a bit longer?”

Ingo shrugged.

“Flo, I want to fuck you. What do you say?

– Yes, please.”

Hans took the condom that Ingo provided, covered his cock with it and placed himself between his friend’s legs. Holding the waist, he pushed himself in the opened ass and moaned.

“Oh, Flo, you are so hot and tight. You make me so hard.” He pushed himself back and forth a while, getting the feeling of his friend’s ass, watching how he reacted. And then : “Let’s start the serious stuff.”

He leaned forward and slightly kissed his friend’s lips, surprising him. Then he stretched his arms and put both hands against the neck. He squeezed as lightly as Ingo had. Which was enough to make Flo’s cock burp a lot of precum.

“Yeah, you like that. If only I had known sooner.”

He picked up his pace and truly fucked his friend. In the meantime, Ingo waited in the back, only providing accessories when needed.

“Ready to cum for me? Ready to cum from being fucked and strangled by your friend?”

This was enough to bring both of them over the edge. They moaned and came again. Hans fell on Flo’s body, smearing cum between them. When he had caught his breath again, he whispered.

“As soon as we arrive, you and me will both get downtown to buy you a nice leather collar.” Florian released the chains of the sling and hugged his friend’s large back. “Hey, don’t smother me. That’s my job for you.”

They both laughed although Florian’s had tears in it. When they were both clean and clothed and standing again, Hans turned to Ingo.

“Thanks, man. Sorry for the drama.” Ingo shook his head. “Yeah, still. Thanks a lot, you changed our lives. I will give you a very nice review, you earned it.”

He offered his hand, which Ingo shook in answer. Florian didn’t shake hand. He hugged Ingo’s latex body and whispered unending thanks in his ear.

“Let the man go, Flo. We haven taken enough of his time already.”

Florian obeyed and released Ingo. The two men waved and left the room. Before the door closed, Ingo heard Hans say these words :

“Man, these free-to-use train whores really are the best!!”


Prompt was : Free use.

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Day 16

“I’m in the habit of recording damning words.”

Published on 16/10/2023
Tags: #gay #anal #oral #domination #submission #BDSM #romance #consensual
Length: 2117 words.

John was watching the man read his CV and letter of recommandation. He was anxious. He really wanted this job. And he didn’t know what the man before him was thinking.

They were both wearing office suits, including classic ties. It wasn’t John favorite outfit, but he knew he had to look the part. The man didn’t seem bothered by his own suit or tie.

At last, the man lifted his head and looked John in the eye.

“Jonathan Alden.

– Yes, sir.

– Born on the west coast, studied at UC Berkeley School of Law, valedictorian of your class.

– Yes, sir.

– What can you tell me about yourself?”

John had been ready for this. He talked about his cliché nuclear family. He explained how he had always been hard working and hard studying, making sure to keep his grades up and to earn spending money through small but exhausting manual jobs. He hadn't played any sports, but he kept in shape. He also explained how he had loved to work with others for class projects, making sure that each member of the group was integrated, supported and working to his best.

“You must have been liked by your peers.

– I tried.

– What brings you to Boston? Why look for a job here and not back there on the west coast?

– Family, sir.

– Family?

– Yes, sir.

– Care to elaborate?

– I don’t think it would be relevant to our conversation.”

John didn’t want to tell the truth to this man. And he dislike lying, period.

“Hmmm… Alright.” The man kept silent. He read some parts of the application package again. John refrained from fidgeting. He had to look at ease. He couldn’t show worry. “Tell me, Mr Alden, are you an artist?

– Sir?

– Do you play an instrument? Are you a singer?

– Oh not at all, sir.” John laughed, both in relief and to convey humor. “To my father’s despair. He is the musician of the family. Why, sir?

– I thought I heard your voice somewhere else.”

John’s body froze. He managed to keep his face smiling, but cold terror went through him.

“You must be mistaken, sir.

– Maybe. Anyway…” He once again went silent for a time. “Tell you what, I won’t take more of your time right now. However, I will be expecting you back here in three days. I will give you a final answer then. Is it acceptable for you?”

John checked his agenda, then nodded.

“Yes, sir. Three days from now, same place. I just added it to my agenda.

– Than, have a good day, Mr Alden.

– Thank you, sir. You too.”

Both men stood up and shook hands.

It was still early in the afternoon. John bought some groceries, went back to the appartement, but left it again right after having changed clothes. Clad in sneakers, basketball shorts and a black tank-top, he went to the gym of the building. There he pushed himself as much as possible, focusing on his workout, trying to forget the interview. He didn’t go as far as exhaustion, but he knew sleep would come easily.

Back up at the appartement, he disrobed entirely, as per his orders, and started readying the evening meal. He put an apron whenever he needed to cook, but removed it as soon as the fire was out. Then he made sure all of the rooms were clean and tidy. When all was as supposed, he curled on his cushion next to the front door and waited.

He was awaken by the slamming of the door and a hand rubbing his hair.

“Hey, boy! Had a nice nap?

– I’m so sorry, Sir! I didn’t mean to!”

John’s Master laughed.

“It’s no problem, boy. I can smell your nice cooking, I know you did what you were told to.

– Yes, Sir!

– Good boy.”

John felt so much better next to his life partner, especially as he was being praised. They walked to the table and ate together, speaking about the latest news, especially regarding law and politics.

At the end of the meal, John’s Master asked him about the next day’s schedule.

“Nothing yet, Sir. Besides taking care of you and your home, Sir.

– Alright. You will clean the dishes tomorrow. Just clean the table, then fetch the package I left at the door and bring it to the living room.

– Sir, Yes, Sir.

– But, first, I want a cup of tea.

– Yes, Sir.”

Several minutes later, John was sitting cross legged on the ground, at the feet of his Master, holding the package in his stretched arms. His Master didn’t react and kept drinking his tea and reading some news. John could stay like this for hours; the package wasn’t heavy and his arms were strong. It didn’t last hours, however, before the Master talked.

“You can open it, it’s actually for you.

– Yes, Sir, Thank you, Sir.”

John shredded the paper around the package and opened it. It contained a veneered wooden box. John opened the box. In it, around a small cushion, was a smartwatch. John looked at it with stars in his eyes.

“It’s too much, Sir.

– Nonsense. However, you better wear it as often as possible. It’s made of state of the art technology. You can even put it under water. Bring me your phone.”

John rushed to obey. His Master installed and set some applications and the screen of the watch lit up. It first displayed the time and date, then several other things much too quickly for John to understand. And back to the time and date.

“It’s now coupled to your phone.

– Thank you, Sir. How can I repay you?

– By being a very good boy, like you already are. Now, let’s talk about serious stuff. How was your job interview?” John’s smile disappeared from his expressive face. “What happened, boy? Did you receive a rejection?

– No! I have to go back there in three days.

– Still in progress, then. So what is the problem?

– The interviewer asked me if I was a singer. He said he thought he heard my voice somewhere else.

– He may be mistaken.

– That’s what I told him. But I’m afraid.”

John hugged himself and tears appeared.

“Come up here, boy.” His Master was patting the sofa. John jumped there on all fours and let his head be guided to his Master’s lap. “It will be alright, boy. If necessary, I will take care of it. Do you trust me?

– Of course, Sir.

– Then you have nothing to fear. Understood?

– Yes, Sir.

– Good boy. Now blow me.”

John obeyed with joy and pleasure. Especially as his Master was rubbing his butt and stroking his ass in the meantime.

As scheduled, John was back to one of the company’s offices, up at the tenth floor, waiting for the interviewer to join him. He refrained once again from fidgeting, checking his smartwatch instead or looking at the skyline. Then the man came in. He was smiling. They shook hands. The man sat and put his phone and a folder on the table.

“Good afternoon, Mr Alden.

– Good afternoon, sir.

– I have mixed news for you, Mr Alden.

– Sir?

– You will be part of our company, as you wanted.

– Oh!”

John was smiling, happy to be recruited at last. The man was smiling too.

“However, not to the position you applied to.

– But…

– Don’t worry, you have all the necessary skills for the position I have in mind.”

The man unlocked his phone and launched an app. Immediately, sounds and words came out of the device :

“Oh, yes, Sir, fuck me, Sir. Fill me. Your cock is so good to me. Yes, Sir, I’m your slut, cum in me.” The sentences were interspaced with moans and cries and groans. Obviously sexual. John’s voice was clearly recognizable. The man stopped the app and talked to John.

“The internet is full of surprises. For example, there are sites where people publish soundtracks for sex. Kinky, isn’t it? Well, I’m sure you are more familiar with this than I am. I knew I had heard your voice before. You have a very slutty voice and you know the words to heat a man up. A voice pretty well mixed, by the way. Congrats to your DJ. So I think your new job will be my personal assistant. Oh, you will get to use your diploma. Once every week, maybe. Or less often. In the meantime—”

A knock on the door interrupted him. The door opened and a woman came in.


– I just got a message from the Boss.

– A message?

– Message for you, to be delivered in person. It says…” And Martha checked her notebook. “It says: ‘stop what you are doing. Right now.’

– But I’m just recruiting our new colleague.

– You got the message.”

And the woman left, closing the door behind her. John stood up as if to leave. The man slapped the table hard.

“Who told you you could leave? Slut!”

John sat back, dumbfounded.

“I still have all I need to take care of you and I have the power to recruit you. So I will. And you will be my on-call slut. I will have you under my desk, to suck me, while I work. Or over my desk, to fuck you during breaks. I have a stressful job, and a living sex toy is just what I need to endure. So what do you think, Mr Alden? Shall we sign your new employment contract? Or do you want me to share this soundtrack and your name with each and every recruiter in the state?” John was crying. “Don’t worry, slut. I will take good care of you. I’m not in the habit of breaking my toys. Now, come here.”

The man was pointing to the ground before his feet. John went to stand up, but the man stopped him.

“Oh no, that won’t do. Get down on your knees and crawl.”

Just as John was about to kneel down, the door opened without a knock. A man entered with purpose. The recruiter took a breath to talk, but the newcomer was quicker.

“Silence, both of you.”

The men obeyed, both out of habit. The newcomer adjusted the slat in the window, preventing any one from outside to see what was happening in the room. He then turned back to them and snapped, pointing his finger to the ground on his right.

“Come here, boy!” John ran and knelt there, hugging the leg of his Master. The Master petted his head then turned to his employee. “As for you—

– Sir, I—

– Shut up!! I told you to stop what you were doing!

– But—

– Do you ever think? Do you ever use your brain? We are one of the biggest lawyer office in the state and you decide to” The master lifted his fingers one by one. “Blackmail a man. Into having forced sex with you. By threatening to reveal his sexual preferences. I can have you fired and sued for any of these.

– No…

– Don’t ever try to deny it

– I…”

The Master pushed some buttons on his smartwatch. Out of it and out of John’s own smartwach came the voice of the recruiter. It was a recording of the blackmail that took place minutes before.

“As you can hear, I’m in the habit of recording damning words. So yes, I think the company will recruit Mr Alden here. As your replacement. You will leave. Either by quietly resigning, either by forcing me to explain to everyone why I’m firing you.” The man decided to left quietly. “One more thing : don’t bother looking for a job anywhere in Massachusetts. Your turn to learn what it’s like to look for a job in another state.”

They both were once again in the appartement, enjoying their evening after the meal, each of them at his place.


– Yes, boy?

– You knew where I was applying.

– Indeed.

– You are the boss of this company.

– I am.

– Then why—

– Come here, boy.” During the exchange, the Master had taken his dick out of his pants and had stroked it to hardness. “Sit on my cock. Fuck yourself with it.”

John obeyed with pleasure, sliding the head of the cock in his hole. When suddenly, hands grabbed his waist and pulled him down, filling his ass in one move. He huffed loudly.

“Stop second-guessing me, boy. We’ve got a better use of your mouth.”

John understood and started moaning loudly.

“Yes, please fuck me hard! Fuck your slut in the ass. I beg you. I need it so much!”

The Master checked the screen of his phone. He smiled when he saw the recording was in progress.


Prompt was : Recording.

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Day 17

“Se faire baiser par un soldat ou finir au cachot ?”

Publié le 18/10/2023
Tags: #gay #anal #oral #vanilla #militaires #odeurs #consensuel
Longueur : 3685 mots.

J’avais repéré le coin à l’aller, mais je n’avais pas pu m’arrêter, ne voulant pas être en retard au pique-nique. Mais au retour, j’avais tout mon temps. Alors quand je suis revenu sur cette partie de la route en pleine forêt, j’ai trouvé un endroit où garer la moto, le temps de faire quelques photos. Le printemps se terminait, le climat était très agréable, les arbres d’un vert éclatant. Et le soleil à travers les frondaisons faisait de magnifiques taches de lumière. J’ai meme pris quelques autoportraits. La combinaison de moto et le casque intégral rendaient bien, noir mat contre vert feuille.

Entendant un moteur approcher, j’ai baissé le smartphone. Aucune raison de photographier une voiture, surtout dans ce paysage. Sauf que le véhicule a ralenti. Et quand il a passé le virage, entrant dans mon champ de vision, il a encore ralenti jusqu’à s’arrêter de l’autre côté de la route. Il s’agissait d’un énorme quad beige et noir. En sont descendus deux hommes en tenue de camouflage, casques intégraux inclus. L’un d’eux, le passager, portait une arme en bandoulière dans son dos. Tout en les observant, j’ai rangé mon smartphone dans la poche intérieure de la combinaison. Ils portaient des chaussures de randonnées, des pantalons en toiles et des t-shirts de la même matière ainsi que des gants en cuir. Leurs têtes étaient couvertes de casques intégraux sans visières. Je ne voyais que leurs yeux, une paire de gris, une paire de noirs. Chaque partie de leurs tenues était soit beige, soit à motif camouflage. Et surtout bien rempli. Les épaules des t-shirts étaient bien tendues, les cuisses des pantalons aussi. Et pour le passager, il y avait un paquet proéminent à l’entrejambe. Je me suis félicité de porter une combinaison en cuir épais, elle cachait bien ma propre entrejambe et son durcissement.


Toujours tenter la politesse. Ils se sont approchés de moi. Aucun d’eux ne sembler sourire. Le conducteur s’est adressé à moi, pendant que le passager me surveillait depuis le côté. Je ne pouvais le voir que du coin de l’œil.

“Savez où vous êtes, monsieur?

– Euh… En Bretagne? Dans le Porhoët ? Entre Rennes et Ploërmel ? Je ne connais pas le numero de la route, ni la commune.

– Oui à tout cela. Mais surtout, vous vous situez sur le terrain militaire de l’École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr. Vous n’êtes pas censés vous arrêter.

– Oh merde. Je suis désolé, je ne savais pas. Je ne suis pas d’ici, je suis juste en vacances. Je vais repartir. Encore désolé.”

Je me suis tourné vers ma moto.

“Pas si vite. Je ne peux pas vous laisser repartir comme ça.

– Mais…

– Vous allez nous accompagner.

– Mais je…

– Vous allez nous accompagner.”

Le ton avait changé. Il contenait une certaine finalité. Ce n’était plus un ordre et encore moins une suggestion. C’est la description de la réalité : j’allais les accompagner.

“Je vous suis, alors

– Oh non, ce serait trop simple. Vous allez monter avec moi.”

Il s’est tourné vers son quad en me faisant signe de le suivre. Et pendant ce temps, son collègue était deja assis sur ma moto, accoudé au reservoir, le regard dans ma direction. Heureusement que ma combinaison était rigide. Quand j’ai rejoint le quad, le militaire m’a demandé si je saurais me tenir ou s’il lui fallait sortir les menottes et me les appliquer. J’ai réussi à utiliser mon cerveau plutôt que ma bite et j’ai promis de ne pas poser de problème. Il m’a fait monter sur le siège passager, me demandant de me tenir aux différents tubes de métal. Il a démarré et, dès qu’il a fait demi tour, j’ai entendu le moteur de ma propre moto nous suivre à l’arrière.

À peine quelques secondes plus tard, nous sommes arrivés à un grand croisement que j’ai reconnu pour l’avoir passé à l’aller. Le conducteur a pris à droite, s’engageant dans une grande route droite, et passant un grand portail. Nous avions clairement quitté la forêt pour nous retrouver dans le parc de l’école.

Très rapidement, nous sommes arrivés devant quelques baraques. Lorsque les deux véhicules ont été arrêtés devant un de ces bâtiments, ma moto détonnant parmi tous ces véhicules militaires, un autre militaire est sorti.

“Tout s’est bien passé?

– Oui, mon Major !!” J’ai sursauté tellement leurs voix étaient fortes et proches de mes oreilles. “Le civil a été coopérant.”

Le major a souri et m’a fait signe de le suivre à l’intérieur. Les deux militaires nous ont accompagné. Il m’a fait signe de m’asseoir devant son bureau.

“Vous pouvez enlever votre casque.”

J’ai commencé à défaire le mien avant de voir les deux militaires se défaire des leurs. Je me suis interrompu, ne sachant pas trop quoi faire. Le major a encore souri.

“Vous aussi, monsieur.”

J’ai continué. Je me suis retrouvé tête nue, montrant mon visage. Et j’ai pu voir les visages. Les yeux gris du passager étaient entourés d’un visage à la peau pâle, de taches de rousseurs ainsi que de cheveux courts et d’une barbe de la meme longueur, le tout d’un roux flamboyant. Le conducteur était plus sombre. Sa peau était plus bronzée et sa chevelure était de la meme couleur que ses yeux : noire. Il n’avait pas une barbe à proprement parler, mais on voyait que son dernier rasage datait de plusieurs heures. Son visage était aussi plus anguleux. Le major a toussé, ce qui m’a fait ramener mon attention sur lui, en rougissant, bien sûr.


– Dumont.

– Monsieur Dumont, savez vous pourquoi vous êtes là ?

– Je me suis arrêté là où je n’aurais pas du ?

– Pas seulement. S’il ne s’était agi que de ça, on vous aurait fait circuler. Mais les photos, monsieur Dumont. Les photos…”

Oh merde.

“Seulement le paysage, je vous promets. La forêt, la nature, les arbres. Tellement beau que j’ai voulu en garder un souvenir.

– Nous allons en juger nous-même.”

Il a tendu la main vers moi, paume vers le haut. Je l’ai regardée sans comprendre.

“Votre téléphone, monsieur Dumont.

– Mon téléphone ?

– Eh bien oui. Nous allons vérifier si vos photos sont bien celles que vous dites.

– Mes photos? Mais… Je…

– Je ne peux pas vous l’imposer, mais c’est le moyen le plus rapide de vérifier. Si vous ne voulez pas, il faudra que j’enquête sur vous pour voir si vous êtes aussi innocent que vous l’annoncez. Ce qui peut prendre plusieurs jours.”

J’ai ouvert ma combinaison laissant voir que je ne portais pas de t-shirt dessous. Il faisait assez chaud ces derniers jours pour ne pas en avoir besoin. J’ai sorti mon téléphone et je l’ai posé dans sa main. Il n’a pas bougé.

“Vous ne l’avez pas déverrouillé.”

Bafouillant, j’ai repris le telephone et l’ai ouvert avant de lui rendre. Il l’a tendu à ses deux soldats avant de m’interroger sur mes vacances, mon parcours à moto, ma vie. J’ai tenté de lui répondre le plus clairement possible, mais mon esprit était en train de se demander quelles photos les deux soldats vérifiaient. J’ai dû avoir l’air complètement coupable. Au bout d’un moment, le soldat aux yeux noirs s’est rapproché de son supérieur, lui montrant l’écran de mon téléphone, naviguant entre plusieurs photos, sans rien dire, sans rien montrer sur son visage. Son collègue roux était plus souriant.

“Je vois, je vois. Vous êtes un esthète, monsieur Dumont. Vous avez l’âme d’un photographe d’art.

– Oh non, non, juste quelques photos.

– Mais si, mais si. En tout cas, rien sur vos photos qui concerne l’Armée.” J’ai poussé un soupir de soulagement. “Je ne vois pas de raison pour moi de vous retenir plus longtemps. Mais faîtes plus attention aux panneaux que vous croisez sur les routes.

– Oui oui, promis. Merci, merci.

– Bonne fin de journée.

– Merci, vous aussi.”

Je me suis levé et je suis sorti du bâtiment. Arrivé à ma moto, surprise : pas de clefs. Le militaire avait du les garder. Je me suis retourné juste à temps pour voir les deux soldats sortir à leur tour. L’arme avait disparu, sans doute rangée, maintenant qu’elle n’était plus nécéssaire. Le roux m’a souri. L’autre non. J’ai commencé à croire qu’il ne connaissait pas le concept. Toujours souriant, le roux s’est approché de moi, mes clefs à la main.

“Alors, on oublie ses clefs.

– Oh merci, je ne les trouvais plus.”

J’allais les attraper quand il a refermé son poing dessus.

“Attends, attends.

– Mais… Je croyais que…

– Oui oui, le major t’a laissé partir. Mais j’ai vu quelques photos sur ton téléphone, et quelques applications que j’utilise aussi. Alors je me suis dit que ce serait dommage que tu t’échappes tout de suite.”

Je n’en revenais pas. Ce militaire, bien gaulé, au moins dix ans plus jeune que moi, était en train de me draguer? Avant que je puisse réagir, le brun s’est tourné vers lui.

“Sérieux, Marc ?

– Quoi ? Je propose.” Le brun l’a regardé puis a levé les yeux au ciel. “On a pas tous un balai coincé dans le cul, Yvain. Tu devrais enlever le tien et le remplacer par une bonne bite.” Le roux, qui devait donc s’appeler Marc, s’est tourné à nouveau vers moi. “Je me dis qu’un motard qui ne porte rien sous sa combinaison et qui a plein de photos de bites sur son téléphone doit savoir s’amuser et ne devrait pas hésiter à accepter une bonne partie de baise.”

Là j’étais plus dans mon élément que lorsque j’étais accusé d’espionnage militaire.

“Non, bien sur que non.” Je me suis approché de lui, assez rassuré pour lui jeter un regard concupiscent. Beaucoup rapproché, à l’intérieur de son espace vital. Il a ri.

“On se calme. Pas comme ça, pas ici. Si j’ai bien entendu, tu as une chambre à Rennes ?

– Oui.

– Je t’amène ?”

Il disait ça en secouant mes clefs de moto. Quel culot ! Je me suis reculé et j’ai fait une petite révérence, tendant les bras vers mon véhicule. Le brun s’est encore interposé.

“Marc !

– Merde à la fin, Yvain ! J’ai fini mon service, t’es pas mon officier. … T’es jaloux ? Tu veux venir ?

– … Non.

– Je te crois pas. Mais tant pis pour toi. Maintenant laisse nous partir.”

Il a grogné, mais s’est écarté. J’ai remis mon casque et mon nouveau partenaire a remis le sien. Deux anonymes, un en treillis, l’autre en combinaison de cuir. Il a reculé la moto, est monté dessus et l’a démarrée. Je suis monté à l’arrière et il a démarré, reprenant la route que je n’avais pas prévu de quitter. J’ai décidé de passer mes bras autour de lui pour mieux me tenir. Et de poser mes mains sur son entrejambe, pour mieux le chauffer.

Quarante-cinq minutes plus tard, nous sommes entrés dans ma chambre. Nous avons commencé par enlever nos gants puis nos casques dans le couloir mais nous n’avons pas pu aller plus loin : dés que la porte a été fermée, il s’est jeté sur moi pour me rouler une grosse pelle, me tenant par le cou. Je l’ai laissé s’occuper de mes lèvres et de ma langue, pendant que je caressais sa taille et ses fesses.

Il m’a enfin lâché après quelques minutes. Reprenant son souffle, il m’a regardé de haut en bas.

“Et si tu me montrais ce que tu proposes exactement ?”

Il ne fallait pas me le demander deux fois. J’ai commencé par descendre la fermeture eclair de la combi jusqu’au bout, montrant, grace aux poils qui apparaissait, que je ne portais rien dessous, comme il l’avait supposé. Je me suis assis sur le lit et j’ai retiré mes bottes.

“Pfouah, la bonne odeur de panards bien chauds.

– Désolé.

– T’excuse pas ! J’ai l’habitude et en vrai ça me dérange pas du tout, au contraire. C’est de la bonne odeur de mâle.”

J’avais enlevé l’autre botte et je faisais glisser la combi, avec plus ou moins de facilité. Rapidement, je me suis retrouvé à poil devant lui. Il a sifflé.

“Pas mal du tout. Je vois qu’on prend soin de son corps. Et une bite bien dure, aussi.”

En effet, j’étais bien excité à l’idée de me taper ce soldat. Je me suis approché de lui, passant mes mains sous son t-shirt pour palper ses pecs. Et j’en ai profité pour soulever entièrement son t-shirt et lui enlever. Pendant que ses bras étaient levés, j’ai frotté mon visage contre son aisselle, inspirant un bon coup.

“Ouais, bon plan, mec.”

Il a fini d’enlever son t-shirt et a baissé les bras, coinçant ma tête à cet endroit pendant quelques instants. Il m’a relâché et est resté devant moi sans bouger. J’ai compris le message : j’ai continué à le déshabiller.

Je me suis mis à genoux pour enlever ses chaussures et ses chaussettes. Je pensais qu’il allait prendre appui sur moi pour son équilibre, mais il n’en a pas eu besoin. Dès la première chaussure, j’ai senti qu’il avait eu chaud aux pieds pendant la journée lui aussi.

“Ouais, tu vois, t’es pas tout seul à avoir des panards qui refoulent à la fin de la journée.”

J’ai continué à le désaper, dégrafant d’abord sa ceinture puis le bouton et la fermeture éclair de son pantalon. Pendant que je faisais glisser le pantalon vers ses chevilles, j’ai appuyé mon visage contre le paquet de son jockstrap, profitant de son odeur. Même les yeux fermés, même juste en le touchant de mon visage, je savais que son paquet était impressionnant.

“Va pas t’éborgner, hein !”

C’était dit sur le ton de l’humour, mais je comprenais que c’était un reel danger. Sa bite durcissait, à peine limitée par le tissu. En me reculant un peu, j’ai fait glisser le sous-vêtement, laissant le braquemart libre. Ce dernier s’est immédiatement tendu à l’horizontale, une goutte perlant deja au bout. Je suis resté fasciné, toujours à genoux. Le soldat a levé une jambe après l’autre pour finir de se déshabiller. Il s’est tenu devant moi, jambes légèrement écartées, mais dans le dos, bassin en avant. Et sa tête penchée pour me regarder de haut.

“Ça te plait, hein. T’inquiète, tu vas en profiter. Mais d’abord…” Il s’est penché pour attraper ses chaussettes et, une dans chaque main, les a poussé sur nos nez respectifs. Il a inspiré un grand coup et j’ai fait de même. “Ouais, voilà, t’as compris.”

Je ne savais pas si c’était l’odeur ou la sensation de sa main oppressant mon visage, mais ma propre bite mouillait. J’ai tendu la main pour l’attraper.

“Oula, non!”

Il a retiré sa main et la chaussette a glissé de mon visage. Il s’est penché et m’a attrapé sous les aisselles pour me faire lever.

“Si tu veux toucher une bite, occupe toi de la mienne. Personne ne se masturbe lui-même quand je suis là, compris? Allez, viens là.”

Il m’a poussé sur le lit et m’a rejoint, ma tête entre ses genoux, ses mains sur mon torse.

“Ouais, ça va le faire. Tiens, occupe toi de ça.”

Et il a posé sa bite sur mon visage. Il ne m’a fallu que quelques instants et quelques mouvements pour la prendre en bouche. Un plaisir ! Son entrejambe de feu sentait le mâle en fin de journée, mais il était propre. Et délicieux. J’ai tenté de prendre tout le membre, mais il était long et surtout très rigide. Alors je me suis amusé avec ma langue et mes lèvres, tentant de lui donner autant de plaisir que possible. D’après ses gémissements, j’y arrivais. Mais il s’est retiré. Je l’ai regardé avec surprise et j’ai tendu la langue vers lui.

“He ho, t’es pas le seul à vouloir de la bite!”

Il m’a poussé et tiré, me faisant comprendre qu’il voulait que je reste couché mais sur le côté. Il s’est mis dans la meme position mais opposé à moi. Nous avions chacun le visage au niveau du paquet de l’autre. Et nous nous sommes tous les deux jetés sur la bite en face. Il savait y faire et je ne le laissais pas m’apporter plus de plaisir je ne lui en apportais. Nous avons profité plusieurs minutes de la bite bien dure de l’autre, chacun s’efforçant d’avaler l’autre le plus profondément possible. Je voulais le suivre sur le principe mais sans imiter chacun de ses mouvements. Cependant il gardait l’initiative, ce qui m’allait tout à fait.

Après un certain temps, il s’est retiré, de ma bouche et de ma bite.

“T’as ce qu’il faut pour que je te casse le cul, motard ?”

Ma bite a tressauté à cette phrase. Je me suis levé rapidement et je suis parti vers la salle de bain. Quand je suis ressorti avec gel et capotes, il était juste derriere la porte et je me suis inconsciemment jeté dans ses bras. Il m’a à nouveau roulé une pelle, cette fois en me tripotant.

“Ouais, ouais, t’es chaud, ça va le faire.”

Il s’est couché sur le lit, épaules contre la tête de lit.

“Graisse toi le cul.”

J’ai pris du gel mes doigts et je les ai enfoncés, lentement mais surement. Pendant ce temps, il a enfilé la capote et l’a recouverte de gel.

“C’est bon, t’es prêt, viens t’asseoir là.”

Il pointait du doigt son engin bien rigide. Là encore, je ne me suis pas fait prier. J’ai grimpé sur le lit et je me suis placé face à lui, le regardant dans les yeux pendant que j’approchais sa bite de mon cul.

Je ne dirais pas que c’est rentré comme dans du beurre, mais entre l’excitation et la préparation, il n’y a eu aucun problème. J’avais enfin son engin en moi, bien à l’intérieur. J’ai fait quelques va-et-vient sur la première partie de sa longue bite, mais apparemment, ça ne lui suffisait pas. Il a attrapé ma taille et m’a fait descendre d’un coup sec, m’empalant jusqu’à la garde. J’en ai eu le souffle coupé, pas de douleur, mais de surprise.

“Enfin !”

Me tenant toujours, il a fait quelques mouvements de bassin, d’abord tranquillement de gauche à droite, puis plus brutalement de haut en bas. Comme s’il voulait me désarçonner. Mais comme il me tenait, je ne pouvais pas tomber ni échapper à son engin. De toute façon, je ne le voulais pas. Ce gros morceau de chair, bien dur, bien chaud, qui rentrait en moi m’apportait tellement de plaisir. Surtout quand il tapait à un endroit bien précis. Là, je gémissais à chaque fois. Bien sûr il s’en est rendu compte.

“Hé, hé, je crois que j’ai trouvé le bouton.”

Après ça, il a fait en sorte de taper là de temps en temps, tout en me souriant.

Soudain, il s’est arrêté et m’a lâché. Je l’ai regardé avec surprise. Et un peu de déception.

“Non, non, non, c’est pas fini. Lève toi un peu.”

J’ai obéi. Il s’est assis sur le bord du lit et m’a fait signe de revenir sur sa queue. Je me suis assis, remettant l’engin au fond de mon cul.

“Voilà, comme ça.”

Il a placé ses bras sous mes genoux et ses mains contre mon dos, me tenant tout contre lui. Mon menton glissait dans le creux son épaule. Et il s’est levé. Il me tenait toujours, mais la gravité me faisait glisser, enfouissant son engin au plus profond de mon cul. J’ai poussé un long gémissement et j’ai placé mes bras autour de son cou.

“Oh oui, t’es bon. T’es chaud, t’es serré et t’en veux.”

Avec quelques mouvements de bassin, il a fait coulisser sa bite. Ses dents étaient dans mon cou et je sentais que j’allais avoir une voire plusieurs traces. Il s'est avancé et a plaqué mon dos contre le mur, en profitant pour m’enculer encore mieux, encore plus vite, encore plus profond.

“Ouais, t’aimes ça, hein. T’aime bien te faire enculer. Ça tombe bien, j’adore mettre ma bite dans des culs bien chauds. Et le tien, il est bien comme il faut.”

Il s’est éloigné du mur, m’emportant avec lui, tenant toujours mes jambes et mon dos. Et il m’a jeté sur le lit. Il était maintenant debout et moi couché sur le dos, mes bras au dessus de ma tête. Il a pris mes jambes dans ses mains.

“Prêt ? Je passe aux choses sérieuses.”

J’ai écarquillé les yeux, me demandant comment les choses pouvait devenir plus sérieuses que ce qu’on avait fait jusque là. J’ai vite compris : il m’a pilonné le cul. Un veritable marteau-piqueur, dur, rapide, profond. Je n’en pouvais presque plus, j’étais presque hors de mon corps. Ma bite laissait couler des litres de mouilles. Je gémissais quasiment non stop.

“Ouais. Je vais te remplir, tu vas voir.”

Il a encore tapé sur cet endroit dans mon cul, plusieurs fois en successions rapides. Et il m’a fait jouir. J’ai juté sur moi comme jamais, recouvrant mon visage et mon torse de sperme. Et il a joui lui aussi, au fond de mon cul, enfoncé jusqu’à la garde. Je sentais nos bites vibrer ensemble, jouissant ensemble, se vidant ensemble.

À la fin, nous étions tous les deux essoufflés et il se tenait plus appuyé sur mes jambes que sur les siennes.

“Oh mon salaud, que ça fait du bien.” Il m’a regardé en souriant. “Mais tu t’es couvert !! Tiens, profite.” Il a passé ses doigts sur mon visage et sur mon torse, récoltant le jus et me le donnant à lécher. Ce que j’ai fait avec grand plaisir. Il est resté en moi pendant que sa bite se ramollissait.

Son téléphone a bippé. Il l’a pris et a passé un appel.

“Marc? Tu m’as appelé ? … Ah. Tu t’es débarrassé de ton balai et tu veux mettre autre chose dans ton cul. … Mais non, je ne me moque pas. Ecoute, on est au Mercure de Rennes Cesson. Apporte des pizzas pour te faire pardonner. Et on s’occupera de toi. … Une douche ?? Surtout pas ! … Ouais, c’est ça, à tout à l’heure.”

Il a raccroché et m’a regardé avec un grand sourire.

“Prêt pour la seconde manche ?”

C’est comme ça que je me suis retrouvé, une heure plus tard, agenouillé sur le bord du lit, tête et épaules contre le matelas, doigts entremêlés avec ceux de Yvain qui était dans la meme position. Et Marc, debout derriere nous, qui nous enculait à tour de rôle.


Prompt was : Military.

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Day 18

“If we are thirsty, we know where to go.”

Published on 18/10/2023
Tags: #gay #oral #watersports #piss #new experience #consensual
Length: 1666 words.

Second day at the new job and so far no blunder. Yeah, yeah, I was expecting myself to screw-up, being clumsy and often clueless. But I watched myself a lot. This new job at the water park was a good way to earn money during the college summer break and I didn’t want to lose it. So I made sure to listen to everything the boss said and to observe my more experienced colleagues. They knew how things worked.

I was thinking about this when a client came to the counter, wearing nothing more than a black speedo, dark hair all over his body (short beard included), one of our silicone wristband and a wide smile on his face. I quickly checked his large bulge and focused myself on his face, in order not to drool and not to blunder. The man sat on a stool directly in front of me. I greeted him as I had been taught

“Good afternoon, sir. I hope you are having a great time at Wild Rivers. How may I help you?

– I’ve ditched the wife, she’s taking care of the children.”

Nothing more. What the fuck was he talking about? I kept on smiling and answered.

“I’m sorry, sir, I did not really understand.

– I’ve ditched the wife, she’s taking care of the children.”

Same sentence, a bit slower, but the words were clear enough. I understood all of it, but not what he meant by that. I was supposed to serve sodas, juices or ice cream.

“Oh, of course, sir. Can you please wait a minute? I’ll be right back.”

I walked as quickly as possible to my colleague at the other end of the counter and whispered to him

“Will, help me!

– What’s the problem, Alan?

– There is a guy at the counter, and I don’t understand what he wants. He told me something about ditching his wife.”

My colleague laughed.

“Oh, Alan, you newbie.” I made a face. “Don’t worry. You will learn. Go back to your client, Boss will come and help you.” He pressed on his ear pod and spoke to the air. I heard him. “Boss? Yeah, Will here. Alan is having his first wife-ditching client and is completely lost. … Sure, no problem.”

I was back to my place and assured the client he would be soon taken care of. I apologized for the delay. He didn’t really need to know but all the same I explained I was a new employee, still unaware of some specificities of the job. He laughed.

“Son, I will be glad to show you. And I think you will be glad too. Considering how you eyed me when I arrived.”

I blushed very hard. Just when my manager joined us. Unlike the client and I, he was wearing shorts and a polo shirt. Blue, of course.

“Good afternoon, sir. Sorry for the delay.

– No problem. Your new employee helped me pass the time.”

The boss faced me and talked to me in a very low voice

“Alan, we offer a hidden feature, restricted to our most faithful clients, only by referral. If, or better when, a man comes to you with the right passphrase and the right wristband, you will accompany him to the right room. You will unlock the door for him and make sure the door is locked when he leaves.

– What room, Boss?

– Come with us, I’ll show you.” He turned back to the client. “If you will follow me…

– Of course.”

We walked toward the toilet building. On the way, Boss talked to me.

“You know that, although we are a water park, we try to save as much water as possible.

– Yes, Boss.

– Every drop helps. Every flush at the toilet. So we tried to reduce this part. We contracted the best engineers and plumbers to try and find the best solution. None was really efficient. Until one of the plumber, one man with “think-outside-the-box” mindset, gave us a lead. The way was to recycle.

– Recycle water? Don’t we already do that?

– We do recycle water. But he was not speaking about water.

– I don’t follow, Boss.”

The man walking with us, still with a wide smile, interrupted us.

“You will, son. And I think you will like it. There we are.”

We had walked past the toilet building and arrived a another smaller building, at the limit of the park, in an almost unused part, next to the exterior wall. Only one door and small windows, high in the walls. Boss went to the door and unlocked it. The man went inside and with a push from Boss, I followed. Boss closed the door and locked it.

“Either you guard the door outside or you lock it and use the room.”

I was silent. I almost didn’t hear what he said. What I was seeing was impossible. And yet so exciting.

The room seemed some kind of large man-den. Sofas, chair, stools and tables. Some cookies, cereal bars and a basket of fruit on a table. One large tv. Bookshelves. Several small lockers along a wall. But it was all covered in tiles. And it was filled with men. Mostly young men, but some older too. Most were naked. Some were wearing speedos like mine. And the last were wearing … black rubber suits. I watched as our client walked through the room, looking here and there. Then he pointed to one of the young men in the room, one wearing a speedo. The chosen one smiled widely and jumped to the client.

“What can I do for you, sir?

– First piss. And then we will see if you deserve cum.

– Sir, yes, sir!”

The young man slid to his knees and in one swift move, removed the speedo of our client. He then took the dick in his mouth and waited. He did not move and it seemed like nothing was happening, but I looked closely and saw him gulping a lot. This guy was drinking the piss of our client. It was so hot. My own dick was hard as steel in my speedo. A man saw that and came to me. He was one of the older, almost twice my age.

“Hello, son. I’ve never seen you here before.”

He had a deep voice. Which pleased me a lot. Boss answered.

“Nope. This is Alan, our latest employee. First time here.”

The man was still looking at me.

“Welcome, son. I hope you will have a good time.

– I… I don’t know.

– Judging from your hard-on, your body does. Listen to it.” He brushed his hand against my cock and I moaned. “See? Now we can help you. See someone to your fancy?”

The client turned to us and called the man.

“I saw how he looked at me. I think you will be the daddy he is looking for.”

The man in front of me smiled.

“Is he right? Looking for a strong older man to take care of you?” I couldn’t answer, I couldn’t only gulped. I was fascinated. “Your silence is the answer, son.”

Every time he called me ‘son’ with his sultry voice, my cock twitched against his palm. He felt it. He decided to take initiative. He lifted me bridal style and walked some steps. He brought me to a padded chair, removing my speedo on the way. He sat me on the chair. Then he knelt in front of me and swallowed my hard cock. He blew me. I had had some blowjobs before, far and few between, but none as good as that one. This man knew what he was doing. He had experience. His tongue danced around my cock, especially on my glans. His lips were tight. And his throat… his throat was deep and hot. I didn’t last long, I had been hard and horny for a long time. I tried to warn him but he didn’t listen and kept on blowing me. And when I felt his fingers rub my balls, I came. I came hard, on his tongue, filling his mouth. When I was finished, he took his mouth away from my cock and showed me his cum-covered tongue. He closed his mouth and swallowed with a wink. He caught my dick in his mouth again and licked it clean quickly.

Boss came to us.

“See, Alan? No water flushed, no tissue needed. And you are even cleaner than after using a toilet. Recycling. And as you saw with our client, the boys here also recycle piss.

– Oh yes !”

The two words came from the … ‘daddy’ sitting in front of me with a thirsty look in his eyes. Boss kept on talking.

“Every client they … help is one flush less. And the boys here even can recycle each other, reducing even more. Of course there is one functional toilet in the room. Piss can get too concentrated after a while.”

He pointed to a door adorned with a shower and toilet sign. I watched the room and saw other doors, with symbol of a man on them. Like toilets. Boss understood and shrugged.

“Some of our clients like privacy. Speaking of client, I see our current one has finished. You can stay here, while I bring him back to his family.”

Boss and the client left, not before the client winked at me. The door was closed and locked. I asked

“Are you prisoners?

– Not at all. We can open the door. We just don’t want a curious teen or idle unvetted client to find us, do we? While you wait, you want something? A fruit? A cookie?

– Actually, I’m thirsty. It’s hot in here. You have a soda?

– Of course not.” He stood up. “If we are thirsty, we know where to go.” He cupped his speedo-covered bulge and smiled at me. “Now son, do you want to taste some of daddy’s piss?”

My spent cock twitched a bit. It was the only answer the daddy needed.


Prompt was : Water sports.

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Day 19

“I can’t wait for Sunday night when we exchange our roles.”

Published on 19/10/2023
Tags: #gay #anal #oral #chastity #romance #dildo #buttplug #bondage #public play #consensual
Length: 1074 words.

“Hi, darling.

– Morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?”

James walked to the breakfast table and bent to meet the brown lips of his husband Sam.

“Like a log, thank you. And you?

– I sleep much better now that you don’t turn and toss in the bed while sleeping.

– It’s a lot harder to move when I’m strapped in a leather sleepsack.

– Well, yes, that’s the point, James. Stopping you from moving and knowing that you are mine. Now eat, before we get late.”

When Sam and James married each other, all of their friends told them it would’t last long. Few were the couple who managed to keep being together while working together. But as they had answered to their friends, Sam and James didn’t work together. They just worked for the same company, in the same building. Just not in the same department.

James finished his breakfast, cleaned the table and did the dishes. He then went to dress. He put a slim-fitted black shirt, contrasting with his pale skin, and a dark blue suit, same color as his eyes. He walked to his husband.

“Almost ready, I see.

– Yes. But you aren’t. Who will make us late?

– We’ll see. Come closer, now.”

With James in front of him, Sam lifted the shirt collar. He took a long zip tie and fastened it around his lover’s neck. He fastened the shirt’s wrists with other zip ties and hid them by flipping the wrists. Then he knelt town and used some smaller zip ties on the shoes top eyelets, making sure the shoes could not be removed. James looked with lust at the wide black back in front of him. He smiled at the metallic belt. When Sam stood up again, James checked the belt, making sure it was well buckled and locked. He knocked on the hard front, behind which Sam’s cock was imprisoned.

“I think we are both restrained, aren’t we?

– Yes, I just need to dress myself, now. Don’t forget your tie.”

When they left their building, they looked like smartly dressed office worker and no one would believe they were kinky perverts. Their colleagues at the office didn’t even know they were lovers, even less husbands.

Just before his daily team meeting, James received a message on his phone.

“Have fun. Meet me at my coffee if you’re fed up. Or you will have to wait until tonight.”

James hoped the meeting wouldn’t last long. And just as he was thinking that, the plug in his ass started vibrating. Not long, not hard, but enough. During the meeting, the vibrations lasted longer. And went stronger. At first he could ignore it, but the more the meeting lasted, the more James was distracted. His cock was growing. Soon, precum would come out of his cock. He hoped Sam wouldn’t make him cum. Not during the meeting.

When he managed to leave the room, he walked as quickly as possible toward the coffee room. Unfortunately, he was stopped on his way by a colleague of him who wanted his point of view on a work assignment. James couldn’t flee. And some minutes later, he saw Sam leave the coffee room and go back to his office. Sam saw James too and smiled with glee. James felt downcast, but the plug vibrating in his ass, just against his joy button, replaced the sadness whit horniness.

It lasted the whole day. On and off, hard or soft, quick jabs or long pushes, the vibrating plug was his companion. Sam knew James’ limits. He brought him to the edge many times, but never over. James had to use several sheets of toilet paper in order not to stain his pants with precum. He also felt the zip ties around his body; which clearly didn’t help with his horniness.

Of course, James didn’t work much that day. Focus eluded him more often than not, chased by vibrations. As soon as acceptable, he left his office and the building and ran home. He was the first to arrive. He sent a message to Sam who answered him that he would arrive later, there was work to do. The answer was followed by even more vibrations. James wailed in need and lust. He knew he couldn’t remove it. Sam would know and James' punition would be worse.

So he waited. He cleaned the appartement, cooked the dinner, set the table. And when everything was ready, he fetched the lube and the dildo, leaving them on the coffee table to be used as soon as possible.

When Sam arrived, James jumped on him

“FUCK ME!! I beg you, I can’t bear it any more!! Fuck me please!!

– I can’t, you keep me in the chastity belt.

– Use the dildo. Peg me. Please please please, I will explode.

– Alright, alright. Go bend over the sofa.”

James ran to the sofa, unbuckling his belt and letting his pants slide. Sam took his time, starting the vibration again, walking to the table to pick the dildo, sliding its base on the chastity belt’s hole. He looked James in the eyes while slowly spreading the lube on the plastic cock.

“Please, Sam. Please.”

James put his hands on his ass cheeks and spread them, displaying his plugged hole. Same walked to his begging husband. In two swift moves, he removed the vibrating plug and plunged himself into the emptied ass. Well, almost himself. It wasn’t really his cock, but it was enough to fuck his partner. And fuck him hard. He knew where and how to push. James was mewling in pleasure. Until, at last, he came, from the edging he received all day and from the hard toy.

He straightened and went to kiss Sam, but the brown-skinned man pushed on his shoulders.

“Clean my ‘cock’, James. Taste your ass juices.”

James obeyed. For a while, he sucked the long plastic toy that had just fucked him, looking up at his husband. Sam was smirking at him from above. He took the head of the kneeling man and face-fucked him. Then he released his lovers by pushing him off the toy. James fell down on his ass.

Sam crouched down, caught once again the face in his hands and frenchkissed James.

One of them looked at the other and said :

“God, I love you so much. But I can’t wait for Sunday night when we exchange our roles.”

Which one, you ask? Who knows?


Prompt was : Office.

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Day 20

Surprise at the rooftop bar.

Published on 20/10/2023
Tags: #gay #domination #mindgame #submission #relationship #chastity #teasing #public play #consensual
Length: 1520 words.

The young man was sitting on a comfortable armchair of the rooftop bar. He had been ordered to go there, have an alcohol-free drink and wait. Just a few days after midsummer, the sun was still high, the night still several hours away, the air still warm. So he was reading. Or, at least, he was trying to read. His mind would not let him focus on the text, often wandering to the unknown reason for him being there, the people around him, the small problems in his life, and so on.

His phone rang. As usual, he answered with a word, not bothering to take his phone out, knowing his wireless earbuds would suffice.


– Hi, boy.”

Immediately, he straightened. Quickly, he closed his book and put it on the table in front of him.

“Good evening, Sir.

– How are you, boy?

– Fine, Sir, thanks for asking. And you?

– I’m fine too. Glad to see you can obey orders.

– Sir?” The boy looked around him, trying to find his Master in the crowd. “Are you here?

– Don’t bother, boy. I can see you pretty clearly, but you won’t see me.

– Yes, Sir.

– Wanna have fun?

– As you wish, Sir.

– Good answer. Now go to the barman and give him your name.” The boy knew better than to disobey. Or even hang up before his Master ended the call. “Leave your book and drink on the table, you won’t be long.” When he heard the name the boy told him, the barman gave the boy an envelope. “Now go to the bathroom and open the envelope. You will know what to do. And what not to do. Be quick about it. I will know if you don’t obey.”

Still on the line, the boy ran to the bathroom and in a stall. He opened the envelope. In it was a key and an empty small fabric satchel. He recognized the key. He had dreamt of it. He had hoped to see it, hoped so often.


– Boy?

– May I?

– You may. Remove it and place everything in the bag.”

The boy opened his pants, letting them fall to his ankles. His boxer briefs followed. Shaking, he took the key and put it in the padlock of his chastity cage. The light click answered his question: it was the right key. He could now remove the cage from his cock. He sighed.

“Dress yourself, put everything in the bag and get back to your drink.”

The voice in his ears made him jump but he obeyed. He felt weird walking so free. He had forgotten how light it felt not to wear a chastity cage. Back in his chair, he sat straight.

“Get comfy, boy. Relax.

– Yes, Sir.

– You are in a comfortable armchair, very discreet in your everyday clothes and calm behavior. The earbuds are almost invisible. The mocktail is fresh and tasty. You are a normal guy, no one will look at you twice. Unless they want to fuck you, but that is understandable. And normal too. Isn’t it?

– Yes, Sir.

– You won’t stand up until I allow you. Understood?

– Yes, Sir.”

Even through the phone, the boy heard the forceful voice ordering him. It was pleasure to him.

“Then think about me, boy. Picture me in your mind. As you prefer. Everyday clothes? Black tie suit? Or maybe in full leather?”

The boy twitched. He looked around. No one was watching him.

“Oh, I saw that. You like the leathers, don’t you, boy?

– Yes, Sir.

– You have yours too. Much more revealing. Just your harness, your four cuffs and your collar. No pants, no shirt, no boots. Not like me, your Master. Isn’t that right? We both have our leathers and although they are different we match each other. Don’t we?”

The boy just moaned. He felt himself getting flushed. Horny.

“Wouldn’t you like to be with me right now. In another bar? Both of us in our rightful clothes and rightful places? You would be kneeling next to my stool, waiting for me to take care of you.”

The boy felt himself harden without obstacle. It was such an unusual feeling that he remembered where he was. The bar was getting crowded. Couples, groups, all drinking and talking together. No one was looking at him, but he thought it was only a matter of time.

“Please, Mas– Sir!

– Oh, was that a slip of the tongue? You almost got caught there. Although your hard cock might be enough to bring everyone’s attention to you.” The boy caught his book and his glass and held them over his crotch. “I’m not sure that will be enough, boy. I know you. I know how your cock grows when it is kept free. I’ve jacked you a lot of times. I’ve milked and edged your cock so many times. Do you remember?

– Yes, Sir.”

There was a breathlessness in the boy’s voice. He didn’t dare move any more.

“Do you remember how my hands feel on your cock? Or how your hands feel on my own cock? Do you remember how my cock feels in your hands, in your mouth, in your hot and tight ass? Seeing how much we fucked last weekend, I don’t think you’d be able to forget.” The heat was rising in the boy’s mind and body. He was starting to sweat. “Well, mostly I fucked. I fucked you. You were just some holes. Stuck in places. Do you remember the bondage, boy? The long hours in the sleepsack? The time spent in y– the fuck bench? You know what, I almost said your fuck bench, but it’s not really yours. It doesn’t belong to you. You belong to it. Build to your measures, if I remember correctly. So that you can spend hours or even days bound to it, with no freedom, no way to move until I allow it.

– Please, Sir. …” The boy whispered. “Please… No more.

– No more what, boy? No more fuck bench?

– No! Yes!!

– Are you sure you know what you want?

– Please, Sir. Let me leave.

– Leave? Don’t you like this nice rooftop? The air is nice and warm, the mocktails are good, the scenery is beautiful. And this guy on your left. Isn’t he handsome? Well built? And with a hefty bulge?”

The boy looked to his left. There was indeed a very handsome man, almost a bull.

“Woah, boy. You might want to be a bit more discreet. What if he saw you? Maybe he would understand and come to you and fuck you in the bathroom? Is that what you want?”

Blushing, the boy turned his head back to his front, eyes to his book-covered crotch.

“No, Sir…

– Then what? Would you rather be with me? Even if I were to tie you in the cage in the playroom and leave you alone for the night?”

The boy’s cock hardened again.

“Please, Sir… I can’t… Please!!

– You’re horny, boy, aren’t you?

– Yes, Sir!

– The way I see it, the very near future holds four possibilities for you: you leave this place without my approval, you leave this place with my approval, you jizz your pants in public, you manage to hold on while we keep on talking. What will it be?

– I… I don’t want to disappoint you, Sir.

– Good boy!!” The boy moaned. “If I were here, I would pet your head.” New moan. “So let’s talk. What would you do to convince me?

– Anything, Sir! I promise!

– You already do a lot, remember. You’re the sub, I’m the Master. I order, you obey. That’s already the way it is. Like when I order you to suck my hard cock. Or when I order you to cook naked while I ogle your cute butt. Or when I order you to get on all fours and eat from your dog bowl. You already do a lot. What would be more?

– I… I don’t know, Sir.

– Tell you what… I could order you to cum right here right now. If you do jizz your pants in front of all these people, you are allowed to leave. Wouldn’t you like that?

– No, Sir, please, not that…

– Why not? How long has it been? How long since you last came? Wouldn’t you like to have a real orgasm, free, with your cock hard and unrestrained?”

The boy shifted in his seat, thinking about orgasms.

“Several months, Sir.

– So?

– Not here, please.

– Ok, ok, I understand. Another idea: you promise we will do this again. You promise you will go to a bar, sit in public and let me tease you through the phone. Whenever I want. And for longer than we did the time before. Each time a bit longer.

– Huuhhhh…

– What do you say, boy?

– I promise, Sir. Please. I promise. Let me leave.

– Alright. Finish your drink and you can leave.

– Thank you, sir.

– My pleasure. Oh, one last thing.

– Sir?

– Meet me at the elevator. I can’t wait to keep on teasing you all the way back home.”

The Master heard the boy gasp before hanging up.


Prompt was : Public play.

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Day 21

The superheroes were not happy.

Published on 21/10/2023
Tags: #lgbt+ #no sex #no romance #humour #pride #sex positive
Length: 957 words.

The superheroes were not happy.

They had worked for years to build their reputation. Saving the world, fighting villains, maintaining the status quo, stopping aliens invasions, saving infrastructures from natural disasters and so on, was one thing, but making sure all of it was known and recognized was another. They had hired spokespersons and specialists in public image.

They had built a very large building in one of the biggest town on the planet, adorning all public parts of it with statues of heroes who had sacrificed their lives in line of duty. They had added a museum to display their trophies and explain their achievements. They had opened reception offices to welcome aspirant super-heroes. The building had been named the “Hall of Glory” (against the advice of two of the superheroes) to remind that no hero would be forgotten.

And for some years, it worked. People came to the place. They enjoyed the park and promenade in front of it. People came and visited the museum, in awe of all the achievements. And some teens having acquired new powers came to try and join the established heroes. These were promptly sent to a special school. The superheroes were appreciated, admired, revered. (Envied, obviously.)

It worked, even when one of the villains, using his civilian identity acquired a building on the other side of the promenade, opposite the front of the Hall of Glory. They renovated and refurbished the whole building, making sure it was insulated, self-sufficient in energy, full of recycling units, filled with state-of-the-art technology. They made sure the external appearance of the building was in accordance with the rest of the street, keeping the cultural aspect of the architecture. The superheroes were glad to have such an upstanding neighbor. The facade was hidden by a gigantic decorated tarp.

And then, the structural work was finished. Many trucks delivered furniture, electrical materials and plumbing. All in recycled metals or wood from sustainably managed forests, assembled locally. No one knew what was being installed in the building, but everyone knew it would be perfect.

For some months, nothing happened. The building stayed empty, in wait, as if sleeping. People started to forget about it, although the tarp was still in place.

All of this changed on Pride Month. Deliveries were made again to the building, but not furniture or construction materials. It was food. Food and drinks. Organic, locally sourced, or both. Enough to fill the whole building or in preparation of a grand opening.

The opening happened on Pride Day. As they had done in the last few years, the superheroes had a float, where some of them stood and waved flags and held hands and used slogans and showed chaste and romantic love through kissing or hugging, all in diverse but “perfect” bodies. Forgetting (or choosing to forget) that the first Pride had been a riot. But a new float was here that time. No one really knew whose it was, but it was much more lewd. Pole dancers wearing next to nothing and shaking their butts. Kinksters in rubber suit or rubber harnesses groping each other or licking wooden paddles. And people with all morphologies giving many sexual protections to all passers-by.

When the parade passed in front of the Hall of Glory, the flying superheroes made a big sound and light show, swooping from their float to the building and back.

Several minutes later, when the other float arrived there, it stopped. And a man stepped up to the mike on the highest platform of the float. All music was stopped on and around the float.

“Gentlepersons !!”

People applauded the inclusive term.

“I am very proud today. First of all proud to accept who I am and live my life according to it. And, last but not least, proud to annonce the grand opening tonight of our city’s new LGBT+ pub and night club. This new facility is obviously open to all adults whatever their genders, identities and preferences. During the day, it will be open as a coffehouse, pub, tea room, wine tavern, micro-brewery and all that, open to all persons, whatever their age. At night, it will change into an adult night club with several thematic rooms. And, at every hour of the clock, it will also offer a bathhouse service for anyone, and I mean anyone (provided they are adults), with secure, exclusive and separated rooms and facilities for those who identify as men and for those who identify as women. And inclusive rooms and facilities for those who identify as none or both or who want to meet others without limiting by gender. We aim to be an open and inclusive business and we want to be as sex-positive as possible. We will accept fetishism and kinks and provide installations. We will enforce the respect of consent between all participants.”

There were more and more applauses and shouts. The man, after accepting these marks of approval, took the mike again and shouted.

“Gentlepersons. Proud members of the LGBT+ community. I am today very happy to present … THE GLORY HOLE !!”

There were fireworks. The tarp hiding the building slid on rails to reveal the building and his large round entry gate. The name of the facility was written on the front side in large letters.

First there was admiration and approval. And then some persons looked to the other side of the street and saw the superheroes building, the famous Hall of Glory. Now standing in front of the brand-new sex-positive bathhouse, the Glory Hole. And they laughed. Very soon, everybody was laughing.

The “villain” stepped down from the mike with a wide smile and the float advanced again, music back in the speakers.

The superheroes were not happy.


Prompt was : Glory hole.

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Day 22

What’s the use of having a slave if he is not the one carrying the tools?

Published on 22/10/2023
Tags: #gay #slave #master #domination #submission #BDSM #bondage #leather #rimming #chastity #impact play #consensual
Length: 1461 words.

Trevor and Marcus looked like brothers, almost twins. A lot of gay couple do and that’s no problem. But sometimes, people they met had trouble telling one from the other. Especially when they walked in public, using the same kind of office suits, going out to pubs with the same leather gear, training at the gym with the same kind of sportswear. Obviously, they played on it.

Actually the best way to tell one from the other was to meet them at any kink-accepting place. Pubs, conventions, clubs, gay beaches, and so on. There, the difference would be obvious. Trevor would wear a heavy leather collar and a leash and always be in some kind of bondage.

That night, Trevor was wearing thigh-to-wrist restraints, large and heavy, made of thick black leather. Beside these and the collar and leash Marcus pulled him with, he looked like any other leather non submissive man. High boots, long pants, shirt, vest, cap, gloves, all in leather. Quite the same as Marcus. They were at their favorite leather bar, enjoying a nice evening out. Marcus was sitting on a chair, Trevor was kneeling next to him.

“Up, slave Trevor.

– Yes, Master Marcus.”

Marcus unlocked his slave’s left wrist.

“Fetch us some drinks. Mine first.

– Yes, Master Marcus.”

The submissive walked to the counter, ordered two glasses of cider and brought them back to the table, one by one. They drank in silence, enjoying the atmosphere, hailing friends and acquaintances, ogling twinks and bears alike. When they were finished, Marcus tied his slave’s wrist again and led him to a large lit room in the back. Some patrons followed them, glasses in hands, knowing there would be a show.

In the room, Marcus removed the restraints on his slave’s wrists and thighs and clasped them to his own belt.

“Strip, slave Trevor.

– Yes, Master Marcus.”

The submissive man unlaced and removed his boots. While he was stripping, one of their friends approached.

“Hey, Marcus.

– Hi, Thom. How are you?

– Fine, thanks, and you ?

– Fine too.

– Tell me, Marcus, you two are both in a monogamous relationship, right ?

– Yeah? Why do you ask? Want to build a polycule with us?

– Oh no, I’d never. … Not that you’re not—

– I’m just messing with you.

– Oh right. No, I just wonder as you call each other Master Marcus and slave Trevor, as if there were other Masters or other slaves and you need to be precise.

– We just like it like that.

– Oh, alright then.”

During the conversation, the slave has removed and stored all of his clothes, save for the collar locked around his neck. And save for the metal chastity belt around his waist, completely covering his cock and balls. He had placed his hands on his head and was waiting, exposed to all

“Good boy !

– Thank you, Master Marcus.

– To the X cross. Face to the wall.”

The sub obeyed and the Master bound his wrists and ankles to the ties hanging at the ends of the cross. The slave was displayed for all to see. Marcus bent to the pile of leather clothes and unclasped the flogger from his slave’s leather belt. What’s the use of having a slave if he is not the one carrying the tools?

During half an hour, he flogged the backside of his slave, stopping from time to time to either lightly rub the skin or talk to his hurting slave. (Marcus was good at flogging. He had trained for years, both on the giving end and on the receiving end.) At the beginning of that session, the slave had just breathed a little harder, then moaned, then grunted. It didn’t go as far as hurting enough to bring the slave to tears. Not there, not then. Of course, the use of his safeword didn’t even cross his mind. At the end of the thirty minutes, Marcus slid an arm over the untouched shoulders and whispered to his slave.

“Good boy. I’m very proud of you, slave Trevor. You took the flogging like a champ.

– Thank you, Master Marcus.”

Marcus slid his hand down, just grazing the skin. Until he reached the ass. There, he used his finger to push twice on the hole. He didn’t go further, though.

“Take it easy. I’m not releasing you yet. Just use this time to relax.

– Yes, Master Marcus.”

While Marcus was waiting for his slave, the room emptied. The show was finished. Marcus and Trevor were alone. Almost.

A thin young man wearing leather pants, belt and boots, but nothing over the waist, was going back and forth near the door. At last, he seemed to gather some courage and walked to Marcus. Two step away, he went on his knees, bowed his head, crossed his hands behind his back and waited. Marcus watched him in silence for some seconds, letting the boy wait. When he decided the boy had showed enough patience, he spoke to him.


– Sir!

– You dared come to me.

– Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean to presume.

– What is it you want, boy?

– Hmmm…”

The boy hesitated. Long enough for Marcus to speak again.

”I asked you a question.

– Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir. I… I wanted to know if I could… hmmm… lick your slave’s ass, Sir.”

Marcus was not expecting this request.

“My slave is wearing his chastity belt, boy. You might chew on the rubber-covered metal string.

– Sir.”

The boy didn’t move. Marcus turned to his slave, who nodded.

“Ok, your request has been approved, boy.

– Thank you, Sir!!

– You can crawl to him. Make sure you give him pleasure and only pleasure.

– Sir, yes, Sir!”

While the boy crawled, Marcus put his head around the door and called.

“Hey, Thom !” The friend looked at him and approached. “I want another drink. Would you mind watching the slave while I go and fetch one?

– No prob’.

– Thanks.”

Thom came back into the room and Marcus walked to the counter. He came back holding two glasses, one of which he put next to his slave’s clothes.

“Everything alright?

– No!

– What happened??

– I was watching that twink boy rimming your slave and my dick got so hard it hurts!!”

Marcus laughed.

“Yeah, he seems to know how to take care of a man. Check with him if he can do something for your problem.

– I will. As soon as you are finished with him.”

Marcus walked to the two subs. His slave was moaning under the attacks of the tongue on his ass. The boy seemed ready to keep with his rimming for hours. Marcus put a hand on his shoulder.

“Enough, boy.

– Yes, Sir. Thank you for letting me take care of your slave, Sir.

– You’re welcome. Now, if you don’t have other obligations, I think my friend Thom would like to talk with you.”

The twink turned his head and saw Thom looking at him with eyes full of lust and a hand groping his cock through his pants. The twink rotated on his knees and, still crawling, went to the leatherman. With the boy out of the way, Marcus untied his slave from the cross and supported him as he walked to his clothes’ pile.

“I brought you an orange juice.

– Thank you, Master Marcus.”

Trevor sat on the ground and they both sipped their drinks, Marcus standing, Trevor leaning against his Master’s leg. Thom and the twink had left.

When Trevor was clothed again, Marcus put the thigh-to-wrist restrains back in place and gave the two empty glasses to his slave to bring them back to the counter. After that, the leash was clasped back and the two leathermen left the bar

Marcus and Trevor walked up the street, from the bus stop to their house. The night had fallen, but their leather kept them warm. Marcus had an arm around his slave’s waist and had pulled his slave’s head on his own shoulder. Were it not for the restraints on Trevor, they could have looked like simple lovers.

At the front door, Marcus removed the collar and freed his slave’s wrists from the thigh-to-wrist restraints. He unlocked and opened the door, pushing Trevor inside. Before following, he put the collar around his own neck. He put one foot inside and, pulling the door shut behind him, immediately fell on his knees. Trevor removed all of his leather and let it all fall on the ground. He stepped to his slave.

“Slave Marcus.

– Master Trevor.

– If you know what’s good for you, you will remove this belt from me.

– Sir, yes, Sir!”

Marcus knew what was good for him : the hard dick of his very private Master Trevor, pounding slave Marcus’ ass as hard as Master Marcus had flogged slave Trevor’s back.


Prompt was : Master / slave.

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Day 23

To be an anonymous rubber slave, without a face.

Published on 23/10/2023
Tags: #gay #slave #master #domination #submission #BDSM #leather #rubber #oral #science-fiction #nanobots #consensual
Length: 1961 words.


– Master?

– Come here.”

The slave crawled next to his Master’s armchair. The Master removed the padlock linking the hood zip to the collar and unhooded his slave, revealing his whole head. He put the rubber hood on his desk. The slave looked at him with eyes wide from astonishment.

“Please sit on the chair, Michael.”

The boy walked to the designated chair and sat on it, fear in his heart. He couldn’t remember what he had done wrong, but couldn’t see any other reason for what was happening besides being rejected by his Master, their relationship ending right then, right there. He started shivering, tears in his eyes.

“What’s happening, Michael?

– Please, Master, please…

– Talk to me. What’s the problem?

– Please… don’t reject me!!

– What? No! No, Michael, I won’t reject you. Why would I?”

The Master stood from his own armchair, walked to his slave and took him in his arms. The hug lasted until the slave was calm again and stopped sobbing. The Master gently wiped the tears

“Calm down, Michael, please.

– I… I’m sorry, Sir.

– It’s ok, it’s ok. Are you alright?

– Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.

– Now, can we talk without you crumbling, Michael?

– I’ll try.

– Do or do not, Michael. There is no try.”

They both smiled. The shared pop-culture reference alleviated the atmosphere around them. The Master went back to his chair. They were seating on either side of the desk, almost looking like peers. Almost. One was wearing a suit as well as a tie, the other a rubber catsuit as well as a collar and cuffs. The Master looked at his slave with fondness.

“Do you remember the first time we Met, Michael? When we talked about what we were looking for in each other? What limits we had? What fantasies we shared? Or didn’t share?

– I remember, Sir.

– You talked to me about your wish to disappear. To be an anonymous rubber slave, without a face.

– Yes, Sir.

– We never managed that. For several reasons. And time passed. Now, I may have found a way to make sure you never see your face again. Never ever in your whole life. I would control what you look like and, because there are places where your face needs to be seen by others, what you are able to see. This last part will be exceptional, however. Mostly your face will be covered. So, what do you think, Michael? As a human being with thoughts, emotions and desires, not as my submissive, what do you think?”

The slave understood why the Master had uncovered his face and called him by his name. This was serious business, not play.

“Huh… I don’t really know. I have many questions. How does it work? Is it dangerous? How will I shave??”

The Master laughed.

“You’re as pragmatic as ever. It’s new technology, but it has been thoroughly tested, so it should not be dangerous. And I will control how you look like, so I will control your hair. You won’t have to take care of it. It will be taken care of. Now, I want you to think about it. I don’t want you to accept or reject right away. Take at least 24 hours. Understood?

– Yes, Sir.

– This is a very serious evolution that I offer. You need to be sure this is really what you want.

– Yes, Sir.

– Alright. Now come back here, slave.”

The Master was holding the rubber hood up. The slave stood up with a smile on his face and went to kneel next to his Master. The hood covered his face again and he felt much better.

“I don’t know what you were doing, but I know what you are going to do right now.”

The hand stroking the large bulge was a clear enough message. The slave crawled to his place under the desk and was soon enough surrounded by the furniture and the strong legs of his Master, face to face with a hard cock to serve.

The Master and the slave were in the garage, the slave sitting cross-legged on a thick tarp. He was wearing his rubber catsuit, but his head was uncovered. He had cut his hair very short and shaved his face minutes before. Next to him was a large bucket full of black liquid. The air was still (and the earth even more still) but it looked like the liquid was rippling. Two paintbrushes, one as large as three fingers, one as small as a fingernail, were laying next to the bucket. The slave didn’t really know what was happening. The Master came to him holding his smartphone.

“Slave, decline your civilian identity.”

The slave obeyed.

“Slave, last chance. State if you accept or decline the offer of complete anonymization that was made to you. I promise it is your choice and your choice only.

– I swear that I am not under any duress and that I choose to accept the offer my Master made. I wish to lose all sight and knowledge of my own face.”

The Master lowered the phone and smiled at his slave.

“Thank you.”

He turned to a workbench and retrieved a large sheet of plastic from it. Walking to the slave, he put the sheet around the neck and fastened it. It was a E collar, identical to what would be used to prevent a large dog from irritating a wound. He looked surprised.

“This is temporary. Can you breath easily?

– Yes, Sir.

– Good.”

The following step was the application of putty between the plastic cone and the collar of the rubber catsuit. Very soon, the slave was still breathing and the collar was stuck to his skin. Nothing would get through.

“Close your eyes and your mouth. Tight.”

The slave immediately obeyed. He heard steps and very soon felt liquid fall down on his skull. It kept on falling, and started filling the bottom part of the cone. At last it stopped. The slave felt as if the liquid was reaching above just his chin.

“Keep your eyes and mouth closed.”

The slave felt the large brush go all over his head. Down from the top of his skull to his neck then up again. These comings and goings went from just behind one ear to just behind the other, going over the back of the head. Then the same large brush stroke his forehead, his cheeks, his nose, his chin, each ear. The thinner brush was then used for the finishing touches : the inner part of his ears, his eye lids, the underside of his nose, his lips, a small part of his nostrils. He couldn’t see it, but all of his head had been covered with the black liquid from the bucket. His skin had completely disappeared.

The Master let the brushes lay on the inside of the cone, their head in the pool of liquid. He took in his hand a tablet and launched an app. For a time, he used it, giving instructions, tweaking some settings, making some tests. Then he validated all of it and watched his slave.

The pool of liquid at the bottom of the cone started lowering, as if evaporating. But an attentive look could actually see the liquid flow up to the face, joining what was already there. The slave’s head was soon hidden by a thick covering of what looked like rubber. It followed all contours of the face, hiding the finer of them behind its thickness, like the ears. This new hood became dull, as if drying.

A green light blinked on the tablet. The Master went to the slave and removed the putty and the plastic cone. The cone was as new, clean and shiny, without a trace of the liquid. So were the brushes. There was not a drop of liquid anywhere. The slave didn’t move.

“You can open your eyes, slave. And your mouth if you need.

– Yes, Sir, thank you, sir.”

The black eyes looked like before, as if untouched. The Master knew it wasn’t really so.

“Stand, boy. Follow me.”

Together, they walked back into the house, to a large mirror in the corridor. They stopped in front of it.

“Look at yourself, slave. What do you see?

– A rubber hood? A thick rubber hood?”

There was disappointment in his voice.

“Oh no, slave. This is not a rubber hood. Watch.”

The Master used his tablet again. The slave felt something move all around his head. And saw it too. The hood changed. In places, it became thinner. In other places, he became loose, leaving space between itself and the skin. The color changed too. As well as the texture. In seconds, everything changed and nothing changed. The face was still covered. Most of the head too. But what was covering them were a backward caps, sunglasses and a fabric mask, going from over the nose to under the chin, staying in place with rubber bands behind the ears. Hidden by the glasses, the slave’s eyes went very wide.

“See, boy?

– Yes, Sir. How?”

The Master was already giving new instructions to the tablet. The material changed and flowed again. In no time, the slave’s face was imprisoned by a leather muzzle, straps going over the top of his skull, across his forehead, on either part of his nose, under his chin, around his neck and so on. And a large panel covered his mouth and cheeks. The best part was that it was all in one piece. Looking like leather, but without any buckle, keeping it stuck to the skin on all parts. As if it had been grown around the head. Cherry on the cake, a cylinder stared growing from behind the panel and filled the slave’s mouth, further hindering his speech.

“Have you heard about nanites, boy? Or nanobots?” The slave nodded. “Nifty little things. Especially when there are airborne illness. Very useful too, once you know how to command them.” The Master lifted the tablet. “I’ve put enough of them on your head to replace a very thick rubber hood, as you felt before. But, as each of them is very very small, they can go almost everywhere. Let me show you.”

The master once again tapped on the tablet screen. The slave felt things move. The gag left his mouth. The straps thinned and stretched covering the back of his head. The large panel over his face became thinner too. And his vision was getting blurry. He could still see shapes, color, light, but no clear contour, no sharp line. He felt, he knew that his face was uncovered, visible to anyone. Almost anyone. He couldn’t see it. In the mirror in front of him, there was just a pale oval above a black blob.

“I told you you wouldn’t see your face again. The nanites are programmed. If they uncover more than 50% of your face, some of them crawl over your eyes and prevent you from seeing clear. Some kind of reverse contact lenses if you will. I don’t even have to tell them. They know it and will take care of it each and every time. But don’t worry. As I was saying, it won’t happen often. I much prefer it when you wear something over your face.”

New taps on the tablet, new change. The slave’s vision became crisp again. But not quick enough for him to discern his face. What he saw was a fabric balaclava, stretching tight all over his head, save for his eyes.

“The sky is the limit, boy. Actually, I wonder. Not what I will make you wear next. No, what I wonder is if I shouldn’t give you a new name. What do you think of… ‘Masks’ ?”


Prompt was : Mask.

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Day 24

Straps of leather can be combined to pieces of wood to create really nice bondage furniture.

Published on 24/10/2023
Tags: #gay #domination #submission #bondage #craft #leather #oral #anal #humour #consensual
Length: 1206 words.

When my husband and I bought our house in the valley, we obviously weren’t the first LGBT+ people there. But we were the first to display flags. Two of them. The Progressive Pride flag and the BDSM Pride flags. We don’t push them into the face of inhabitants, but they can be seen from the road in front of our house. No one bothers us about them, which is a good thing. I dislike getting angry, but any one trying to pick a fight with me or my husband would quickly find themselves in an actual fight, at least a verbal one.

But either no one cared or no one dared. We can live our life in the country. We do. After many years in a big town, we wanted calm. We wanted neighbours who would hail us in the street, we wanted proximity with the shopkeepers, we wanted local products and we get all of that. We also wanted peace of mind, which is the reason we made clear our house and ground were off limits, unless a formal invitation has been issued. We enforce that. We built high wooden fences and upgraded them with thick hedges. We installed some cameras watching the ground. We accept no trespassers and put terror into those who try. We sometimes invite people to our home and show them the living room with its bookshelves, coffee table and open fireplace, the kitchen with its modern cooking range, the office with our wooden desks and leather armchair, the workshop with our many machine tools, so that curiosity and ignorance wouldn’t push people to try and get in. And we talk to people. At the pub, during groceries, in the restaurant, during walks in the forest. Polite and friendly, always.

What helped us a lot is that we bought (and still buy) products directly from the producer. Food of course, but also raw materials. I especially do. My trade is wood. I craft small or medium items for our personal use or for sale, mostly in wood, sometimes with metal or leather. Leather is my husband’s trade. It’s not as easy for him to get leather locally, but he still buys some from time to time.

Obviously, we sometimes craft together. Straps of leather can be combined to pieces of wood to create really nice bondage furniture. Those we don’t advertise and thus almost never sell. They are for our personal use. And there are two of them which we are particularly proud of.

The first is the Box. When closed and unused, it looks like a medium chest of drawers, but when the top and the front are removed, it can open and be used for bondage. There are shelves inside where a man can sit and place his arms. And many straps along these shelves and the inner sides to make sure he won’t get out. I love the Box, especially when there is only a head sticking out of it and the body attached to it is hidden. Many times a sub or a switch has been kept in it for hours, while his Doms and Masters lived their lives next to him, eating, drinking, talking, playing, completely free of their actions. I had seen bondage boxes on the internet and wanted to build one myself. I needed a lot of tries and errors, as I could never find any blueprints and had to work it out by myself. One further reason to be proud.

The second item which fills me with pride is our … roast bench. (Yeah, I’m still working on a catchy name.) It looks like, and can be used as, a classic fuck bench. The sub or bottom is tied to it, chest on the central platform, forearms and lower legs on platforms, with many straps all over to make sure the boy doesn’t fall (or escape). I build it high enough that the boy can be fucked by men standing up. Obviously, it can be used by only one Dom and one sub, but I find it much better when the boy is filled at both end, being ass-fucked and skull-fucked at the same time. Spitroasting a boy is one of my favorite activities. Especially if my husband is on the other end and we can frenchkiss over the back of the boy, filling him to our roots. That’s the classic use. What makes mine special, besides the small shelves and holes to put protection and lube, is that it can rotate horizontally. You want to change places? The boy has teased your cock with his tongue and you want to reward him by fucking his ass? No need to move. Just unlatch the bench, make the top part turn 180 degrees, and voilà! the bottom is facing the other way, and the tops can try his other opening. This can be really fun and very surprising for first timers, whatever their role. But the really best way to enjoy our roast bench is in the middle of our living room, right in front of the open fireplace, when it is in use. The sub gets to be roasted on one side, then turned to be roasted on the other side with hard cocks in his holes.

When we get to do this, I never hesitate to cum all over the boy’s body and spread my juices all over his skin, so that his “skin stays hydrated and supple during the cooking”. I really don’t see why we couldn’t have a laugh between two orgasms or while being fucked.

I realise that I used the word ‘boy’. It’s used to describe submissive adult men. Not minors.

I need to specify this because, as some of the few out gay men in the region, we are often approached by anxious teenagers who still feel out of place, abnormals, alone. To these we talk. In public. Always in public. We issue invitations but only to be used when they are adults. Sometimes we get to be the first sexual experience of a young countryman coming to us the day right after his 18th birthday, whether it is a high school graduate looking for a deflowering before his first days at the university or a farmer who will stay in the valley and wants his first time to be with experienced men.

Sometimes we get adults. Young or old. Among those, we talk with those who need to talk. Those who married because that was the way. Those who stayed alone for years. Those who realise they might be bisexual. And for the others, those who want to play, we propose one night of vanilla sex. Only one. We are not looking for partners. And to the men among them who got well along with us during that night, we offer one weekend of pure BDSM, where they get to experience what it is to submit to two leather masters. Not a lot accept. Which suits us. We are husbands. We love each other.

And if we really really need to get a temporary sub, we have enough city-dwelling acquaintances who would kill for a weekend of kinky sex in a big country house with bondage furniture.


Prompt was : Spit roast.

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Day 25

One way to communicate.

Published on 25/10/2023
Tags: #gay #domination #submission #oral #watersports #odour #feet #bondage #consensual
Length: 1015 words.

Like all well-functioning couples, my boyfriend and I communicate a lot. Obviously we talk together. But we also use other ways. Hugs and cuddles are a good way to convey different messages, from “I love you” to “I see you are enraged, let me help you” to plain “let’s fuck”.

But, actually, our favourite sense to use is our sense of smell. We both have keen sense of smell and our brain gives them profound meaning, from parts of prized distant memories to pleasant activities coming in the very near future.

That one day, I came back from work with irritation. My colleagues had been annoying, the clients had been very demanding, the weather was cold and wet. So after coming back home and storing all external items, I called his name. I heard his voice coming from the sofa. I arrived from behind him and, without a word, pressed my still warm and smelly sock on his nose. He dropped the magazine he was reading and let his head fall back. He inhaled hard, enjoying the odour. When I removed my hand, leaving the sock on his face, he slid, from the sofa, until he was in front of it, on his knees.

“Thank you, Master. Please let me take care of you, Master.”

I walked around, sat on the sofa and let the boy remove my other sock. He then massaged my feet, with his hands, his face and his tongue, making sure I was getting relaxed. After he had finished his massage on both feet, he laid himself on the floor, put the socks back on his face, over his nose and firmly planted my feet on the sock, pressing on either side of his face. And once again, he inhaled.

That other day, I woke up first, still in his arms. As it was Sunday, we both had deactivated our alarm clocks, and could stay in bed. But I thought to myself I would keep him there with a twist. I extracted myself from the bed and put some water in the kettle for tea. While it was heating up, I took a bottle intended for this purpose and emptied my bladder in it.

I brought the tea and the piss-filled bottle to the bedroom. My boyfriend woke up from the smell of tea. He immediately fetched the gasmask from his night table and started to put it on.

“Drink the tea first, boy.

– Yes, Master.”

After he had emptied the cup, he put the gasmask on his head and spread himself on the bed. I tied his ankles and wrists to the four corners of the bed, making sure he couldn’t move. With the help of a hose, I linked the entry of the mask to the piss-filled bottle. He could still breath, but it would be harder and the strong smell of my morning piss would be omnipresent. I slid back on the bed, putting the duvet over both our bodies, enjoying the sound of his breath and the smell of his armpit.

I was dozing on and off when a curt shout from me woke me up.

“Please, Master!!”

There was urgency in his voice. I removed the gasmask

“What is it, boy?

– I really really need to piss. I can’t wait long any more.

– Oh but you are so nicely tied. And the bottle is already full!”

I used my falsely innocent voice. We both knew where this was going.

“Please, Master!! I will empty the bottle! Please, I can’t keep it in.”

I smiled and without a word unhooked the bottle from the hose. I brought it up to his lips and held his head up so that he could drink my cold piss. When he had gulped the last drop, I put his cock inside the bottle and told him to let go. He filled the bottle and we were ready for another session of him smelling nothing but strong morning piss, his own that time.

One other time, he had been baking in the kitchen while I was enjoying a nice audiobook in the living room. I heard a bip over the narrator. It was a message from my boyfriend, whom I had not heard calling me from the kitchen. I walked to him, asking what it was about. He made me smell something from a coffee spoon. Of course, I immediately recognised the odour : his own precum.

“Hey, boy. You want my cum?

– Yes, Master, please.”

His hand was already on my bulge, just grazing it.

“Have you been nice?

– Yes, Master.

– Are you that horny?

– Yes, Master. Please, I need your cum!

– You want to taste it?

– Oh yes!! Please, Master, feed me!!

– Are you finished with your tasks?

– Yes, Master!!

– Then you know what to do.”

He removed my jockstrap before I had time to put my hands and butt on the back of the chair. But as soon as I was supported and uncovered, he dived to my cock, taking it into his mouth. In two moves, his lips were at my root, his nose in my pubes. He stayed there for a while, inhaling my body odour, swallowing my cock. And then he started working for what he wanted. Knowing what I like, he kept my cock in his mouth, using his tongue and his throat to please my shaft and my glans. His gag reflex felt very good on my cock. Talented as he was, it didn’t take long before he got my warm juice on his tongue and swallowed it. Just in time to take the cake out of the oven before it would burn.

There is one smell to which we both react in the exact same way. One smell where there is no more Master or boy. One smell we have learned to make disappear immediately unless it fills the whole appartement and lingers for hours. That smell happens when I come back home after a walk under pouring rain, when my guide dog is completely soaked in water and smells like … wet dog, obviously.


Prompt was : Smells.

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Day 26

No story written that day. Sorry, guys.


Prompt was : Costume.

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Day 27

Good dragon.

Published on 27/10/2023
Tags: #gay #anal #oral #toys #dildo #gangbang #vanilla #consensual
Length: 2677 words.

”Gods, I wish I had enough money!!

– Hmmm…

– I could buy myself one of those! Or two!!”

I looked up from my book to my best friend. He was looking intensively at his laptop screen.

“What are you talking about?

– This, Nate!”

He turned the laptop so that it faced me and I saw. He was on a sex shop website, specialized in dildos. The page was filled of pictures showing the products. All of them in the same position : lying on a black reflective surface, with a black background. Nothing to distract the eye from the products. In my head, I rolled my eyes. As if they needed to avoid distraction. The dildos were interesting enough by themselves. Colorful, textured, gigantic and … non-human.

“Oh, Bad Dragon.”

I was much less thrilled than my friend.

“How are you so jaded?” he asked. “Look at that. This one. So big. And the ridges!! Or that one!! It’s sooooo long! And the middle ring must be so good when you reach it.

– Meh.

– “Meh” ???

– Hey, I’m a top, alright?

– I know, I know. But look, they’ve got masturbators too.

– Silicone got nothing on warm flesh. I’d rather fuck a cute little butt attached to a hot twink. Just like yours.”

I smiled and he laughed.

“Yeah, yeah, of course.”

We had known each other for years. I knew he would see it as banter. He went back to browsing the website in silence. And he was excited. I had seen the bulge of his shorts when he had moved and it was much bigger than usual. Well, I was too. I decided to call some of the guys.

Several days later, we were once again both at my home, him sprawled on the sofa with a comic in his hands and my cat purring on his chest. I was seated in my armchair, reading a novel, drinking some tea. We often did that. Calm afternoons with books, tea, cat and electronic music as background.

My phone chimed. I read the message in silence, then looked at my friend.


– Hm?

– Still want a Bad Dragon?

– Too expensive.

– That was not my question.”

He sighed.

“Yes, I still want a Bad Dragon, Nate. Why?

– I have an offer.

– You have a discount on the site?”

Now he was interested. Enough to ditch the comic and look at me. (Not enough to remove the cat.)

“Nope. But if you want, I can offer you one night where you can try as many Bad Dragon-like dildos as your ass can bear.

– Bad Dragon-like? Cheap knockoff? Thanks but no thanks.

– Well, not from the official site, but I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed. Same morphologies, if you want. But better. Much better. Actually, the dildos you showed me are the knockoffs of what I can offer.

– Better?

– That is a promise.

– How?

– I know a guy.”

I shrugged and smiled.

“Let’s say I’m interested. How does it happen?

– You come here Saturday evening, clean inside and outside, fully rested. I bring you to a secret place where there is a room full of the dicks you want, equipped with lube and condoms.

– Dicks? Not dildos?

– Don’t split hairs. You know what I mean. Once they are in your ass, don’t they work as dicks? You want it or not?

– Yeah, yeah. I really hope it will be as good as you promise.

– Don’t you worry for that.”

He was early, obviously. I had to keep him occupied and calm, with nothing but tea and honey. When the time came, we went to my car. Before I started driving, I put a neoprene blindfold on him, which I covered with thick soccer sock. He protested a bit, but I convinced him. We drove a bit, taking some detours. At last we arrived at the warehouse where we needed to be. I drove the car in the underground park. There I removed the blindfold. I led him up the stairs, and through corridors, to a room with sofas, soft light, glasses, drinks. A lounge area. On the other side of the room, two steps led to a door. I pointed to the door.

“There you are. On the other side of this door is the room you want. I will wait here.” I lifted a book. “Unless you need me.

– I think I can manage.”

We had arrived at the door. I opened it and pushed him inside. The first thing he saw was the weird shape of the room : it was eight-sided. Then he saw what was promised to him : from each of the other seven walls, a long, large, colorful and obviously non-human dildo was exposed. They all were low. Low enough to be used when crawling on all fours. The only other features of the room were a glass and metal coffee table and an armchair covered in rubber. On the coffee table was a large bottle of lube and a bowl full of XL condoms. I turned his head toward my face and watched him with a serious face.

“Use the condoms! They must stay in perfect condition. This is important. Do you understand?”

He took a step back in surprise.

“Alright, alright. Sheesh… Can I remove them from the wall?

– Nope, they stay here.

– That won’t be very practical.

– Don’t you think you might be a tad too demanding?”

He didn’t answer. Instead, he walked around the room. He stroked each dildo at least once. Then he went to the armchair and removed his t-shirt.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it. I’m on the other side if you need me.”

I left and closed the door.

Tom, now naked, looked around the warm room. He lubed his own ass, using three fingers to prepare himself. He then took a condom from the bowl and went to one of his desires. It looked almost like a human dick, but a very long one. There stopped the similarities. Beside that, it was blue and had a knot next to the base. Tom covered it, stroked it once with his lube covered fingers and knelt in front of it. Holding it to his hole with one hand, he moved back and slowly impaled himself on it. It wasn’t as easy as he had thought. The thing was longer than what he was used to. But the hardest part was actually the knot. Tom had to push himself to make it enter. When his ass accepted it, he yelped a bit, but the feeling of being filled was worth it. After that, Tom still pushed himself and at last felt his butt touch the wall. He tried to take the dildo out, but the knot was kind of preventing that. This excited Tom. He was filled by a long knotted dick and he was loving it. He pulled on it, trying to widen his hole then let himself slide back. He did that for several minutes, feeling the head dick push on his joy button and the knot pull on his ass hole. After a while, he reminded himself there were other dildos to try. So, with an effort, he removed himself from that one.

With a new condom in hand, he looked at the others. And he saw his next target. A very large cock, all in shades of red. The large head, so large it told Tom he would need all of his training, was a very bright unnatural red. The color darkened along the shaft until the root and the balls who were blood red. The balls were very large and heavy. The sack holding them was peppered with small round bumps. But the main part was the shaft. Mostly as large as the head, it looked like three very thick disks put one above the other, each one a bit larger than the previous. Tom drooled. He wanted that in his ass. Immediately. He ran to the table, grabbed the bottle of lube and went back to the monstrous dildo. He covered it with the condom and the lube. Once again, he knelt down in front of it. Taking a deep breath, he once again pushed his body backward. The head pushed on his ass hole. Tom felt glad he hadn’t tried this one first. The first one had opened him and it helped with this second one. Tom went slowly. His hole was stretched to the max, but it accepted the monster. At last, after several minutes of effort, Tom felt the wall against his butt and the balls against his taint. He moaned, proud of himself. He had never ever felt as full as with this dildo. And then he started fucking his own ass with the dildo. It took some more efforts, and another dose of lube, but he managed the faster back and forth he was aiming for. He made sure to let the head graze his joy button, making him hard and excited. He fucked himself until he felt the orgasm rising. As he didn’t want to finish this soon, he stopped. Slowly, he removed himself from the cock. Very slowly. The dick in his ass was still large and the ridges along it were brutal.

When he was standing up again, he looked around the room, frowning. And then he walked to the door.

The sound of the door opening made me look up from my book. Tom was coming out of the room, completely nude, but glaring at me.

“Hey Tom, everything ok? I though you would stay in there much longer.”

His answer was not what I expected.

“You know, I’m not as stupid as you think.

– I never said you were, Tom. What is this about?

– You didn’t say it, but you act as if I am.

– I promise I don’t. I’m your friend. What’s the matter?

– I want to see the men!”

Oh… So much for discretion. I stammered trying to find what to say, when a voice interrupted us.

“Drop it, Nate.”

I turned toward the external door. There was a figure there. Well, a figure. One of my buddies actually. Completely nude, showing his whole body, large cock included.

“I knew it!” Tom whispered in an excited voice and walked past me. “Who are you?

– I’m the man behind the cock you just fucked, you slut.

– But what are you?”

That was actually a good question. My buddy looked humanoid but was clearly not human. His skin was red and leathery, his eyes were black with golden slits, his cock was humongous, his horns were obsidian-like. He wasn’t that tall, which made his dick look even bigger.

“Oh, I’m a demon actually. But you can call me Baron.”

Tom turned to me.

“Are you a demon too? Where is my friend?

– I am your friend. I always was. And I’m not a demon.”

My buddy put a hand on Tom’s shoulder.

“Wouldn’t you rather come with me and the guys? We will give you all the cock you want.

– Are we talking about a gangbang by demons?

– I’m the only demon. But there are werewolves, werebears, dracoïds, angels, orcs, and so on. And each and everyone of us served as template for the Bad Dragon products. But yeah, gangbang. We are all very excited.

– Really?”

Tom’s eyes were shining with lust.

“Yup. Now come with me. Or better…”

Baron put an arm behind Tom’s back and in one swipe lifted him to his shoulder, putting Tom’s ass in the air. A large hand spanked him and stayed put, keeping him in place. Baron turned and went to the corridor.

When I entered the room where Tom was being gangbanged, I was as naked as the others. And in my true form, covered in scales, with a long snout, leathery wings and a long and strong tail. (It was a relief, by the way.) I walked around the sling where Tom was lying. He looked so small and frail, surrounded by all the monsters. There already was cum all over his torso. White cum, black cum, red cum, even ice blue cum. I let my scaled fingers slide over Tom’s skin. He looked up at the newcomer that I was, not recognizing his friend. But my cock was rock hard and it was all that interested him right then. I put my crotch above his head and waved my cock. Tom let his head fall and opened his mouth wide. I knew he wouldn’t manage to get all of me in his mouth, but he tried with fervor. It was a new thing for both of us. Never had I had sex with a human while in my true form. I felt his tongue slide over my scales, touching them, discovering this new feeling. From above it looked like he was trying to swallow a large snake. He focused on my spade-shaped glans. He did his best and that was more than enough for me. I felt my orgasm rise, but left his mouth before going over the edge. He actually moaned in disappointment and looked at me with hunger.

“I want your ass, boy.”

He didn’t recognized me behind my true voice, more of a growl, but it made him shiver. I walked towards his ass. Which was occupied by the angel.


– Hey, I was there first.”

I was not in the mood to discuss. I made small flame come out of my nostrils.

“I said : leave. He is mine.

– But…”

Stronger flames. The angel stepped back before the heat. Baron’s voice came from the back of the room.

“Let it go, Daniel. Come here, I will take care of you.”

The angel left sullenly. I stepped between Tom’s lifted legs. With one hand on his waist and the other holding my cock, I entered his ass. At long last. I had lusted after Tom for years. And now I could fuck his tight cool (for me) ass. I went slowly, letting him feel every inch of my hard cock. When my head was completely in and his ass had tightened after it, I went back a little to open it again. There were very few things I liked better than feeling the long head of my cock come in and out of an ass. Tom seemed to like it too, according to his louder and louder moans. I stopped playing and went fully in. His tight flesh was pressing on my scales. I relaxed and let my temperature go to its normal level.

“Your cock is so hot!! And so big!!

– That’s what you get when you are fucked by a dracoïd, boy.

– Please don’t stop! I fell so full.

– Oh you just had to ask.”

I fucked him hard. Right there, right then. It was not how I had envisioned our first time together, but it didn’t matter. I caught his waist in my hands and fucked him quick and hard. His own cock was hard and twitching. My thighs were slapping his butt, my dick was pushing deep in his ass. He kept moaning.

Still fucking him, I bent over his body, putting my arms around his neck, spreading my wings around us. He also caught me, his arms around my neck, his legs around my waist. I quickened my rhythm, feeling my orgasm come.

“Oh yes, fill my ass. Fuck me. Give me your cum!!”

That was the spark needed. I came deep inside his ass, my head thrown backwards, my nostrils blowing long flames. He came too, his cock between us, his own cum covering both our torsos.

I fell down on him, panting, my dick still in his ass, my chin on his shoulder. I heard a whisper in my ear.

“I love you so much, Nate. Never leave me.” I stiffened in shock and tried to stand up, but his arms and legs were tight against me. His voice was in my ear again. “Promise you will fuck me like this every time. Please. Please be my Good Dragon!”


Prompt was : Monster.

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Day 28

“I didn’t plan on being kept the whole night by a barely clad man. Well, yes actually, I did.”

Published on 29/10/2023
Tags: #gay #handjob #sex work #bondage #dildo #rubber #chastity #leather
Length: 3090 words.

Friday, 19:55.

In his room two floors above the ground of his large house, Alan Vanek was getting ready. Rubber sheets on the bed, cuffs around his ankles and wrists, ice locks at the four corners of the bed, keys, lube and condom on the night table. He locked his ankles first then his wrists. He was stuck to his bed, spreadeagled, until the ice would thaw. In its cage, Alan’s cock tried to harden without success.

In his small house further down the ground of the property, Mark Smith was heating his meal and getting ready to eat in front of the surveillance screens. He had finished unpacking his travel case after coming back from one week at the Canaries. Shower and laundry could wait for the next day. Until then, he was content to stay in his jockstrap. Maybe he would find some nice porn before bed and fill his jockstrap with thick cum.

In the woods next to property, Franck Still was checking everything he needed one last time. His rubber catsuit was on, hidden by his black jeans, t-shirt and converse. His backpack was filled with some of his tools of trades : a flogger, some dildos, a ball gag, lube and condoms, a leather muzzle, handcuffs, two coils of rope, a leather collar, two rolls of tape, a pair of leather mitts. And a micro-perforated rubber hood which he put on his own head. He stroked his crotch and ass, feeling the cage imprisoning his cock and the plug filling his ass.

Franck walked through the woods to the wall surrounding the properties. He reached a small gate and found it unlocked, as promised. He shut it behind him and walked slowly toward the back of the big house. As promised, the back door was unlocked too. He entered it and tried to find his bearings in the dark room. But he was interrupted by a large hand on his mouth and an arm around his torso, pinning his arms to him and his body to the body behind him. A masculine voice whispered in his ear.

“Good thing I came back tonight. I just caught myself a burglar.” Franck tried to struggle and free his mouth, but the man was much stronger. The man waited a bit for his captive to calm down. He relaxed his arm and brought his hand up. The taser that he held crackled when he pushed the button. “Now, you criminal, you are going to come with me. In silence. Understood?” Franck tried to say something, but the hand kept him unintelligible. “I said in silence.” The voice was more threatening, and the arm squeezed his torso again. “Will you obey or should I take you out with the taser?”

Franck stopped struggling and relaxed his own body. He hoped the man would understand. The hand left his mouth. He was turned to face the man and found himself in front of a tall and very brawny man, covered in muscles and hair and … only a jockstrap. A very full jockstrap. He looked like a giant, especially next to Franck’s twink shape.

“I haven’t had time to dress, boy. I wanted to catch you as soon as possible, before you fled or stole something. Now come here.”

Mark took Franck by the shoulder with his left hand and, holding the taser next to his waist, led him outside the house, through the ground and to a smaller house. When they were both in, he locked the door, shut all windows and blinds and set the surveillance system to automatic. Franck still hadn’t moved. He knew he could not escape nor physically overcome the man in front of him. He could only hope to reason with him. But he waited for the man to talk first. Maybe he could also try to buy his freedom.

“So you wanted to steal from my employer? Bad move. First, let’s see what you look like. Ditch the bag and remove the hood.”

Franck obeyed. Mark laughed.

“Oh boy, why the hood? Your skin is as dark!”

Franck kept silent. Still holding the taser, Mark pointed to the backpack.

“Show me what’s inside this bag. I have to make sure.”

Franck obeyed once again. Maybe it would be useful to explain what he was trying to do.

“Can you stop calling me ‘boy’? I’m 22 actually.

– I can call you whatever you want. We haven’t been introduced. And you look so frail and young, boy suits you.” Franck let the items fall from the bag. “Uh, boy, this looks much worse. Were you trying to kidnap or rape my employer?

– No!!

– Looks like it.

– I promise. He is my employer too.

– Yeah, right. Pull the other one.

– I swear!

– What would he employ you for? SM sex?

– Well, yes, actually.

– Nope. I’ve known the man for years. SM is not his thing. And I never ever saw him hire a sex worker.” Franck inhaled but decided to stay silent. “Now, what am I gonna do with you? It’s late, I want to sleep not deal with the police.”

Franck stiffened in shock.

“Police? I done nothing!!

– Breaking and entering, boy. That’s not nothing. But it seems you don’t want the police either.

– No, I don’t. Please don’t call them. Please!!

– Well, I’m not competent for deciding. So you stay here with me tonight and we will see in the morning.

– With you?

– I won’t harm you. Just make sure you don’t escape while I sleep. Ready for bed?”

Franck knew he had no choice. He decided to wait for the morning and try and con the man into letting him go.

“Hmm… Can I please go to the bathroom, first?

– Not ready? Did you plan on making a pit stop during the burglary?

– I didn’t plan on being kept the whole night by a barely clad man. … Well, yes actually, I did. But not like this. And I didn’t plan a burglary!!

– Yeah, yeah. The bathroom is this way.” Franck walked to the designated door. “Don’t try to escape, there are bars at the window.”

Franck almost flipped the bird but kept his anger in rein. He entered the room and locked it. Pulling his jeans down, he removed the butt plug. Thanks to the anal sheath from the catsuit, it was clean.

“While you’re at it, lose the shoes, pants and shirt, boy. I don’t want you in my bed with your dirty clothes.

– Do I have too?

– I can still call the police, they’re open 24/7.

– Alright, alright.”

Franck came out of the bathroom holding his clothes and hiding the plug between them. Mark was rummaging Franck’s items.

“Boy, you’re either specialized in human trafficking or a sex worker in a certain niche.

– I told you!!

– Yeah, yeah.”

Mark lifted his head and looked at Franck.

“Rubber catsuit? You are kinky. Come here. I want to make sure you didn’t carry all this for nothing.

– But—“

Mark lifted an eyebrow. Franck shut up. In less than five minutes, Franck’s hands were stuck in the leather mitts and handcuffed behind his back. The leather collar was around his neck and one of the rope was used as a leash

“Is this really necessary?

– I like to sleep in peace. Be glad I don’t gag you.”

Using the rope, Mark pulled Franck to his bedroom and to the bed. He helped the rubber boy lie on the bed and attached the rope to a bedpost. He pulled the duvet down, slid into the bed and pulled the duvet up again, covering both of them. Then he hugged the other body to him, putting Franck’s head on his own shoulder, his arm keeping the boy close. Franck could smell Mark’s body odor. It was not unpleasant, quite the contrary, but it reminded Frank of Mark’s remark regarding his clothes. Frank thought it was pretty cheeky of him.

Quickly, Franck heard deep breaths coming from the man holding him. At last he was sleeping. Franck pulled on his cuffs and tried to open his hands. He also moved his neck to try and free himself from the rope. All of that without success. He was expecting it but needed to try. His wriggles only managed to make Mark pull him tighter in his sleep.

Franck sighed and let himself fall asleep.

In his big house further up, Alan Vanek was still bound to his bed. He wasn’t worried, but wondered why he was still alone. It wasn’t what was scheduled.

Franck was woken up by the pain of his hardening cock in the chastity cage. He looked to the ceiling and saw the time projected there from the alarm clock. It was still early but at least the sun was up. So, it could be considered as morning. Franck hadn’t had the best of nights. He wasn’t used to sleeping in bondage and the man he had seen as a bear the evening before had exposed himself as an octopus. There hadn’t been a minute during the night where he hadn’t had an arm or two around Franck’s body. Nothing more, nothing sexual. Just hugs. But permanent.

As Franck’s mind woke up and became clearer, he realized they were spooning. Franck obviously was the little spoon. And Mark’s body was waking up. The hard rod Franck felt on his ass was making it evident. Franck decided to have fun. He was limited in his moves, but that wasn’t the first time.

One mitt on either side of the cock, he began to fondle the hard cock. Softly and slowly first, but he improved the handjob without waiting. He felt it twitch and harden, which he didn’t think was possible. He kept fondling it. He couldn’t do much more. It lasted several minutes. Until…

Until the arms around his torso tightened, reducing his breath, and a loud moan filled his ear. The cock jerked in Franck’s mitted fists. The leather prevented him from feeling the cum, but Franck knew he had satisfied another man. Not the one planned, but it felt like a victory nonetheless.

In the meantime, Mark was catching his breath.

“Fuck, boy, you need to work on your bed manners.

– You’re the first to complain.

– I bet the others were forewarned.

– You chose to share your bed with a self-professed sex worker. And you’re the one who pressed his hard cock against me. Was it that unpleasant?

– … No.” Mark stood up. “Now, I definitely need a shower.

– You needed a shower before. You reek.

– For fuck’s sake, boy, how did you manage to survive this long with such a mean mouth?

– My mouth delivers much more pleasure, that’s all.

– Yeah, yeah. Now, you want a shower too?

– Not with these, leather doesn’t do well with water.” Mark removed the mitts and the collar, allowing Franck to stand up. “Thank you. Can you please remove the cuffs too? I fear my arms are dying.

– Don’t try nothing funny, boy. I can and will beat you if needed.

– I know. I won’t.”

They went to the shower, Franck almost free from all restraints. Mark went first, as soon as the water was warm. He had removed his jockstrap and was in all his glory. Franck refrained from drooling. The cock, even soft, was exciting, with its tip covered by foreskin. The ass was plump and hairy. The back was wide. The dark hair was in contrast with the pale skin. Franck couldn’t hold back any more. His cock was still hurting in the cage, but he wanted to touch this body. He stood up and walked to the shower door.

“Can I help you?

– What do you mean, boy?

– Can I wash you? Please?

– What?

– I really really would like to touch your body. Just let me wash you.

– No funny business?

– I promise.”

Mark sighed.

“As you wish, then.”

Franck smiled and entered the shower. He grabbed the shower gel, put some on his hands and lathered the pecs in front of him. Starting there, he made sure every part of the upper body was lathered and massaged. The pecs and abs were a delight to rub. He did the same for each arm too, going over the shoulder and down to the hands. He enjoyed the large biceps. He then knelt down, took a foot in his hand and placed it on his own thigh. From this position, he washed the whole leg and foot, once again making sure no part was left unattended. He did the same for the second leg.

Mark, seeing the kneeling boy washing his feet, started to get horny. He turned his head, trying to think about other things. He should not fuck the boy. It was not the place nor the moment. He was a security guard and the boy was a criminal.

Franck stood up again and pushed Mark so that the man turned around. The black twink started washing the very broad back. He began with the nape, pushing his fingers deep, making sure all kinks and knots disappeared. Mark started moaning but stopped himself. Franck kept on, as if he heard nothing. He lathered the shoulder blades and the length of the spine. He made sure to go over both side of the waist. He knelt once again and washed the butts, not forgetting the ass cleft. His hand, covered in a new dollop of shower gel, slid over the taint and reached the balls.

“Hey! I said no funny business.

– I’m just washing you. All over.

– I can take care of this part.

– Please. I promise. Just a wash.

– Nothing more!”

Mark knew he should have thrown the boy out of the shower. But he was having so much pleasure from the soft hands. He turned again to face the boy. Which knelt once again. Franck took the balls in his hands, with very delicate gestures, almost reverence. He held them and covered them softly with the lather. He did the same with the uncut cock, pulling the foreskin down to wash the large glans. The dick was slowly hardening.

“Will you hurry?

– I just want to make sure I’m not hurting you.”

Franck delicately let the dick fall down. He then washed the pubes and the rest of the crotch. At last he stood up.

“Now get out and… No, come back here.”

Mark let shampoo fall on his hands and forcefully rubbed the boy’s head with them, effectively cleaning the hair. He then caught the boy under his arm and pulled him under the water to rinse him. He used the remains to slightly wash the boy’s face.

“Now, out. Dry yourself and let me finish.”

Several minutes later, they were back in Mark’s living room. Franck was clad in his black clothes, wearing his backpack with almost all the items in them. Almost, because the handcuffs were back on his wrists. Mark was clad in his security guard uniform, a tight black t-shirt, black cargo pants held by a wide leather belt, truncheon on one side, taser and zip ties on the other. Black hiking boots and black leather gloves finished it all. The boy was standing while the guard was placing a call on his phone.

“Sir? … Yes. Can I come to see you? … Alright, I’ll be there.” He hung up. “Very soon, we will see what happens to you.”

Ten minutes later, they entered the sunlit house. Franck could at last see the inside. It was well decorated, with wooden floor, paintings on the walls, nice lights. They arrived at a door. The guard zip-tied the handcuffs to a fixed lamp. He whispered to his prisoner.

“You’d better not speak until allowed. I won’t hesitate to beat you up. Understood?”

Franck nodded. Mark went to the door and knocked. He entered when allowed.

In the office, seated at his desk, was Alan Vanek, wearing a suit and tie.

“Good morning, Mark.

– Good Morning, sir.

– How are you? Already back? I thought your return was today.

– Yesterday, actually. Which was a good thing, sir.

– What do you mean?

– Let me show you.”

The guard left the door, release the boy from the lamp and led him into the office by his shoulder. When they were in front of the desk, he pressed on the shoulder until the boy knelt, not without an exasperated roll of his eyes. Standing straight, with a hand still on the boy’s shoulder to keep him down, Mark started to speak.

“Sir, yesterday eveni—”

Franck looked toward the suited man too and smiled at him. He interrupted the guard.

“Good morning, Sir. Sorry for the delay, I was—”

A leathered glove clamp his mouth and chin. A face came down to his, looking him in the eyes with anger.

“I told you not to speak.”

They heard a chair scrap the floor and fall down. They looked in front of them. The man was standing, his hands pushed flat on the desk. He was looking at the boy.

“YOU!! Where were you? Where is my fucking key?”

The guard and the boy stayed in place, surprised. The man walked to them.

“Let him stand, Mark.” Franck was quickly back on his feet. “Where is my key, Franck?”

The boy smiled and touched his chest with his cuffed hands.

“I kept it hidden under here. You can have it.”

The man in the suit pulled on a thin chain around the boy’s neck. Hanging from it was a single key. The man walked behind his deck and sat on its edge, back to his two visitors. They saw him look down and mess with his crotch. A small click was heard and very soon after, a loud moan of pleasure.

“Free at last!!”

The man stood up and went back to the two others. His cock was out of his pants, hard and leaking.

“Where were you, Franck?

– In the arms of your security guard, which you told me nothing about!!

– I didn’t think he would be here.

– Well he was, he caught me and didn’t want to let me go.”

Mark found his voice back and, making sure to look his employer in the eye, talked to him.

“I caught him breaking and entering through the back door, sir.

– No. You caught him when he entered through the door which I had purposely left unlocked. While I was waiting for him, in my bed.”

Mark stammered. Franck couldn’t let it pass.

“I fucking told you so!!!”


Prompt was : a drawing of a padlock and what looked like a shield or a police badge. I decided to write a kind of "cop and robber" story.

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Day 29

“Next lesson we switch roles and you’re the one who gets fucked.”

Published on 29/10/2023
Tags: #gay #handjob #anal #dildo #vanilla #pegging #hypnosis #transidentity #consensual
Length: 3312 words.

The library was full of people but very quiet. Libraries tend to hush people. Which suits me a lot. And the Library of Trinity College hushed even more. The awe tourists felt when visiting the older building extended to everyone in the library, even in the newer building. I was silent myself. Mainly because I dislike unnecessary noise but also because there was no need for me to talk. The louder noise I made came from turning pages. I was studying for my next exam in Psychological class.

I was studying until I was interrupted. Two men from my class came to my table. Two of the rugby players from the University team. They looked the part, in body, in clothing, in behaviour. One I knew pretty well. The other I had only met in the hallways or the auditoriums. I looked at them over the edge of my glasses, disapprovingly. The unknown one spoke first. Whispered, actually. Which was a good point for him. But he ignored me and talked to his friend, which was not a good point.

“Ted? You brought me to Ted the Nerd? What the fuck, Pat?”

The nickname lighted rage in me, but didn’t let the rage get out.

“Shut up, Sam. You need his help. I was like you, failing all my classes until he helped me. Be respectful.”

I turned another page, waiting for them to finish their discussion. I still listened. The boy was failing. Well, I could help him. If he let me.

“He helped you?

– Yes. I told you. Now are you too proud to ask for help? What’s worse? Failing your complete year and being kicked out? Or asking for help to a man that never did anything wrong to you?”

There was silence again. The new boy, “Sam”, sat in front of me. I looked at him again.

“I’m sorry, Ted. I really need your help. Please. Can you help me as you helped Pat?

– My name is Tadhg.

– Uh… Ok. Tadhg. Sorry, I didn’t know.” He didn’t stammer. A true Irish boy, then. “Please.

– I’m not saying no. But let’s discuss this somewhere else.”

I stored my own books and notebooks in my bag. Yeah, I’m old school, I like paper more than glass screen. I shoved the library books into ‘Pat’s’ hands.

“Put them back on the right shelves, Pádraic.

– Yes, Tadhg.”

His voice was respectful. He knew how to address me. He almost ran but refrained himself. I turned to “Sam”.

“Let’s go to the coffeehouse.

– How do you make him obey? And how do you dare order him?

– That was only a request. Not a difficult one, at that. And he knows what he owes.”

I started walking. I wanted to see if he would follow me. He looked at his friend who was happily reading Dewey numbers on the book I gave him. And then he caught up with me. Once we were out of the building, I interrogated him on his problem. Which classes he took, which he was failing, what was difficult for him, and so on. He started with short answers but warmed up to me and gave me longer explanations.

At the coffeehouse, the three of us sat at a table with our drinks, “Sam” right in front of me. I put sugar in my cup and stirred it slowly.

“Listen, Séamus.” He looked up in shock. “I can save your studies. But you need to understand some things first.” I kept my voice low, just above a whisper. He had to listen carefully to hear me. “You can’t learn with noise. You can’t study with chaos. You need… calm. You need… silence. You need… order.” I was still stirring my coffee. Each concept was synchronised with the ding of the spoon against my cup. “You will need to … listen. You will need to … accept. You will need to … obey.” Ding. Ding. Ding. He was looking at me and nodding. “Can you? Can you be … calm? Can you be … silent? Can you be … obeying?”

Ding. Ding. Ding. He opened his mouth but no words came out. It would have to do. I looked at Pádraic from the corner of my eyes. He looked awake, but I saw by his empty gaze that he had fallen in the intended trance. Both boys were looking at me, waiting for my next move. I kept stirring, without stop. The tip of the spoon was grazing the bottom of the cup, producing a continuous noise.

“I can help you. And I will if you want to pay the price. Are you willing?

– I… I don’t have money.”

Still stirring.

“I don’t want money. I want … calm. I want … silence. I want … obedience. I want … sex.”

The last part was a gambit. He twitched but didn’t yell or stand up. The spoon was still stirring in the coffee

“Our first lesson will be free. You come to my house, my …calm … silent … ordered house and I tutor you. Free of charge. I tutor you with … calm … silence … orders. And then we will see. What do you say?

– Free?

– First lesson is free, I promise.

– When?

– Give me your schedule.”

He gave me his smartphone, opened on the agenda app. I added a meeting on Saturday morning, from 10 to 12. He had rugby training in the afternoon. Just like Pádraic. From my own phone, I added the same meeting on Pádraic’s schedule, effectively summoning him.

“Saturday morning, Séamus.”

He twitched at the name. And shook his head. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. And it lasted long enough. I turned to Pádraic.

“Are you with me, Pádraic?”

The trigger worked as expected. He shook his head too and his eyes were focused again.

“Sorry, Tadhg. I think I was somewhere else.

– It’s okay. I was talking with Séamus, anyway. We agreed on a first tutoring time on Saturday morning. Free of charge.

– Oh, I’m so glad you accepted to help him.”

We finished our coffees and left, each to his own occupations. I watched them go, ogling their brawny bodies. I couldn’t wait to enjoy them.

On Saturday morning, they arrived together, only five minutes late. Pádraic was very apologetic, explaining he had to wake Séamus, trying to assure he would never keep me waiting. I told him I understood, which calmed him immediately. He went to disrobe, but I stopped him after he had removed his t-shirt. Séamus was much more nonchalant, at least toward me. He looked at his friend with a bit of unease. I led them to my study. It was filled with bookshelves. There was a large table, beside my computer desk, and three chairs around it. There were books on a part of the table and on my desk. (My TBR list never disappears, doesn’t even decrease.) The room was also filled with the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It helped Séamus feel more at home. I filled three cups, and just like during out last meeting, I use my spoon to relax Séamus and try to entrance him. It was the only noise any of us could hear.

It was a bit easier that time. I still took my time. I wanted to make sure. When he looked sleepy enough, I changed my words. I kept the concept of obedience and I added the concepts of focus and seriousness. I knew him. If he wanted to succeed, he needed to reduce the time he spent having fun in pubs or with friends. Reduce. I didn’t deprive him of it all. I’m not that evil. During the first hour, I worked on his work ethic, increasing it.

Around 11, I removed my own t-shirt, claiming it was getting too warm.

“Don’t you feel warm, Séamus?

– Well, now that you say it.” Exactly. I said it. He removed his t-shirt too, revealing his hairy chest. Nice chest, with defined pecs. Which didn’t surprise me. He, on the other hand, was surprised by my own body. “Wow, I didn’t know you were this defined.

– Really? Doesn’t it match your ‘Ted the nerd’ image of me?” He had the good grace to look guilty. “Actually, I train too. I’m a swimmer. Not a pro, not like you. But I take care of my body.

– Nice. What about the scars? You had an accident?”

Oh, sweet summer child.


– Ha… Hmmm… Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.

– It’s ok. Let’s get back to your lesson. What is your next exam?”

He told me and for the next hour we went over the subject. Pádraic participated too, it couldn’t hurt him. Three fit guys, bare chested, good looking, studying together, in a calm environment. It still lacked a certain something, but it was already pretty nice. Time flew too fast.

“Tadhg! TADHG!!”

It turned toward the voice that was calling me. It was Séamus, smiling wide and running to me. I mouthed one word : silence. He stopped shouting but still ran. In his hand, he was holding a sheet of paper which he presented to me.

“Look, look.” He had reduced his voice to a whisper. “I got a C!!” He seemed happy with that. “Oh thank you, thank you.

– My pleasure. Still need help?

– I think so. I tried to study more.” My orders to focus more seemed to work, not that I was surprised. They had worked with Pádraic too. “But there are many points I don’t understand and I need explanations.

– You think we need to work less on your work ethic and more on the subjects?

– Yes! Exactly. Can we, please?

– Come with me.”

We walked out of the building, until we reached a bench in a park. No one was around. I looked him in the eye.

“Next time, I will expect to be paid. Do you remember the price?” He blushed and stammered. “I see you do, Séamus. Say it.

– You want … sex.

– Exactly.

– But I don’t fuck guys.

– What if I fuck you?”

He stayed silent, in shock. He hadn’t even imagined this possibility.

“Moot point, actually. I like to fuck AND get fucked, so it will be both.

– Do I have too?

– Oh no, I won’t force you. But I won’t tutor you any more either.”

He looked defeated.

“Nothing too hard? Please?

– I will be tenderness itself. Well maybe not, but I won’t harm you and I will make sure you get pleasure too. I’m not that much of a bastard.”

He shifted on the bench, opening and closing his mouth several times. He was blushing even more.

“What is it, Séamus? Tell me.

– Hu… Pat… You tutor Pat too. Does he … pay as well?

– The offer stand for everyone I tutor. So, yes, Pádraic and I fuck each other too. He is getting pretty good at it too. Isn’t it nice? You pass at your studies AND you become a good lay. Victory on two sides.”

We talked a bit more and scheduled our next meeting.

When Séamus entered my home, Pádraic was already in my study, sitting in the nude at the table. The table hid most of his body and his nudity was not flagrant. However, Séamus stopped when seeing him.


– Oh, hi, Sam. I didn’t hear you come in.

– Why are you here?

– Huu… Tutoring?”

Pádraic’s tone of voice implied it was obvious and Séamus was a bit stupid for asking the question.

“Oh, yeah, of course.” Séamus turned to me. “I don’t want to fuck my friend.

– Sure? You’re both very beautiful men, full of energy. I think it would be the best of fucks.

– He is my friend!

– Alright, alright. Now, study first or sex first?

– Huu… Study, please.

– Ok. Coffee?

– Please.”

I filled three cups and distributed them. I told Pádraic to start reading the chapter out loud. I told Séamus to write all of his questions or misunderstandings and we would go over them at the end. In the meantime, I stirred my coffee, whispering entrancing words, to keep both of my students focused. For an hour we worked together, me helping them understand the finer points of the subjects, them asking all the questions they needed and thinking about the answers. When I decided we were finished, I made Séamus stand up.

“And now for the fun part. Come here, Séamus.” He approached. I whispered. “Let me undress you.”

He was shivering, but didn’t move or protest.

“Relax, Séamus. Stay calm.”

I removed his shirt, softly fondling his pecs and shoulders along the way.

“You have a beautiful body.”

My hands slid down, going over his six-pack. I softly grabbed his bulge for two seconds, but released it to remove his shoes and socks. This man had very large feet, with just a hint of body odour. Then I went for the “plat de résistance”. I unbuckled his belt and opened his jeans. Letting them slide down, I discovered Séamus choice of underwear.

“Oh a jockstrap!! I love jockstraps, they make me think of present packaging. Is it a present for me, Séamus?

– Uh… no. I just like them.

– Well, good choice, then. Shall I?”

My hands were on the belt of the black jockstrap. Séamus shivered in silence but nodded. I pulled down. And I was greeted by a very nice cock, still soft, but pleasant. I took it in my hand, weighing it. With my other hand, I grazed his balls, earning a moan.

“You are beautiful, Séamus. And you have very nice assets. Sit down, please. My turn.”

Séamus sat on his chair. Pádraic moved his own chair next to his friend, whispering words of moral support. I had two naked men in front of me, watching me closely. It pleased me a lot. I removed my own t-shirt, uncovering my torso. Which both of my students had already seen. I wasn’t wearing shoes, not in my own home, so I went directly to open my pants. They slid down, revealing my boxer briefs. Black and glossy, very chic. Séamus looked at them with attention. Something was bothering him, yet he didn’t know what. It was written all over his face. I decided to cut to the chase. One thumb on either side of the belt, I removed the boxer briefs and stood straight, showing my whole body to both men. Séamus’ jaw dropped, opening his mouth wide.

“But… But… You’re a g—”

Pádraic clasped his hand over his friend’s mouth before the end of the sentence.

“Shut up, Sam. Tadhg is as much a man as you and me. Understood?”

I walked to them and knelt in front of Séamus. Once again, I took his cock in my hand. But this time I stroked it. He quickly became hard. I waved to Pádraic, who released his friend’s mouth and left the room. I drooled on Séamus’ dick, to lubricate it and make my handjob more pleasurable. Séamus moaned. Pádraic came back, putting condoms and lube on the table. I caught one of the condoms and put it on the dick in front of me. I added a dollop of lube and spread it. Standing up, I towered over the sitting man. Two steps enabled me to straddle him. I held his dick and inserted it into my front hole. We both moaned in pleasure. I squatted up and down until he was in me to the root. I was seating on him. With my arms around his neck and my hips slightly rocking, I whispered in his ear.

“Doesn’t it feel good, Séamus?

– Yes!! Yes, it does. But—

– Shhhh… Just enjoy it.”

His use of “but” made me want to change position. I jerked him a bit more with my front hole and then stood up completely, releasing his twitching cock. I turned on myself, and squatted down again, this time accepting him in my back hole. Which must have been tighter as Séamus moaned even more. I went up and down slowly, teasing his dick.

“Your dick is so nice in me, Séamus. I feel so full. Come on, fuck me.”

It was all he needed. He caught my waist in his hands and used me as hard as horny men are used to. My hands free, I teased my own joy button. He moaned harder and longer and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. I planned on us both orgasming together. I almost did it, but he surprised me when he filled the condom with a loud shout. I brought myself over the edge while his dick was still twitching, gasping in pleasure and tightening my ass around his dick.

We stopped, panting. I leaned down on him, his cock still in my ass, his pecs against my back, his shoulder supporting my head.

“Oh, god, that was so good, Tadhg.

– I told you.”

We waited a bit, catching our breaths. Then I stood up.

“Go to the bathroom and clean yourself a bit. The come back here, you still have something to learn.”

When Séamus came back, Pádraic was lying on the table, his legs standing over the edge. As for me, I was buckling the last strap of my strap-on.

“Holy shit ! What the hell is that?

– That, Séamus, is one of my numerous dicks. And I will use it to bring pleasure to Pádraic. Sit down and enjoy.”

I spread lube on my dick and put some on and in Pádraic’s ass hole. He was used to it. I lifted his legs to my shoulders and entered him. Pádraic moaned. He had learned he loved getting fucked by a silicone dick. First when it breached his hole, and later when it pushed on his prostate. And I made sure it did. I caught his dick in my hand and stroked it. I brought him to the edge of orgasm from the two sides. And stopped. And did it again. I knew Pádraic’s reactions much better than Séamus’ one. I knew how to read his body and how to make him feel what I wanted.

After the second edging, I gently went out of his ass. I walked to my chair and sat on it.

“Come here, Pádraic. Come sit on my dick.”

He obeyed. We were in the same position as the one I was with Séamus, but this time, I was the one fucking. He squatted easily. The result of his rugby training, obviously.

“Yes, Pádraic. Fuck yourself on my dick. You know how it works.”

My arms around his waist, my head against his broad back, I grabbed his cock and stroked it at the same time. Very quickly, he reached the edge. That time I didn’t stop him. He yelled and orgasmed, pouring cum all over my hand. I turned my head to Séamus who was watching us with surprise. And awe, I think. I stretched my arm in his direction, showing him my cum-covered hand.

“Want a taste, Séamus?” He shook his head. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

I lifted my hand to Pádraic’s face who licked it with pleasure. He didn’t stop until my hand was completely clean.

“Stand up, please, Pádraic.” He sighed but obeyed. “Do you like my dick in your ass that much?

– Yes, Tadhg.

– God, you’re such a nice lover. You want a shower?

– No, thanks. I can wait until training.”

I stood up from the chair and started unbuckling the strap-on.

“Let me help you.”

Pádraic was kneeling next to me and I let him do what he wanted. I turned once again to Séamus.

“You can put your clothes back on. I think we are finished for today. But next lesson we switch roles and you’re the ones who gets fucked.”

He shivered but didn’t protest. I knew he would come back. He wanted, he needed even, both sides of my tutoring.


Prompt was : a drawing of an open book.

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Day 30

“I like your cock because its large girth makes it a very good target.”

Published on 30/10/2023
Tags: #gay #handjob #anal #rimming #bondage #leather #BDSM #domination #submission #sadism #pet play #consensual
Length: 1409 words.

When I came back home after work, I was surprised. Not an electric light on. But tens of candles. From the front door, I couldn’t see many rooms, but I could see lots of candles, even just in the hallway. As usual, I undressed completely, put my leather collar and leather harness on and tied my ankles to my thighs with leather straps. Holding my leash and two other straps in my mouth, I walked on all fours through the house. I heard noise from the kitchen, so I went there.

Owner was there too, cooking. I sat next to the door, out of the way. Pets who get in the way get trampled. I waited, still holding the leather in my mouth, and watched. Owner was wearing an apron over his white jockstrap. The table had already been set. With candelabra. One on the table, in front of his plate; one on the base holding my feeding bowl high enough for me to feed. There were large candles on other surfaces too. Each and every candle was lit. Owner saw me.

“There you are!! Good boy. Want me to help you getting dressed?”

I nodded and held my arms up against my chest, fist closed. He came to me and took the straps in his hands. With them he tied my wrists to my shoulders. I was now completely stuck on all fours, arms and legs folded on themselves.

“You’re beautiful.” He petted my head. “Go under the table, boy.”

I crawled there. He followed me, made the leash go round one of the legs and clipped it to my collar.


I laid down on my side, head on my arm, and kept on watching Owner cook. It was like a dance. When he was finished, he brought the food to the table, serving himself first and dishing some in my bowl. I stood on my knees and elbows and came close to the bowl. It smelled very good. I was drooling. However, I waited. Owner put the pan on the counter, then sat and ate. After two bites, he looked down at me.

“Eat, boy.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I didn’t know why the good food or why the candles, but I didn’t really care. I just enjoyed it.

We were in the living room. Owner was laid out on the carpet, reading a book. There were still many candles lit, and no electric light on. I was in my soft basket, dozing off in the half-light, watching Owner, a bit bored. He put the book down, caught his butt in his hands and spread it.

“Come here, boy. Come take care of me.”

I sprang from the basket and ran to Owner. I put myself between his legs. I knew what he wanted. But he had gone back to his book and the butt was not spread any more. My own hands were useless. So I did what I had to do : I pushed my face hard in the crack, trying to get close enough for my tongue to lick the hole. It seemed I did a good work. At first Owner laughed, but then he moaned. There was pleasure in his voice. I licked the hole and the crack. I stabbed the hole with the tip of my tongue. I pushed to open it and withdrawn to let it closed again. I did all of that many times, randomly. Owner was very pleased. He told me I was a good boy. When he turned on himself, laying on his back, I found myself in front of a very hard cock. It was drooling almost as much as I was.

“You want it, boy?” I barked. “Go for it, then. But slowly. Be gentle. No teeth!”

I gave long licks with my tongue, from the root to the tip. Each time I was rewarded at the tip with drops of very good precum. I kept doing that until he caught my head in his hands and stabbed my mouth with his hard cock. He skull-fucked me for a time, panting, moaning, and then pushed me away.

“Not yet, boy.”

Owner’s cock was jerking. He didn’t move, didn’t touch himself, waiting for the rut to calm down. Then he stood up and left. He came back soon, drinking a glass of water.

“You want some, boy?” I turned to him, sat on my heels and begged. He brought the glass to my mouth. “Good boy. Here, drink.”

After having put the glass on the coffee table, he came back to me. He stroke my chest, then playfully pushed, making me fall down on my back. My arms and legs were up, I felt like a turtle on its back. (Although I knew I could turn and stand up again.) He knelt between my legs, spreading them, and looked at me with lust. He pushed and I felt his hard dick open my hole. My own dick was getting hard. I love getting filled. I loved feeling a hard cock in my ass. And Owner delivered. He knew how deep to go and where to push. With one hand, he stroked my cock, but much more slower than he was fucking me. He was observing me, making sure to stop touching my cock every time I came close to the edge. He wanted to cum and wanted me not to cum!! Obviously, he reached his goal. I felt him pinch hard the head of my cock at the same time where I felt him fill my ass with his thick juice. I was sad. I could not cum and I could not taste Owner’s cum!

When he had caught his breath, he stood up.


I obeyed, on my back, with my arms and legs in the air. He left for a while and came back, looking refreshed. He knelt once again, but this time on my side. His left hand stroke my dick again, making it harden.

“My, my, your cock is so thick. You know, boy, I really really love your fat cock. Not because it fills my ass, as we both know you fill no ass, you utter bottom.”

He was smiling and his tone was just honest, not insulting. I was a bottom, we knew it indeed, but there was no shame in it. He closed his mouth and jerked my cock, as if to make me cum. But he stopped. His hand reached on the coffee table next to him.

“Actually, I like your cock because its large girth makes it a very good target, very hard to miss.”

With these words, he tipped the candle he had grabbed and let the scalding liquid wax fall on my hard dick. His other hand was on my chest, pushing to the ground, telling me I was not to move. The pain made my cock retract a bit, so Owner bent down and whispered in my ears.

“Already soft, boy? Don’t you want to cum? I thought the fuck I gave you would make you horny enough.”

Of course, his words made me harden again. And again he spilled wax on my crotch. We repeated this cycle several times, his words exciting me from their lewdness, his actions making me soft from the pain. Until I was covered in so much wax that my cock couldn’t be seen any more. Then, he put the candle back on the table and knocked on the wax mound. He broke it to free my cock.

“You want to cum, boy?” I barked loud. “Do you deserve it?” I tilted my head and whined. “I think you do.” I barked again, with a wide smile.

During these words, he had been jerking me off. I was getting close to the edge, both from his words and from the whole evening. At last he made me cum. It lasted a long time, many spurts came out and I howled the whole time. Owner made sure I was empty by jerking my cock even longer than necessary. I tried to move but his other hand was still on my chest, keeping me in place.

When he was finished, he laid down next to me and hugged me tight.

“You are a very very good boy. I love you.”

And he nuzzled my neck. We stayed like this, for a long time, with hugs and words of love.


Prompt was : a drawing of a lit candle.

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Day 31

“Aaron, everyone wants me. I make sure of it.”

Published on 31/10/2023
Tags: #gay #anal #bondage #rubber #domination #supernatural #magic #consensual
Length: 2568 words.

The Hallowe’en party was crazy. There were guys everywhere, all of them having fun, through dancing, drinking, talking with each other. Everyone had dressed up. Some were in their most fancy clothes like office suits or rubber catsuits or leather pants and shirts. Some were cosplaying famous horror characters, like Freddy or Jason or Pennywise. Some as concepts like werewolves or vampires or mummies or demons.

My friend Luke was in the last group. He was supposed to be an incubus. He had put a red neoprene harness, a very tight speedo of the same color, a demon tail he had found in a cheap costume store and plastic horns held by a headband. Cheap and cliché, but the goal was more to show his body than to win cosplay prizes. I could understand him. His body was a piece of art. Flawless. Tanned just what was needed, which was a miracle as he was a redhead. Muscular but not too much (like runners or swimmers, if you see what I mean). White straight teeth and light grey eyes. (Ok, ok, I was in lust with him. Who wouldn’t, beside uptight straight men?)

My own costume was more restrained. I was much less pleased with my own body, so I hid it a bit more. I had opted for some kind of psychopomp costume. You know the type : skull makeup, black clothes, long cloak, hood up. However, I was the kind of sexy psychopomp, who could either led you to the afterlife or to his comfy bed. So, the clothes under the cloak were actually a rubber catsuit and motorbike boots of the same color.

(You might ask where we put our money, ID, keys and so on in such skimpy costumes. I can’t tell you. This is the kind of ancient secret passed down from one generation of gays to the next.)

Anyway, we were young and mostly carefree. And having fun. The music was good, the dance-floor was full, the drinks kept coming, the go-go dancers were gyrating, the guys in the club kept ogling and fondling each other, me included. Crazy party as I was saying. I was having a lot of fun.


Well, until 00:26. (No, I didn’t look at the time then. I didn’t even have my watch with me.) At this precise minute, everything changed around me. I saw things differently. I heard things differently. I smelled thins differently.

Some of the guys were looking weird. They didn’t change their behavior, but their apparences shifted. I heard voices in unknown languages, from people I had met several times in the months before and who weren’t foreigners. I smelled odors which were not perfumes, not deodorant, not sweat or cum. I decided I maybe had too much to drink or I had danced to hard and needed to take it easy. I went to the bar for an orange juice, aiming to drink it while sitting at a table. I took a step back when I saw the barman. His skin looked like made of stone!! And his eyes too! He was seeing me obviously and was talking to me as if everything was normal. I ordered the orange juice. When he gave me my glass, he asked me :

“Are you okay, buddy?”

I nodded in silence and fled to a table. I pulled my hood back up, as if trying to hide. I looked around me. So many guys were different. I had seen that one in the waiting line and he had had normal human skin, not snake scales. And that one there? How come his angel wings were moving so freely? It couldn’t be cosplay. And why was there such a large shadow over the one sitting alone at that table? I was starting to panic when I felt arms come around my neck from behind and a voice reach my ears.

“Hey, Aaron, why are you brooding alone? Come dance with me.”

I recognized Luke’s voice. But not his perfume. There was a very weird smell reaching my nose. Kind of… earthy. And pleasant. Very pleasant, if my dick was to be believed.

“I don’t feel well, Luke. I think I’ve been drugged.

– What? Who would? What are you talking about?

– I see weird things. I hear weird things too.

– Like what?

– The barman is made of stone! There is an angel on the dance-floor! And this guys looks like he will kill himself!!”

I waved to the guy at the table.

“Oh. Hm… Don’t panic, Aaron. Really, don’t.

– Your tone of voice is making me anxious, Luke.

– No, no, don’t. It’s alright.” He was still behind me, his arms on my shoulders, but his voice was not so loud, as if he had stepped back. “Listen, I’m here, ok. I will take care of you. You are not in danger. Can you promise me not to panic? You trust me, right?

– I trust you, Luke, but you’re making me worry.

– Don’t. Finish you glass, I’m coming back.”

He left for a while. When he came back, he announced himself.

“Aaron, I’m back.” Fortunately, my glass was empty. I jerked back in surprise. “Hey, hey, it’s me.”

It wasn’t. In front of me was … a demon. An actual demon. Red skin, large black horns, hair of actual fire, hooves instead of feet. And a tail with a life of its own, swinging wildly. The creature put two glasses on the table, one in front of me, and sat on the chair next to mine.

“It’s me, Aaron. I’m your friend Luke. Remember Mrs White’s flower bed? Or our weekend at the House on the Rock?” It was Luke. Only he could knew that. I looked at him with wide eyes. “What is it, Aaron? The hair on fire? The horns? The tail?”

My eyes widened again.


– How do I know what you’re seeing? Because it’s what I see everyday in the mirror, Aaron. And now you see it too.

– But…

– I’ve been stupid. I should have told you, or been there.

– What are you talking about?”

He drank a bit.

“You just became an adult, Aaron.

– I’ve been an adult for the last three years, Luke.

– For the laws of man, maybe. But not for your heritage.

– Once again, what are you talking about??”

He smiled widely, exposing fangs. And then, with an exaggerated gruff voice, he told me :

“You’re a wizard, Aaron.

– What the fuck?

– Cinematic references aside, I’m very serious. You are a wizard, a sorcerer, a magician, whatever you want to call it. And you just came of age.

– Came of age? … Wait. What time is it?

– One in the morning, I would say. On the 1st of November. Isn’t it your birthday?

– Oh. Yes, it is. But I’m 21, not 18.

– Yeah, yeah, 21. Three times seven. Don’t you think this is much better age to gain magic than 18?

– What does this have to do with what I see and hear?

– Well, now that you’re an adult, you get to experience the whole of reality. You’re not limited any more. You see the magic. The supernatural. The non humans, myself included.”

He leaned back and opened his arms wide, displaying his body. His tail went up, tip grazing his cheek. His bulge grew.

“What are you?

– I’m an incubus, obviously.

– Incubus? Isn’t that a demon of sex?

– Ding ding ding!! You get a point. Well, it’s more subtle than that, but yeah, demon of sex sounds right.

– What do you mean, more subtle?

– We incubi reign over sex, sure. But that’s not all. Our portfolio also includes ecstasy, frenzy, lust, horniness and even simple arousal. And, by the way, thanks for your lust toward me. It fed me so many times!”

I blushed.

“You knew?

– Aaron, everyone wants me. I make sure of it. There is no shame in that. I would have been offended if you had not felt it.”

I decided to lead this conversation toward another direction.

“So the angel down there is an actual angel and not a man in a sophisticated cosplay.

– Exactly.

– Aren’t you supposed to fight with him?

– Oh no. We don’t do that. We could fuck, if you want. Have you ever been in a threesome with an angel and a demon? It’s quite funny actually. The demon will fuck you. The angel will make love with you. There’s quite a difference.

– And the barman?

– Earth elemental. He is literally made of stone. Granite, actually. The bouncer is his brother.

– And the man over there? With the shadow?

– I see the man. I don’t see the shadow.

– It’s like fog. But black. It’s covering him. Almost smothering him. … I think I should go see him.”

I went to stand up but Luke caught my wrist.

“And I think you shouldn’t. Are you worried about him?

– Yes. And drawn to him.

– Are you trained in psychology?

– What? No!

– Stay here, please.”

With his other hand, he drew a symbol in the air. He literally drew a symbol of light. Floating in the air. And he pushed it. The light flew to the angel and stopped in front of his eyes. He reacted by looking at us. Luke waved, telling the angel to come. When the angel was with us, Luke introduced us.

“Aaron, this is Cas, an actual angel. Cas, this is my friend Aaron, whose 21st birthday is right now.

– Nice to meet you!

– Same.”

We shook hands. He felt… clean? Light? Luminous? Perfect? Luke interrupted my considerations.

“Cas, Aaron tells me the man over here has a shadow with him. And he feels he has to go there. I don’t think he should. Not right now. Can you please take care of it?

– Yeah, sure. Good idea.” The angel turned to me. “Do not worry about that man any more, ok? I will take care of him.”

I believed him. He left and Luke released my wrist.

“That was some too serious shit for you, young man. Too depressing. This is your birthday, this is Samhain, this is Hallowe’en. We should have fun. Come dance with me.”

I followed him. Here and there, I saw people who didn’t look like humans. Or didn’t move like humans. On our way, we walked next to the pillar of one of the go-go-dancers. In between the spotlights, I saw some kind of symbols, shedding another kind of light. And when I looked at the dancer, I saw similarities with Luke. I couldn’t speak over the music, so I made signs with my hands, pointing to Luke and to the dancer and back again to Luke. He smiled and confirmed with his thumb up. The go-go-dancers of the club were incubi!! I didn’t really understand what that entailed but I wanted to know.

Luke didn’t let me think too much. He ground himself against me, pushing our crotches against one another, my rubber against his speedo. His tail wrapped itself around my waist and kept me pinned to him. He was hot. Figuratively and literally. I was feeling heat came from him to me. I knew what he was doing, but I couldn’t resist. Or I didn’t want. I had wanted him for such a long time. And that night he was showing me he wanted it too. He approached his face to mine and talked into my ear.

“Aaron, do you want to have fun with me?” I could only nod, but did it with fervor. “Do you trust me?” I nodded again. “Good boy.”

He took my wrists in his hands and crossed my arms over my own body. I let him. And then he stepped back, lifting his arms in rhythm, dancing with the music. I went to follow his lead, but couldn’t lift my arms. I looked down. My arms had almost disappeared. I could see their shape, below the rubber. I was stuck. I looked at Luke and he slid his tongue over his lips. He turned toward the back of the place and started walking. His tail, still around my waist, was pulling me. We walked to a large door I hadn’t seen till now. Luke entered and made me follow him. I discovered a backroom. It wasn’t completely full, but it was in use. By all kinds of … persons.

Luke led me to a empty sling. Standing in front of it, he removed his speedo and opened my catsuit on its crotch. Both our dicks were now in the open, both hard and twitching. I was very surprised when he kissed me. But it didn’t last long. He jumped on the sling, made himself comfortable and brought me nearer.

“Fuck me, birthday boy. This is my present to you. Fuck me like you dreamed so many times.”

I stepped closer. Without hands, it was a bit difficult to aim, but his tail helped me. And soon I was in him, my hard dick in his ass. I stepped forward, wanting to fuck him. But I shouldn’t have bothered. His ass pulled me in, as if it was a vacuum. And it was jerking my cock. I assumed it was an incubus’ attribute. Having specific muscles in the ass and being able to control them at will. It was heaven for me. My cock was hot and wet, held tight. And yet it was jerked as if a hand was around it. I moaned.

“Feeling good, birthday boy?

– Fuck, yes !!

– You’ve felt nothing yet.”

I wondered what he meant, but not for long. I felt something push on my ass. I tried to turn my head to see what it was, but the hood on my head was not moving. I couldn’t see behind me. The feeling stopped, leaving my hole alone. And his tail appeared right in front of me. It was not holding me anymore. It switched left and right for some seconds, then disappeared again. And I felt pressure on my hole. It was his tail. I was fucking his ass with my cock, he was fucking mine with his tail. I looked at him.

“I told you. You’ve felt nothing yet. Now let met enter.”

I relaxed, focusing on my cock and the pleasure it was getting. I still felt his breach my hole. And I was filled. Now both our asses were fucked, both our asses felt fullness. The back and forth made our horniness explode. He was stroking his cock with his hand, he was stroking mine with his ass and he was pushing on the joy button in my ass with his tail. I felt I was going to cum. I told him. Which made him push us even harder. So I came. I came and filled his ass. He came all over himself, covering his torso with cum. And his tail vibrated in my ass and pumped some liquid in it.

When we were finished, he licked the cum from his own body. I stepped back and he climbed down from the sling. He stood right in front of me. I was still stuck with my arms under my rubber.

“So, Aaron. It seems like you need to learn a lot about your new reality. First lesson : One full night with an incubus. What do you say?”

I didn’t need to speak. My cock answered for me, hitting his in its twitching.


Prompt was : a drawing of a devil disguise.

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Image stylisée d'une silhoutte humaine attachée dans une cage. L'humain est couché sur le ventre, poignets et chevilles reliés par une corde dans son dos. Il porte un bandeau sur les yeux. La cage est completée d'une grosse serrure.