When a man sells his own brother.

Sent for proofreading on 08/03/2021, published on 16/04/2023
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DISCLAIMER : My proofreader loved this story but found it immoral and sick. I can understand why. So I want to remind everyone that my stories are all fictions. Fantasies. They are not reality. In reality, consent is of the utmost importance, even (especially) as part of BDSM relationship. And slavery is both illegal and immoral.

This being said, let's go to the story. Enjoy.

"You know," Brett said to his brother Dylan, "we don't have to go back to Alabama.

- What do you mean?" Answered Dylan.

Both of them were on a beach in Fire Island, getting as much sleep, sea and sun as possible during their short vacation.

"These guys on Fire Island have fucking heaps of money. Why shouldn't we enjoy some of it ? I'm tired of working like a dog on the farm. What do you say we work for ourselves and enjoy the good life?

- I still don't know what you mean?" Dylan said.

- Don't worry, I will explain to you later, when I have finalised my plan. Just enjoy the sun."

In the evening, back in their hotel room, Brett's brother felt a tiredness come over him. He bade Brett a good night and went to his bed, not seeing the evil smile.

When he woke up again, Dylan felt something was wrong. He tried to lift himself up from the bed, but couldn't move. Now wide awake, he found out that he was spreadeagled on a much harder bed. He was also blindfolded and gagged. And the cold, added to how his dick moved when he struggled, told him he was naked.

"hmhmmmhmggghmmm !!"

"Sir, he is now awake.

- Thank you, my dear, I am coming."

Dylan's gagged shouts prevented him from hearing this exchange. So when, several minutes later, a hand landed on his shoulder, it startled him. He stopped moving. The blindfold was removed from his head, which allowed him to see the face of his brother.

"Hi, Dylan. Did you sleep well ?

- hmhmmmhmggghmmm !!

- I know, I know. It's a surprise. But I told you about my plan for a good life, didn't I? Well, you're it.

- Hmmm ?"

A much older guy, still in shape, came up next to Brett. His tailored suit and gold and diamond rings told Dylan he was rich.

"Good morning, boy. Indeed you are part of your brother's plan to enjoy a good life. The plan is simple : he sold his only brother to me. You are now my boy, my property, my slave to do as I please. Don't worry, I will train you to my standards."

The hand roaming on his body, especially near his private parts, clarified what exactly these standards would imply. Dylan struggled more and more, shouting and crying. Without success. Brett spoke to him again.

"Thank you, brother. You are my ticket out of a farm life. With this money, I will be able to have the life I want. I will remember you." He turned toward the rich guy. "Speaking of money...

- Yes, yes, there you are." The old guy took a suitcase from the ground and gave it to Brett. Brett put it on his brother's abs, as if he was merely a table, human no more, and opened it. Dylan could not see what was inside but he saw his brother's eyes light up. Brett closed the case.

"It was a pleasure making business with you, Sir. Now I hope you don't mind me leaving, I have never been interested in sex between two men.

- Not at all, my dear. See you soon.

- I don't think so, Sir, I plan on leaving the state as soon as possible, in order to announce the disappearance of my brother."

Dylan watched the back of his brother as he left. But when he turned his head toward the old guy's face, he didn't meet the eyes. The old guy was watching the back of the brother too. With a cruel smile. When the door closed, the man turned to his new acquisition.

"Good morning again, slave. I am your Master and that is how you will address me, when you are able. If you know what's good for you. If not... Well, as I said, you will be trained. I may look old, but I am much more stronger than you. You won't be able to overpower me, even in a fair fight, which I don't plan on offering you. And this house is strong and locked by myself. So no hope of escape. You are mine for the rest of my life. Currently your body is mine and soon your spirit will be too."

During this speech, the hands of the master roamed all over Dylan's body, stroking, pinching, fondling.

"Let's start."

The master stood up and walked a few meters away. When he came back, Dylan struggled again in his bonds, Once again, to no avail. In his Master's hand were several objects, all of them shining in the light. The Master dropped everything on the bed, between his slave's legs. He then took a length of chain and a gigantic padlock. With them, he approached Dylan's head. The latter tried to struggle but managed nothing else than tiring himself. Pretty soon, the chain was around his neck, loose enough no to strangle him, tight enough not to go over his head. The padlock was closed even though Dylan could not hear the click over his grunts. The old guy then held a key in front of their eyes and put it into the padlock's hole. For a time, Dylan had hope. He thought he was about to be released from a practical (if somewhat very weird) joke from his brother. But then he heard another noise. He looked toward his neck, in time to see the key held up again. Actually, what was left of the key. The man had put it in the lock and broken it inside !! The padlock would never get opened again !

"hmhmmmhmggghmmm !!

- Now, now, keep calm, I am not finished."

The man stretched his arms to the objects and pulled it back holding a tube. Dylan instantly recognised monster glue ! As feared by the new slave, his Master let adhesive flow out directly into the padlock's hole. For sure, the slave would never be free from his new collar. Dylan closed his eyes and shed tears, mourning about his lost freedom, thinking his life was over, telling himself that he could not get worse.

Well, Dylan was still naive then. Of course, he rapidly learned better. As soon as he felt the man's hand on his cock and ball, actually. That time, anger flared up in him. He struggled once again, with renewed fervor. Once again, it didn't help. If anything, it made the hand use more pressure on him. And the mumbled insults and threats only triggered a small chuckle.

After a while, the ministrations of the man made Dylan's dick grow and harden. Dylan became horny and soon wanted to cum, even from another man's hand. The new slave was torn between his horniness and his anger toward his rapist. He simultaneously wanted to cum and refused to cum. Of course, the choice wasn't his. Every time he thought he would ejaculate, the hand stopped and let his cock twitch, just at the edge of release. Very soon, he was moaning and shouting in his gag and, although it was garbled, he was begging for release.

"Do you like that, slave ? It is called edging. I can bring you to your orgasm but I won't. I will always stop just before the tipping point. Cruel, isn't it ? Well, I love doing it to young bucks like you. So now, do you want to cum ? Do you want to get over the edge knowing that it is the hand of another man which will bring you to orgasm ?"

Dylan hesitated. His cock was hard, his horniness was through the roof, the sensations were enjoyable. But it was a man giving this pleasure and Dylan wasn't gay. So in the end, he shook his head. His Master smiled and removed his hand.

"Oh well, that's your choice. Don't come and blame me later, I gave you a chance."

Once again, the Master stood up and went away. Dylan heard water flow and saw the man come back to him holding a bowl. The bowl was put on the ground. The master shook a can and put shaving foam on his slave's torso. Dylan struggled once more, but was soon covered with it. The man held a razor in his hand.

"Now, slave, do you want to lose your hair only or do you want to lose your hair AND blood or other parts of your flesh ? You will be shaved, that's for sure. The state of the rest of your body depends on your cooperation."

The razor landed on Dylan's abs and started to move about. Dylan decided to stay still. He closed his eyes and tried to wake up from this nightmare or at least gloss over what was happening. The master went on with the shaving, whistling softly. Dylan's torso soon was free of hair. Followed by his armpits, his arms and his legs. When the foam was applied to his groin, Dylan struggled in anger.

"Ah ah ah. What did I tell you, boy ? Do you really want me to slip while holding a razor there ?"

Dylan froze.

"Good boy."

Once again, whistling and shaving. Dylan's cock and ball were manipulated as if mere objects to be cleaned, nothing more. It didn't last long. After that, the rest of the foam was removed. Dylan felt cold. On his skin and in his mind. His eyes were still closed.

"Slave. ... Slave !!"

A hand slapped Dylan's abs. He opened his eyes and looked at the man above him.

"You'd better start acknowledging me when I call you. And Slave is a name I will use for you. Now. I'm going to release your arms. Only your arms, mind you. Your legs are still bound and the keys are not there. Try to hit me and you will regret it. Try to hurt me and discover what real pain is. I will break your will in the long term but the level of pain used for it depends on your behaviour. Understood?"

Dylan nodded.

"And, if you go with the flow, you might get rewards. The less we fight each other, the better your life will be."

Dylan didn't fight. He saw no point in it. He didn't resist either. He thought better for him to instill a sense of acceptance and resignation. Pretty soon, he was sitting on the bed, ankles still chained to the corners but now with wrist and ankles all bound to the same metal bar, keeping him folded on himself. This time, his head was targeted. First a trimmer removed the bigger part of his hair. Then shaving foam and razor. And water to rinse him. For the first time in his life, Dylan was bald. He felt what he had never felt before : a hand stroking his head, skin against skin. All while he was in bondage.

That was too much. Dylan sobbed. Once. Fat tears rolled down his face. The sobs came again, more of them and more frequent.

He didn't feel the bed move, but he felt the fabric against his back and the arms hugging him. A voice came next to his ear, speaking softly.

"There, there, boy. It's all right. Cry all you want."

For a time, Dylan was hugged and appeased, arms around him, cheek against cheek. When the sobs stopped, the master stood up again and tenderly washed the tears from his slave's face. The chains binding the ankles to the bed were removed. Dylan was still folded on himself but he was now freed from the bed. His master took hold of the metal bar and lifted it, making Dylan roll on his back, arms and legs in the air. In this position, it was easy for the razor to gain access to the back of the legs and to the butt and ass. Soon Dylan's body was completely devoid of hair and cleaned. The Master slapped the butt then put the metal bar on the bed again. Lifting Dylan's head by the chin, he looked in his eyes.

"Well, one last thing to do. Then we will call it a day and you will be able to rest your mind and you body. But first I need you to move you across the room. Can I trust you ? Or will we have to fight the whole way ?"

Dylan sighed and lowered his eyes.

"I take that as a sign of submission."

Dylan nodded.

"All right. But better safe than sorry."

The Master went away behind Dylan, out of his sight. When he came back, he surprised Dylan by putting a leather hood on his head and lacing it tight. Now Dylan was mute AND blind. Fortunately, he still had his senses of touch and hearing. He thus felt the bar being removed from his wrists and ankles. He dared not move.

"Good boy. Now stand up toward my voice."

As soon as Dylan had obeyed, a hand was on the back of his neck, pushing him for some meters.

"Stop here, boy. Lift your foot, there is an upward step just in front of you. Ok. Other foot. Well done. Turn around. Good boy. And now sit on the swing behind you."

Dylan wondered about the point of a swing in a basement but obeyed nonetheless. When he was sat, two hands caught him under his arms and pulled him, making him go down. Dylan found himself lying on much bigger swing that he expected. His arms were pulled up and bound to chains. Same for his legs. The hood was unlaced and removed. Dylan looked up, confused. He couldn't understand what he was lying on, nor its purpose. The man didn't look at him but went around the swing. When the hands caught his butt and pulled it just over the edge, Dylan's neurons did their work and he understood.

"If you didn't lie to your brother and he didn't lie to me, this is prime straight ass, virgin as they come, never used in any sexual way. Which pleases me a lot. I want my dick to be your first experience in sodomy."

Dylan heard that and for a time didn't react. He tested the bonds, but they were too strong. He struggled more and more, panic invading his mind. The swing moved with him, but it didn't help. The man went around the swing and stood behind Dylan's head. He caught it with both hands under the chin, and positionned it against his own abs. One hand maintained it there, while the other stroke Dylan's face.

"There, there. Relax. everything will be fine. I will be gentle."

Dylan still shook his head and mumbled unintelligibly behind his gag.

"Are you afraid you will like it ? Are you afraid of being betrayed by the reactions of your body ? Are you homophobic enough to deny yourself pleasure from sex ? I can help you with that."

The Master let the head fall and went to a shelf. He took hold of an object and came back between the legs of his new slave. Head hanging backwards, Dylan couldn't see. But he felt first hands on his dick and balls then plastic around them. He couldn't really understand what happened. There were no noises, except a small click (which he doubted even hearing). The hands left his genitals but they still felt constrained.

The master came back to Dylan's head and lifted it, allowing Dylan to check what had happened.

"This, slave, is called a cock cage. Or, if you prefer, a chastity cage. The point is to deter you from getting hard or at least make you feel pain when it happens. Nice, isn't it ? I plan on keeping you in one cage or another at all times. Except when hygiene or health dictate."

Dylan lifted his eyes toward the man molesting him, trying to convey scorn towards who he considered a sick man. Either the man didn't understand the meaning or didn't care. He let the head go, but this time, it didn't fall. A new part of the swing kept it up, allowing Dylan to see his own body and whatever happened between his legs. The master went to a mural phone.

"Is it ready ?

- Yes, it is.

- Good. Bring it here, please. I will need it soon."

The master came back to Dylan, smearing his hands with some kind of gel. Pretty soon, a finger went through Dylan's shaved ass crack, parting his butt. Up and down, putting the gel there, looking for the hole. And then pushing on it. Dylan concentrated on keeping his hole closed, keeping the finger outside of his body. The finger pushed, almost breaking through, but Dylan's will prevailed. Until a hand hit his balls. The pain made him open his eyes and relax his hole. The finger was only waiting for that and entered immediately. Dylan felt it and tightened again, but it only resulted in a chuckle coming from the rapist.

"Too late, slave."

The finger went back and forth, going a bit deeper each time. Dylan tried to keep himself tight, but had to relax. Just what a second finger was waiting for. Now both fingers parted Dylan's hole, going not only back and forth, but side to side as well as up and down. And then... Dylan gasped. Something had happened in him. The man raping him said nothing but smirked and pushed once again deep in the slave's ass. Who gasped again. Twice. First from a feeling he didn't understand, then from the pain in his balls. His cock was getting hard and the cage was hurting him because of his hardness.

"I think you are ready, slave."

The man disrobed himself. He was hard as steel. He climbed the small step and showed himself to his new slave. Dylan, still young himself, was surprised to see a man he considered old be so fit, so muscled and so hard.

"Now is the time to pop your cherry. It will be my pleasure."

The man slathered his own dick with the same gel and pushed against Dylan's hole.

"Stop resisting, slave. If you resist, it will hurt much more than if you let me in."

Dylan wasn't ready to let himself be fucked. He kept fighting, hoping against all odds. And his hopes were destroyed at the same time as his ass. A sharp pain went through his body and his shout was heard through the gag. The rapist didn't move for a while and the pain subsided a bit. Enough for Dylan to feel what he had never felt before : a hard cock in his ass. The pain had drained his strength, so he didn't even struggle. While he was feeling this foreign sensation, the man started going back and forth in his ass. The swing helped the movements and Dylan understood that it was made especially for fucking. Little by little, the pain disappeared. The sensation was still foreign but it was becoming pleasant, almost enjoyable. Until Dylan felt something weird. A hit. A pressure. A heat. A pleasure. And another hit. Dylan moaned. First in pleasure then in pain. His dick was trying to get hard, but the cage constricted it and pulled hard on his balls.

"Ah, there it is again."

Dylan startled. He had been so overcome by sensations that he had forgotten about the other sentient being in the room. They made eye contact and the hit happened again.

"There is your little joy button, slave. I bet you didn't know about it."

Dylan looked at the man, confused.

"You better learn to enjoy it, slave. This will be your only way to get pleasure from now on : when a hard cock is pushing the gland hidden in you ass. Just like this !"

Indeed the hit happened again. And the mix of pressure and heat and pleasure went through Dylan again. And he moaned again. He closed his eyes. The man was now fucking him with speed and might, thrusting and thrusting in the warm ass. It felt very nice for the man. Very pleasurable. The ass he had just bought was a warm and wet sheath for his dick. The feeling of the young firm body simultaneously below and around his own was making him hornier and hornier. The master fucked his slave with full strength and although he tried to make it last, he quickly reached to the point of no return. Orgasm ripped through him and he came in several long gushes, filling the young ass with his seed. The slave didn't. His hard purplish cock still restrained in the cage didn't manage to cum.

For a time, they stayed put. The master stopped moving, his cock still in his slave's ass. The slave, still bound to the swing, couldn't move much.

The cock deflated, sliding out of the ass. The master stood up ... and spanked his slave, which made the latter tense. He then walked away and came back almost immediately. He was pushing a hand truck, with a life size dummy on it. Dylan looked up. The dummy looked as if it was fully covered in black tape, legs together, arms across the chest, face without features. Actually, the only feature on the whole dummy was coming out of its crotch. There a leather harness was holding a very long and very thick dildo. The master directed the dummy between his slave's legs and put the end of the dildo against the ass hole. He pushed the dummy forward, moving the swing at the same time. When he was satisfied with the positioning, he removed the hand truck, letting the heavy base keep the dummy in its place. He came back and pushed with his hands to insert the dildo into his slave's ass. The slave moaned, but the earlier fuck had opened and lubed him enough for his ass to accept the dildo.

"I love it when my subs cannot expel my cum and get to absorb it in their body. I gave you a gift and I intend for you to enjoy it to its maximum. Don't you think it's nice, slave ?"

Dylan looked at the man, once again disrupted by the perversion of it all. The master was not disturbed by the look nor by the lack of response. He went around Dylan, using rope to tie him to the dummy. Whatever happened, Dylan was stuck with the dildo in his ass and the dummy pushed against his buttocks.

"And I have another surprise for you. Just wait a bit."

The master removed Dylan's head's support, preventing him from seeing. Dylan heard some weird noises, kind of rips and slaps, but his world had been twisted and turned so much in the last few hours that he couldn't imagine what was happening. When the master came back to him, he once again propped his slave's head against his abs. Dylan looked straight ahead expecting to see the dummy. That was when he understood the "surprise". The man, still cradling his head, spoke.

"You see, slave, I dislike traitors. I can't abide betraying. So I decided to punish your brother. Yes, it's really him in front of you. I told myself, 'why pay for one slave when I can keep my money and get two slaves instead?'. So a friend of mine took care of your brother before he even left my house. And readied him according to my instructions. To complement you. You will be kept naked, shaved, out of the sun. You will be the pale cold slave, with human features. Your brother will be kept enclosed in black rubber, sometimes in the sun, sweating. He will be the dark warm slave, more like an object. Of course, you will both have common points : both chaste and muted, both submissive to me, both obeying each and every one of my orders. And you will often share your living quarters. Actually, you will spend more time together than with me. So now, my pale cold slave, you choose : will you hate your brother for selling you and thus make his life miserable or will you forgive him and help each other in your servitude to me ?"

The master fastened the head support again. Dylan looked at Brett with anger. Brett looked at Dylan and wept. The master left the room with joy at having two new young and fit slaves to fuck, train and torture for many years.

Image stylisée d'une silhoutte humaine attachée dans une cage. L'humain est couché sur le ventre, poignets et chevilles reliés par une corde dans son dos. Il porte un bandeau sur les yeux. La cage est completée d'une grosse serrure.